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[SIZE=1]Greetings Warrior, My name is Nova. I am a program designed specifically for ensuring you understand the world that exists today, and to recount the events that shaped it so. For your benefit, we shall start with the beggining:

Year 2002 A.D.-
Several members of the U.N. met in secret to discuss a radical, and unexpected developement. A scientist in the U.S. had discovered an anomoly with his subjects brain wave pattern, and upon further investigation, had found that the subjects mind had either mutated due to some unkown factor, or had infact evolved further. The discovery was reported immeadietly, and was followed by NSA's immeadiate seizure of the experiment, along with all of the scientists test data, etc. Similair events had occured in a number of other countries as well, thus the resulting meeting of the U.N members who's countries faced the same problem.
The purpose of the meeting was to decide what to do with the subject. Should further research be enacted? Or should it be ignored and be buried forever. It was agreed that further research was needed, and that it would be held to the highest levels of secrecy.
The test subjects were gathered, and sent to a research facility hidden withing the Antarctict continent. After several months of research, it was discovered that the subjects had developed psychic abilities. This explained all the anomolies found with each of the subjects, and it was speculated that the human race was beggining to evolve further. With consent from the cooperating Nations, more people were screened and tested for similair anomolies with their brain wave patterns.
Those that were found to have similair anomolies were taken for resarch at the facility designeted 'Orion'. None were ever seen again.

Year 2007-
The U.S., tired of waiting for consent from their fellow nations, started it's own psychic research program: "Psychic Weapons Development" P.W.D. The main facility was located in the northern-most reaches of the Rocky Mountains, in Montana. There, the scientist's began working to create ways of enhancing their subjects psychic gifts, and how to harness them for use as weapons. They also began developing techniques and countermeasure's to combat these power's and leave the non-psychic personal a significant edge should an incident occure.
It was found that illusions created by psychic energies could fool a human eye easily, but could not fool a machine's eyes. It was also discovered that while many of the methods used to enhance subjects abilities were ultimatly succesfull,serious side effects were found. Many subjects had been driven insane by the druugs, and surgeries they had undergone. With the precious control of their mind gone, so to was their control over their powers. Other subjects became homicidal, attempting to murder any they encountered. Various other discoveries were made, and the project overall continued to be successfull.

Year 2009-
This is the date of the incident that blew the discovery of latent psychic abilities open to the entire world. The P.W.D facility in Montana had no end to the succes of their continuing research of their subjects abilities and countermeasures. Several of the test subjects had even begun to serve as trustee gaurds, causing the personnel to relax their watch on the more unstable subjects. This had proven to be a fatal error.
Test subject 1056, had been declared mentally unstable, and diagnosed as homicidal, and demented, with delusions of grandure and the over throw of the human race. He had at one point been the highlight of the weapons development program, proving to be the most powerfull psychic in the facility. Upon his degeneration to madness, he was gaurded by no fewer than six of the trustee psychics, and at least twelve non-psychic gaurds at all times. Then the day came when he was to be put into a druginduced coma, to leave his volatile mind in a vegetable like state. 1056 sprang into action, using his mental domination to control three of the gaurds. He controlled the gaurds long enough to kill 4 of the trustee's that held his powers back. With out the other four, the remaining two psychic's proved no match for the raw power of 1056, from here on known as Deacon. Their minds literally melted from the psychic trauma he manifested. The remaining gaurds forced the cell door open and began fireing. The bullets hovered inches from Deacon's laughing face. He killed the gaurds and let loose the psychics willing to join him, those that would not were killed on the spot. Any one not psychic never left the facility in anything but a body bag.
In response to the incident, several containment teams were sent to try and calm the situation, they were trained and equiped with the countermeasure that were developed at the facility. These only bought the teams a few seconds more lease on life. Deacon and his followers escaped, and announced to the world, their existence.

Year 2010-
An uproar had followed Deacons announcment. Several human rights activists, and outraged citizens took to the streets and began rioting all acrossed the world. Police and military forces were calle dupon in an attempt to maintain control. Then the world came to a brief standstill.
Deacon had spread his agents to every nation in the world, and using their abilities, anihilated every member of each government. At the end of the slaughter, the only surving government was the U.S. and that was only due to the fact that, they had a small number of psychics trained for mental combat. Left leaderless, and without control beyond force of arms, the world fell into panic and chaos. More and more people discovered they had psychic talent and powers, more flocked to the banners of either what remained of the U.S., or Deacons ever growing army. Deacon, seeing his plans come to fruition, led an assault on the remaining opposing forces.

Year 2014-
What remained of the U.S. government had now become a ragtag resistance, comprised of precious few psychics, Military personel, and a large number of civilians that refused slavery. The rebellion had not gone well, they were cornered in Russia, not outnumbered, but outmatched against the psychic firepower launched relentlessly at them. They sat back in the bunkers, waiting for the inevitable assault. It finally came, lead by Deacon himself. The battle raged, and quickly had swung in favor of Deacon's army. And in the midst of the battle, it is not known how, or who had done it. But Deacon fell, his mind burst from within. It is speculated that the strain from his own power had been to much for his tortured mind. At the shock of losing their leader, word spread like wildfire that the Rebellion had come into an alliance with a psychic even more powerfull than Deacon. The army soon fell apart from the mass dissention within their ranks. The Remnants of the rebellion were quick to take action, they assaulted those that appeared to still be loyal to their leader's cause. Many psychics switched sides, fearing death, others fell in despair and were easily rounded up. Others had fled, fearing for their lives. The remainder were Deacon's most loyal follower's, they were killed to the last man.

Year 2038-
The world had been, for the most part, rebuilt to accomodate the survivors of the tragic war. Deacons body had been burned, in an attempt to ensure that He could not return through cloning. A small number of those that had fled clung to their leaders ideals and profesed their belief that he would one day return to finish what he had started and overthrow the human race.

Year 2045-
To help ensure that such an event would never again occure, a new world government had been founded: League Of United Earth. The first act of the League had been to found a police force to patrol not only the Earths people, but to contain incidents where psychics are found to be involved: The Psychic Defense Force.
The next hundred years would see continuing peace and prosperity und the watchfull eye of the new Government and their Defense forces. Technologies and programs abandoned during the war were revitalized: Space travel, planetary colonization, cybernetics, Etc.

Year 2105-
Mars is colonized, terraforming begins on a planetary scale.
Deacon loyalists resurface for the first time in a century.

Year 2275-
Mars becomes a food producing planet for the population of Earth.
Alpha Centauri is colonized, Terraforming begins there on a Planetary scale.
Psychic warrior tournaments are legalized, and quickly becomes a major, and succesfull form of entertainment.
Deacon Loyalists prohpecise Deacon's return on the Year 3000.

The Year is now 2999 rumors of a man Claiming to be the one known as Deacon are criculating. Although Unlikely, this cannot be ignored. If Deacon has returned he is likely to be a clone, however, do not underestimate him. He is the most powerfull Psychic to have ever existed on record. If you meet anyone claiming to be Deacon, Immeadiatly alert Psychic defense forces. If you meet anyone claiming to be a member of the Deacon Loyalists, Immeadiatly contact the Psychic defnese forces.


That's basically the story so far. Here's the sign ups.

Name: (pretty easy, it doens't have to be futuristc)
Sex: ( nuff said)
Age: (Between 17 and 60)
Job: (Tournament warrior, police, gov., etc.)
Psychic: (yes or no)
Powers: ( this is for psychics, and cyborgs)
Weapons/equipment: (self explanetory, use your immagination)
Physical descritpion: (a pic or very well detailed writing)
History: (A little bit on your background/ personality)

If you have any questions pm me. If I see that certain powers, upgrades, or weapons are too powerfull, I'll pm you and ask you to change it up a bit. I'll post my character after a few people sign up.[/SIZE]
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