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Manga has anyone been here?


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hey I have an account at [url]www.onlinecomics.net[/url] I was wondering if anyone else has been here and read "Death Wish" it's great!! I hope it can someday become published like that other comic I read once. I think it was Tokoyo something whatever. :catgirl: wow, first post here. I use to have some problems but azurewolf17 helped me out! Thank you so much!! :animesmil I was so confused. :animestun
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[color=DarkGreen][size=1]I haven't read 'Death Wish' but I've certainly surfed Online Comics a fair bit, and [url="http://rapturecomic.keenspace.com"]my comic[/url]'ll get posted there when it gets up to fifteen strips (shameless plug!).

A webcomic that got published? Tokyo something? You're most likely thinking of the mighty [url="http://www.megatokyo.com"]MegaTokyo[/url], am I right?

If you want to find more webcomics, there are several other online webcomic ranking sites to try.

[url="http://www.buzzcomix.net"]BuzzComix[/url] (they've been having server trouble lately so you might just get an Error 404 page)

I think Buzz would be the best one if they didn't have so much server downtime. As it is, I'm a fan of TopWebComics; they've just had a site redesign too, so the site looks all pretty now. (Not if you use Mozilla though - they're all IE users and haven't finished fixing it for FireFox yet :animeangr)

Webcomics do rule, but I do sometimes get frustrated that the story never ends, you keep having to wait and wait for it to develop. What does anyone else think?
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i havent been to that website, but another site that has an online comic series is at [url]www.rpgworldcomic.com[/url] they make fun of RPG's and Final Fantasy, which i love, but this is to great. check it out if your interested in the parlody type stuff. start from the begining though, thats where some of the funniest stuff is.
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