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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Well I am looking for just an ava, no banner. I want something that matches the small poem down at the bottom. I want something that seems sexy, but yet sad. Thought here should be no nudity. Also I want my name put on it.

Thank you very much however tries to make it for me.

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i'm not really sure u want such a pic but...i cld only find this

with your name

in case u dont want ur name in it
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]No, I am sorry I don't have an image in mind, if I did I owuld have put it up before. The avator doesn't have to have an a picture, and if it does it doesn't have to be an anime on, it could be a real image.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Here's something I found interesting. It might not be what you want but I just though I do it anyway.

here's the avatar


and here's the original image


It just seems to be a bit of a role reversal based on your poem, with the dog being the boy's master.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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