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Sign Up The 9 demons, the counter part of Akatsuki [V-L-PG] be prepaired

dark king

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9 is a magical number not just by math standards but also by fate.
Fate tells us off 9 people who did great things both good and evil.
This is where the story begins of 9 people who would live a live with evil sealed within them.
It begins when long ago 9 demons where born from the 9 rings of Hell.
Each demon or Biyuu named after the number of tales they have, where bestowed with great power, power so enormous that they could destroy the earth if they where all steered in that direction by the greed of man.
Wars broke out to harness the powers of the 9 demons and the demons where spread across the world divided between the countries.

Now it is peacetime and some countries are quite prosperous and some countries still recover from the wars.
The 9 demons are sealed in 9 different people, people who have come past a point when they realized this truth.
They have trained to preserve themselves and protect their homes from others aswell as from themselves...

The demons need someone to govern them.
I need 9 Shinobi who are capable of controling a Jinchuuriki of great power.

So to my resourcefullness i needed to create the other animals from Nibi to Hachibi.
And the list has come down to:

Ichibi - racoon/dog
Nibi - lynx
Sanbi - wolf
Yonbi - phoenix
Gobi - dragon
Lokubi - tiger
Nanabi - deer
Hachibi - snake
Kyuubi - fox

When you sign up as powerfull Shinobi you choose your country and hidden village as it may be anyone.
And know that you must gain strength in order to survive.
And beware, there is hazard comming toward them from the Akatsuki, a group you will have to get info on and so does Akatuki with you.

When you sign up i will test you and will appoint you to your chosen demon.
So be prepaired to give it your all for your own sake and the sake of the world.
When i have appointed the Jinchuuriki the story will continue.

To those about to sign in i salute you.
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