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Has anyone listened to any music by Pain? They produce pretty heavy music, but they're not like any normal heavy rock band. Their music is influenced by trance/techno. As much as I love the heavy-side of their music, I also have a soft-side for techno music, and Pain's music is all-in-one for me. Songs "[b]Parallel To Ecstasy[/b]" and "[b]Close My Eyes[/b]" are awesome, and if you haven't heard anything from them, those songs are just a couple of the best.

Also on a side-note, Oasis are releasing a new album, "Don't Believe The Truth", on the the 30th of May in the UK. I'm sure I wasn't the only one, that until I visited a few fan-sites of theirs I thought they had already left the music world. I love their music, I still listen to their music nearly every day. I can't wait 'till the new album is out in Australia, 'cause I'm gonna buy it.
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