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RPG My Pet (M-SLV)


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[SIZE=1]The forty-year-old man sat behind the desk holding a small Chihuahua in his arms. He was Matsuura Ginta the new psychologist at work. Umeko?s old boss had made her go see him. The two stared at each other. Ginta waiting patiently for Umeko to speak and Umeko growing impatient for being here.

They talked little about her recent break up with her ex in the printing department. ?You are not capable of loving a man. So get over it??

?What?!? Umeko stood up in her seat clearly offend on the doctor comment. She grabbed her coat and started out the door.

?Hold on a second.? Ginta grabbed something from his desk. With that he plopped a box of tissues in front of the desk. ?My best recommendation to you is to cry.?

?I don?t cry.? Umeko voice was firm and strong. She slammed the door shut behind her.

?Well Natalie what do you say we go for a walk.? Ginta looked down and talked sweetly to the dog.


?My name is Kannagi, Umeko and I am twenty eight years old. I graduated out of Tokyo University at the top of my class; I went on to Harvard in America. I am now a journalist for the Tokyo Paper. I quickly rose to External Affairs. I am a career woman.

?Constantly at work I her Kannagi-san you are so pretty, you are so smart, and I wish I could do things like you Kannagi-san. They say I am part of the Elite. I am taller than most women, which seem are to intimate men are as well are. While behind my back they call me kokeshi doll (she is kind of expressionless and never changes her face.), noh-men (noh is a traditional Japanese drama that uses mask.) and cyborg. It?s a never-ending headache.

?It I somewhat true I haven?t cried since in middle school when my old dog Toki died. I haven?t laughed much either because work has kept me busy.

?Recently though my headache have gotten much worse. Just yesterday punched my boss. I know that was a bit extreme, but he deserved it. With that I found myself demoted to the lifestyle department. My co-workers smile and joke about this.

?I use to date someone as well, too. He cheated on me though and left me for another woman. I didn?t cry or get hysterical like most women. I was calm, cool, and collective. He hurt me badly, but I didn?t tell him that or no one else that. From now on I will only date men who are smarter, taller and having a bigger income than me.

?Though I have found something to help relieve my headache. I got a pet and my pet is a boy.

?Now I am sure you are wonder what?s wrong with me. A boy as my pet, let me explain.

?I found him two days ago lying unconscious in a box in front of my apartment when I got back home from work. He was injured badly so I took him up to my place. Normally I don?t do that but he looked harmless. I tended his wounded and kept an eye on him all night. The next morning I woke up my headache I had for ten days was gone. I left him a note to eat some soft rice and to leave as soon as he was done.

?When I returned from work he was still there. I ask him why and he had no money for the train. So I told him I would give him some. Next he said he wanted to stay with me because he liked it here and I was a good cook.

?I told him fine if he wanted to stay with me he would have to be a pet. That he would have no human rights. I didn?t really think he would say he would be, but he did. So now I have a boy for a pet. I cook, clean and wash his hair for him. There is one rule though?

?No Sex!

?I wouldn?t say he is leeching off of me. He is just a pet, a dog. I named him after my old dog, Toki. Just like Toki I can cry in front of the new Toki. He is the only one I can cry in front of and be my real self. It?s very relieving.?


Umeko stood at her once desk in the Internal Affairs Department. He co-workers smiled and whispered to themselves. She ignored them completely shoving her stuff into the box. Someone came up behind her. ?Kannagi-san it was nice working with you. I hope someday to be like you, Kannagi-san.?

She rolled her eyes. She knew they where all happy to see her go. ?You don?t have to pretend to be sad.? She picked up her boxes and left with what pride she had left. She pressed the down button on the elevator and headed to her new department.

In a small room five people sat at separate desk. Umeko came in and headed over to her new boss. ?Hello I am Kannagi, Umeko and I was just transferred to this department.?

The man was reading a paper and didn?t look up form it. Umeko cleared her throat, she wasn?t sure if he heard her or not. ?Your desk over there.? He pointed to an empty one.

?Thank you and I will do my best.? She gave an awkward bow with her boxes in her arms. She went to the desk and looked down and seen a kokeshi doll. [I]?They think they are being funny.[/I] She pushed the doll out of the way and set her boxes down.

A young girl of about twenty-five had a desk In front of her. ?It?s nice to met you, Kannagi-san. I am Lie Ba No, it?s very nice to have another women here.?

Umeko looked around, they where the only two women. ?Yes very nice to meet you. I will do my best.? Slowly she got to know all of her other co-workers.? It was going to be a long day.

[b]O.C.C:[/b] Okay I final got this up, sorry about taking so long. Sign up are still opened. For the first few posts write about your day.
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[color=Navy]Kai, who was known as Toki to Umeko, sat around the house in boredom. He truly felt like a pet, though he had freedom. He ran a distressed hand through his spikey brown hair, debating what to do. The apartment was boring during the day.

He made up his mind and grabbed his leather jacket which was hanging on the back of a chair. He shrugged it on and picked up the set of keys, Umeko had given him, from the counter, slipping them into the pocket of his pants.

Today was Kari's free day, so he decided to see if she would be home. Toki left the apartment and locked it safely, then took the elevator down and walked out of the buidling. The sun was bright and there were a few cumulus clouds floating in the sky.

Toki thought about his new life, it had been a while since he became Umeko's pet, watching as she became emotional and cried with her arms wrapped around his neck like she used to do to her dog, also named Toki. He did this to repay her kindness, especially since it looked like she needed the companionship.

Toki made his way to Kari's apartment complex, pushing the buzzer button which corresponded to her apartment. There was some silence before a tired voice asked who it was through the speaker box.

[b]"Kari, its Kai." [/b]he said.

[b]"Oh!" [/b]she perked up. [b]"Come on up."

[/b]There was a loud buzzing noise and Toki pushed the door handle, it clicked and he was allowed entrance. He took the elevator to her floor and knocked on the door. There was a call of 'I'm coming!' moments before she answered.

[b]"Kai! Bored at home again?" [/b]she teased, letting him in. All of his friends knew how bored he got at home, which was why he usually went to visit them pretty often.

Toki grinned and nodded. Kari closed the door and they sat in the small lounge area, sitting on a couch beside each other. Kari and Toki were close friends, she had been the one that Toki had saved that day, which lead to him being injured and becoming Umeko's pet. Kari still feels guilt because she wasn't careful, but Toki cheers her up.

The two of them talked for a few hours, until it was time for lunch. They went out to eat and spent a couple of hours on a bench in a park. When it was getting late, they headed their different ways, promising to talk again soon.

Toki yawned as he returned home, unlocking the door and entering the apartment. Umeko had gotten back yet so he just sat around, but he was so tired from the day that he fell sideways on the couch and fell asleep.
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