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Writing Sci-fi club: A true story (L)


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Sci-fi club: A true story
RMHS Sci-Fi Club: A true story of tragedy and triumph

?I tried so hard, and got so far. But in the end, it doesn?t even matter. I had to fall to lose it all. But in the end, it doesn?t even matter.?
-Linkin Park ?In the end?

This is a true story, just to remind you. Well, it began the first day of High School for me. I was very excited, after finally being able to go to my hometown high school after being a different school for a long time. My dad is a member of the faculty there. He is a math teacher, and head of the math department. Also, he is coach of the Reading High baseball team. Still, it was a very exciting time for me. My dad introduced me to my teacher, Mr. Blanchard, and my first day was a blur at most. I remember coming to the cafeteria for lunch, and getting to see all the kids I grew up with. But the biggest shock was this. I was standing in line for lunch, when a voice behind me said ?Hi, remember me?? I turned to see a girl standing in front of me. Her short hair was dyed dark red, and she was dressed all in black. She was grinning at me. I didn?t remember her, at all.
?It?s me, Audrey. Audrey Sheehan.?
Then I recognized her. Her mom was my second grade teacher, and friends with my mom. ?Where ya been?? She asked.
?It?s a long story, Audrey.?
?It?s cool.? She said. ?Well, I?ll see ya around.? She sure has changed a lot since the last time I saw her. Later on, my dad had an idea. ?How about a sci-fi club?? He suggested. ?It could work.? I wasn?t to sure. ?Only two people will show up.? I said. ?It?s not like drama club, or anything.? My dad was still willing to give it a shot. Well, I thought it might work, so I decided to go with it. The next week was spent discussing where we would have it, when, and fliers. Dad said we could use his room upstairs in the library, every Tuesday, and Thursday afternoon. I got to work on the fliers, and such. The week after, it was the first day of club, and I arrived at dad?s room. ?I think you?d like this.? He said. ?See for yourself.? I opened the door, to find about fifteen people in there. Fifteen? On my first day? That was a first. I was surprised, and pleased. We went around the room, and introduced ourselves. Ally, her brother Little Dave, Andrew, Costa, Dana, Rose, Chrissy (for a while I got her and Rose confused.), her sister Steph, Tim, Scott, Robin and Robin, Lindsay, Carly, Big Dave, and Becky. Meetings were a lot of fun, and eventful. Some of us would go and play ?Magic: The Gathering?, others would hang out and talk, or watch movies. We even had some club outings. One of which was going out to see ?Star Wars: Episode One: The Phantom Menace.?
But things really got interesting when I invited everyone to go see the long awaited X-Men movie at the new theater in the Liberty Tree Mall. Almost everyone wanted to go, except Big Dave. He claimed that no one could beat Ian Macelene. Robin was excited as much as I was. Robin has red hair tied into a ponytail, and was allways wareing a Boston Bruins cap. She and her step-dad like to go to Bruins games, and bond. She ussually wares jeans, and various t-shirts. Most are Bruins or Star Wars ones. Robin is a super tomboy, and that's cool.
?So who?s your favorite character, Robin?? I asked. Robin smiled.
?Easy. It?s..?
?Let me guess.? I said. ?Jean, Psylocke, Storm, Rouge,..?
?Hell, no!? Robin said. ?They all suck! It?s Wolverine! He kicks ass!!?
A girl liking Wolverine? That was a tad strange for me. Oh well. It?s cool. The theater, very big, and was the first time I went to a theater with stadium seating. Not to mention the huge snack bar. Robin ordered all this stuff. I just stuck with M&M?s. After the movie, Robin came out with a huge smile on her face. ?Allright! Wolverine kicked some ass!? She said high-fiving me. Everybody liked it, except Big Dave. I asked if he didn?t want to go, he didn?t have to. Why did he come anyway? ?Because Becky called me up at night and yelled at me.? He said. I looked over at Becky. She was grinning like the cat that ate the canary. Becky was the big brain of our group. She has short dusty blonde hair, is kind of skinny, and is one of the smartest people I know.

Another fun outing we had was when I invited them all to my place for laser tag during the summer. That was a lot of fun. There were two moments that stand out in my mind. Becky climbed up into my tree house, and dumped a bucket of water that was up there since?September I think It landed right on Big Dave. Now, Big Dave is six foot seven, and he wasn?t happy. He climbed up into the tree house, put the bucket on Becky?s head, and started applying pressure. I ran into the house, and got Big Dave?s mom. She made him stop, and Becky apologized. Big Dave went right up to me.
?Look at my shirt! It?s soaked! How long was that bucket up there??
I thought about it.
?Umm..Since September, I think.?
Big Dave mostly wares all black, and glasses. He has long blonde hair, and claims that he can't be killed. Uh..Yeah, right. Whatever you say, Superman.
My mom said that she?d get one of my dad?s shirts for him. But we take care to remember not to have buckets in the tree house for God knows how long.
Later on that night, Robin was the last one to leave. She was sitting on the back stoop, waiting for her parents. I came out to join her. ?Nice night, huh?? I said commenting on the star filled sky, and the bright full moon. ?Yeah.? She agreed. ?I?m gonna move to Alaska, when I get older. You can see as far as you can into space.?
?How come? Wouldn?t your family miss you??
?No. My mom would, but my dad wouldn?t give a damn.?
?How come??
Robin went silent for a bit. And she opened up to me. Her parents were divorced. She has had a hard life growing up, and because of that, she was kind of lonely. Well, her mom came to get her, and I made a promise to Robin. ?I?m not going anywhere. I promise.? Robin smiled. ?Thanks, man.? She said.

A week later, I invited Robin and Rose who missed the movie to see it with me and my friend Raff. Robin (AKA Robin2 but she hates being called that.), has glasses,shoulder length black hair, and is allways waring an anime related t-shirt. Rose has her black hair in a ponytail, and dyes it alot. This time it was purple. She's a little odd, but that's okay. Every group need a wild card. Robin went everywhere with her sketch book, because she loved to draw. She never let me look at it though. After the movie, and dinner in the food court, we went back to my place, and played a little MarioKart 64. Robin left her sketch book at my place by mistake. I was tempted to look at it, but I didn?t. I said I wouldn?t, and I ment it. But however, one of my cats, knocked it off the coffee table, and it fell to the floor and opened. What I saw amazed me. Robin drew manga style art, and it was amazing. It was a picture of winged serphinan, with flaming swords, and large feathered wings. It was an incredible drawing. Robin was what, fifteen? And she drew THIS? Wow. She?s really talented! I was impressed. The next day, I gave it back to her, and she thanked me for it. I didn?t tell her that one of my cats knocked it off the coffee table, and it opened up and I saw what was in it. She would never believe me.

The Holidays were a lot of fun. We did ?Secret Santa?, and such. Besides that, I asked if anyone wanted anything. ?Rose wants candy.? Rose said.
?What kind of..?
[I] ?Rose wants candy!!?[/I] Rose liked to talk in the third person sometimes. Odd. For Becky, I got her this card I made. She happens to like Spider-Man, so it was a little Spider-Man drawing. Inside, was a king-size Caramelo bar. She has a weakness for chocolate. It?s like her Kryptonite.

That summer, I went down to Baltimore to Otakon. I came with my dad, my brother, and my friend Raff. Raff and I decided we?d meet up with the Deshamp sisters, Rose, Robin, Robin, and the Beckers when we got there. Ally has blonde hair ( I think), and is a Wicka. Little Dave is also a Wicka, and he has blonde hair as well, and dresses in black mostly. The Deshamps look very simuar. Except Chrissy is shorter than Steph, and Steph wears glasses, and is bigger. They both have blakc hair, and are best freinds/sisters. It was a complete success. The Deshamps and Robin hung out with Raff and I, and it went smoothly. Robin bought a sword. A real sword.
?Hey, guys! Check it out! Look what I got! A Highlander collector?s sword." She struck a poze.
"There can be only one." Raff said in his best Highlander voice.
?Duncan or Connor?? I asked. ?Duncan, I hope.? She said. She unsheathed it a bit, and nicked herself on the blade. ?Better get a band-aid.? I said.

The summer was very good. Later, school started again, and so did club. At this time, ?Gundam Wing? was aired on Cartoon Network, and the girls were going crazy over the Gundam boys. Robin liked Hero, The Deshamps liked Quatra, Rose liked Trowa, and Lindsay and Pocky(The other Robin) liked Duo. Especially Pocky. She worships him. She was crazy about him. On day at lunch, I tried to tell Pocky the truth.
?Robin, listen. The Ronin Warriors, Trunks, and Duo are cartoons. Their. Not. Real.? I should?ve said that. ?[I]Don?tyouevertalkaboutmyDuolikethat![/I]!? She cried. And she hit me on the head with her sketchbook. BAM! I?m never doing that again.

Some new members came to club that year. Matt Scharr, AKA ?Axis Powers Boy?. Because he was half Japanese, Italian, and German. He hated being called that. Justin, and Liam. My younger brother showed up at the school that year. Dad suggested he join the club. I wasn?t to sure. My brother has OCD, and he could get obessed with a girl he finds attractive. Dad said that it wouldn?t happen. I was still suspious. My brother came, but he wasn?t interested in talking to anyone. He would spend meetings in the other room, playing ?Star Wars: X-Wing? on the PC. If anyone tried to come in and talk to him, he?d yell at them. PC games fusterate him, especially when he?s losing. My other friends and I were playing ?Battle Masters?, and Becky being the outgoing and good natured person she is, desided to talk to my brother. And to my surprise, they were having a conversation. That was a kick in the head. I was pleased. Jonathon found a friend who was a friend of mine. This could work out for all three of us.

A week later, I was talking to dad about the short story contest, when I came downstairs, and witnessed something horrible. It was a stack of papers, and it was all of this writing about Becky. And drawings of her as well. Oh no. My fear has been realized. Jonathon has become obsessed with Becky. I told him that I wanted him to stay away from her, and he got mad, and lunged at me. He was screaming profanities, and threatening to kill me, when dad came in. He and Jonathon got into a big fight, and I walked to school. I could hear Jonathon screaming even when I was across the street. I told dad it was a bad idea.
The short story contest was a lot of fun. Matt?s was an X-Files like story. Ally?s was kind of kooky, with her in the D&D world. Mine was a super hero story, and Becky?s was a Star Wars related one. Speaking of her, she found out about my brother. She still was friends with me, however. But she couldn?t come over, and things got worse. Jonathon was told by Becky?s parents that they didn?t want him talking to her anymore or anything, because he was creeping her out. He got really mad, and blamed me. He even attacked me in the hallway one day. ?GIVE ME BACK BECKY!? he screamed. An teachers?s aid had to carry him away, literly kicking and screaming. The mere mention of her name, would send him into a blind rage. As for Becky, she didn?t want anything to do with him. She used to shudder at the mention of his name.

Club wasn?t as smooth as I hoped however. Everyone got into playing D&D, all the time. I felt left out. I just wasn?t a fan at the time. But that?s all they wanted to do. I felt like they were abandoning me. This made me upset, and I would act out of fusration sometimes. They invited me to play many times, but I refused. I just made things harder for myself. But I was blinded by my own pride, and my disability got in the way. I have Asberges Syndrome stage one. It means I have a hard time understanding social cues. It?s very minor at stage one, but it still sucks. So there were times when I felt pretty bad. But luckily for me, Scott, Dana, Big Dave, Robin, (Now nick-named Rocky),and Justin stood by me the most. I really needed that. There were great for doing so, and always will be. Becky rarely had time for club. She was doing all this school work and projects and stuff. She?d get a riled up about it. ?IhavetogetthispaperdoneorI?llflunk,and..? I would get her to calm down if she was getting all antsy.

Junior year, things changed again. Club was all but non-existent. Everyone joined band, or drama. I hated that. Scott, Big Dave, and Justin stayed with me, thank God. I found out that Rose, the Deshamps, Carly, Robin, and Pocky went out every Friday afternoon with each other. I once asked if I could join them, and they told me it was ?girl?s night out.? Okay. I still felt left out however. As for me, I got Dana, Big Dave, Scott, and Justin to come to my place Friday nights for to watch movies. It worked very well. The next day, they?d drop by again, and we?d play RPGS. It was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it. At work one day, I found a GBA game with a hilerious title. It was called "Pocky and Rocky With Becky." I kid you not. It was a tale on how a preistess named Pocky, and her freinds have to save Fedual Japan from a horrbile monster. Those three? Having to save the world? We're doomed.

Senior year, I found out something shocking. I found out that the Deshamps lied to me. It wasn?t really ?girls only.? They would go over Andrew?s house, The Beckers, or Matt?s as well, and hang out there. That really made me mad. I asked Robin if it was true, and she said that it was. Why did they do that? Why did they exclude me? What made Matt and Andrew so special? But I still had movie night, and Kevin joined us. A month later, The Beckers had a Halloween party, and invited nearly everyone, except me. That did it. One day I confronted Little Dave in the cafeteria, and I was very angry. In the heat of the moment, I threatened to punch him into next week. I calmed down, and realized what I did. I turned, and Becky saw the whole thing. Before I could say anything, she left. Becky totally wanted nothing more to do with me. No matter how I tried to move on, and still speak to her, she didn?t want to hear it. It was my fault, and it hurt like hell. On one day, while everyone was outside posing for the seniors 2003 photo, poeple were taking pictures of eachother. No one asked me to be in any at all. In my fustration and rage, I punched a brick wall. I knew it was going to hurt, and that it was a dumb idea but I did it anyway, because of the anger I felt.
I still wanted to speak to Becky. But she was sitting at the end of the our lunch table with people who weren?t too fond of me. So I would pass her notes. I saw one day, that Becky was asked the others to toss these notes when they came to her. That day, it was Scott?s turn. I asked him to please mind his own business. He gave Becky my note, and I went back to my seat. Later, Scott handed me a note from Becky. It said, and I quote: ?Please don?t write me any more notes, or call me or anything. EVER.? Ouch. I sat there, and the cafeteria emptied out. Moe the janitor came over. ?Hey, why the long face?? he asked. I showed him the note.
?Ouch. You okay man??
?Hey, Moe you know that song by Puddle of Mudd, ?Hates me?? ? I asked.
?Well, in the words of Puddle of Mudd,[I] SHE FUCKING HATES ME!![/I]?
(For a time, whenever I heard that song, I'd call it "The Becky Song.")
Pocky didn't want to talk to me either. I was going to ask if I could get a photo, and before I could finish, she yelled out "NO! LEAVE!" I think the entire cafeteria heard her. Why was she mad at me? She thinks I'm in love with her. What? Me? Her? That would never happen.

At graduation, the assistant principle had something for me. A certificate that said I was the first student in the schools history to graduate with Asbergs Syndrome. I was surprised. They were going to put it in the year book, but ran out of time. I was really honored. Wow. I was the first.
Senior night came. That?s when everyone goes out to Boston, and has a big party. This year, was the famous New England Aquarium. I didn?t go. I didn?t even go to prom. My dad asked why wouldn?t I go to the senior party, and I said, that there were some people there who like to see me drown in the coral reef tank. I don?t want to entice anything. I came at the very end, for the year book signings in the field house. To my surprise, Rose signed it, but then came the real kicker. I wanted to ask Becky to sign my yearbook, but I was scared. I haven?t spoken to her in three months, but still I was nervous. So a teacher asked for me. I was going to protest, when my yearbook was handed back to me. And she signed it. I couldn?t believe it. Later on, she said that she couldn?t make my graduation party. She spoke to me after all that time. So I wished her good luck, and she did the same, and the night came to an end.


Where are they now? That?s a good question.

Robin: I used to e-mail her back and forth or a while. She?s changed a lot. She still has that little blood thirst I like about her. She?s going to Amherst College, and is doing very well. I miss her. But she?s been a very good friend to me, and I?m going to be there, like I promised years ago.

Rose: Last I heard, she was working at the post office. So if it blows up, burns down, or something, she might have had something to do with it. :)

The Deshamps: We?re not friends anymore, and they moved to Florida. Oh, well.

Carly: I have no idea.

Pocky: She wasn?t at graduation or anything. At first I thought she was sick, but then I found out she dropped out. She has a lot on her plate, and I hope that she is doing okay. I always thought she was a great person, and a fantastic artist. Recently, I paid her back on somthing I told her years ago. I told her if I ever met the guy who does Duo's voice, I'd get a soundbite for her. And at Anime Boston 2005, I met Scott Mcneil, the guy who does Duo. I got the soundbite like I promised. She's gonna go crazy when she hears it.

Andrew: I don?t know.

Matt: Don?t know either.

The Beckers: Ally has never forgiven me for getting mad at her brother. So I haven?t spoken to them. I hope they are doing well.

Dana: He?s working with his dad, who?s a plumber. It?s a sick, dirty, disgusting job, but someone?s got to do it.

Liam: Not sure.

Kevin: He?s in the US Civil Air Patrol. He wants to join the Air Force. Good luck, Kev!

Scott: He?s been doing well. He plays a lot of ?Warhammer 40K.? He?s really good at it, and has a strong Chaos Lord.

Big Dave: He?s been doing very well too. He and Scott get together and play 40K a lot. I play too, but my paint job isn?t that great.

Justin: He's hanging in there. Last I heard, he moved to another part of town, and is working at Wal-Mart.

Becky: One day last year, I gave her a call. I expected her to hang up on me, but she was very happy to hear from me. We talked about old times, and what we?ve been up to. She spent that summer in Japan, and was looking forward to it. I still get to talk to her every now and again. Becky?s a work-a-holic, so she?s busy a lot, but I know that if I keep trying, we can get out to Harvard Square some time soon. I?m also trying to get her to relax more often. ?Get a massage! Get aroma therapy! You need to calm down, or your head will explode!? I once told her.

Those fours years, I learned a lot about life, and myself than I ever did before. Through that hardships, and difficulties, I came out on top once again. I will never forget those times, the bad, and the good. Oh, yeah. And special thanks to my best freinds Dave Frankle, and Raff for helping me out, and sticking by me, even to this day. Thanks guys. You rule!
What did you guys think?

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[font=arial narrow][size=2]This is a general reminder that we do encourage [i]constructive criticism[/i]. If you are unsure what that is, then have a look at [url=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44313]OB Anthology Basics[/url]. One line is just not acceptable. I strongly encourage you to include some sort of constructive criticism.

As for the story itself, it's not bad. I quite like the story behind it, but I think that there are a couple of things you could do that would help the reader when reading the story. First of all, a new line for a new speaker e.g.

[i]?So who?s your favorite character, Robin?? I asked.
Robin smiled. ?Easy. It?s..?
?Let me guess.?[/i]

It makes it easier for the reader to read. Also, some description about the characters would be great. I like the part where you described Audrey because it brought the reader into the story and helped us imagine it. At the moment it sort of feels like we have names but not characters -- we don't know what drives them or what makes them happy.

As I said, it isn't bad. The moral is good and heartwarming. Well done. [/size][/font]
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[quote name='MehrLicht']I didn't read the story, I just think you should know that you kinda got the words to "In the End" wrong...[/quote]
[COLOR=Blue] I did? I listen to that song all the time. Are you sure? What were the correct lyrics?
Oh, and BTW try reading the story. I think you might like it.


I got the correct lyric. Thanks for the heads up.


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