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Guest Serenade

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Guest Serenade
Across the continents of Falx and Phaerox...a darkness descended from the sky. creatures bourn from the depths of the abyss, grim and as cold as death fed upon the souls of the living. These dark beings, Methus, wielded unimaginable power over the darkness and shadows wreaked havoc across the World. Soon, every city, town and village came to fear the night and the coming darkness.
In the beginning, the attacks from the Methus were infrequent, happening once every two months or so. But as time passed by, they began to attack more often. Those who survived the night woke up to find others lying in pools of their own blood. Cities built great walls surrounding their city, in hopes of fending off the methus..but in vain. the emthus were able to breach the walls and continued to feed upon the souls of the living.Sorcerers from the magic city of Lux fared badly against the onslaught of evil the Methus brought and Warriors were brought to their knees by them. Kings and lords offered generous rewards to those who would dare to venture beyond the city walls and destroy the Methus...but none accepted. it soon seemed hopeless. What could they do against these creaturess who were birthed from the night herself?
A young girl, Zephyr stood up against the Methus. Warriors and Wizards of the highest status all laughed and called her naive. Zephy, with grim determination, left the city of Atrox and began a quest: To search for those would accompany her to defeat the Methus in their own land....The edge of the World...Amon.

Signup sheet:

Name: Anything as long as you can pronounce it and no numbers or underscores.

Age: 15-19

Gender: Female or male(Pretty easy)

Appearence: A picture will do or a written description. maximum 2 paragraphs

Bio: History of your character and any hobbies or interests.

Class: Angel
Half Elf

Can be a
dragon tamer
Necromancer (raising the dead and dark magic)
or normal person
(you can cross between necromancer, wizard, assasin and swordsman)

Example: A swordsman/wizard

Abilites (attacks): (Depends of what level class you are, 1-15)

Weapons and Armor (if any):

(If you are a Wizard) Elemental Preference: fire, water, light, earth and wind

My Character:

Name: Zephyr WhiteWynds

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearence: A medium height albino girl with knee length white hair that is tied at the very bottom. Light gray eyes and pale complexion. Wears earring in the shape of black orbs with white smoke inside of them. Silver necklace of a cross with ancient script she can't read. She wears white boy's breeches that are covered in black tribal designs. White gloves that reach from her elbow to her fingers which are left bare. (like Ash's from pokemon) Her boots are black leather that cover from her knees down. Her top is a white cloth that has no sleeves and reaches the top of her breeches. Overall, she is covered by a cloack with a hood if it is necessary to travel under sunlight.

Bio: Born in the ciy of Theives, Atrox, Zephyr had been taught one rule: Kill, of be killed. Hunt or be the hunted. She trusts few people other than herself and those she doesn't...she kills. She keeps all her emotions except for anger and hatre in check, but she sometimes has emotional breakdowns which she keeps secret from the rest of the world. Unable to bask in the sun due to her "problem", she travels at night under the cover of darkness. In her free time, she reads ancient scripts and textures in order to find out what that words on her necklace mean.

Class: Half-elf


Weapons: A staff that is amde of two unknown woods and curve around each other to hold a black orb similar to her earrings. She carries a book with her that contain her necromancing spells. She also carries daggers in her boots and belt in order to kill or defend herself.

Armor: No armor but Zephyr's cloak is enchanted to keep repel any fire or earth spells directed at her.

Abilities: (Lv 4)

lv 1 spells: Dark orb, Night Missle
lv 2 spells: Demon Whip and Nightmare
lv 3 spells: Raise the dead, control the dead
lv 4 spells: Chill Touch and Invitation to a tempting Sleep


I think for this story, I will be accepting 5 traveling companions, but those who aren't accepted can choose to be one of the Methus Rulers or minions...or you can choose not to participate at all!

Thank you, swearing, kissing and sexual themes will be allowed, but please message the person first to obtain their poermission to do so.

Thank you:

Solitude Serenade
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[COLOR=Green]Awesome Idea!

Name: Raziel

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearence: Raven-black hair she keeps out of her eyes by tying a leather strip around her brow. Dark, emerald eyes that often appear black and are slanted. Tan skin, she's tall and fit. She wears black pants she tucks into her riding boots and a green shirt.

Bio: She was born in the outskirts of Lux, in elven territory. Her father taught her sword weilding and how to shoot a bow and arrow while her mother taught her magic. She had a very close family until her parents were killed by the progressive evil. From that day on she vowed to live her life in revenge.

Class: Elf

Job: Swordswoman, wizard

Weapons: Magical sword with a white blade and an emerald stone incrusted in the base. Bow and arrow.

Abilities: (lvl. 3)

level 1: Small fires and wind shifting

level 2: Able to hide herself in normal shadows

level 3: Animal communication

Elemental preference: A mix between fire and wind.[/COLOR]

I hope thats okay?
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