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Sign Up Tournament of essence: Live and Behind the scenes [PG-13-V]


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Tournament of essence: Live and Behind the scenes
Plot: "Welcome! ladies and gents to the tournemt of essence a grand spectical features some of the greatest warriors of all time!" the annocer shouts as the fireworks spout yes that tme again the tournement of essence every 3 years hero's and heroine's (sp?) are invited from all differnt worlds to compete for the prize the sword of essence a speacil weapon that changes according to the user's will but all is not well some that compete try to cheat thats where the esscence squad come in the essence sqaud are people who could of competed but chose to volunteer to make sure everything is fair


1.Only 2 characters per person>>

2.no ?gods?>>

(you can use characters from real games tv etc? if we know they aren?t yours)

Bio sheet (optinal:if you chose to introduce your characters threw post themselves go ahead but you need to say your attacks and combatant or squad)




gender (if there is one ^_^)>>


Combatant or Squad>>

Weapon or Power (either or both up to you)>>

attacks (2 minor 2 major 1 speacil defence)


And anything else you?d like to add

now for my characters

Name: Anna Shuori>>


Race: Human>>

Gender: Female >>


Weapon or Power: Helia Fan (Circuluar fan made of speacil material not metal or paper or plastic known as Ansite) >>

Rickochet (sp?) Cut 3 d (d=damage) 2 e (e=energy will be explained below)
Heat Whirl 5 d 7 e
Flip split combo 10 d 10 e
Thermal gust 25d 26e
Thermal sheild (effect:attack is absorbed and thermal gust damge raises by half of total damge that the attack has ) 10e

Bio: even thogh lives in modern times choses simple life of samuri only things of modern time she has is her clothes one day she was training when she discovered a strange mineral she found it was flexible and light but it was almost unbreakable but it was not metal it was stone she decided to make a weapon out of it she heated the rock up and molded it into a large fan made of two parts when she was called to be in the tournament found out about the sword of essence but she did not want it she thought she already had the perfect weapon for her so she signed up to be on the essence squad>>

Appearance: [IMG]http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/bseed01.jpg[/IMG]

> >Name: Gunner


Race: Human

Gender: Male >>


Weapon or Power: Rip&Tide (two modified pistols with long barrels that are exposed during 'double Barrel

attacks:rapid Fire 5d 3e
ShellShock 7d 7e
Demon's Hail 20d 23e
Double Barrel 30d 35e
Beehive Beclem(damage is negated and instead subtracted from oppents energy) 7e>>

Bio:A born marksmen and a ladies man has been using guns sinse he was 7 won his 1st tournament at age 12 some call him a prodigy if you ask him why he is so ood he'll just say "I have fun wit'it and I dont get distracted" when he was asked to join the tournament he execpted and said "this'll probally will be the hardest torunement I've ever been in heh I'm gonna enjoy this

Appearance: [IMG]http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/nad/Nad24.jpg[/IMG]

>If your a combatant and you want to challange another combantant just say so but if they dont accept the challange in a day than it is declared a draw if one person wins the other is not out but cant advance in the tornament only 16 combatants allowed after that all newbies have to be squad members any characters I create besides the ones above can be used by anyone >

Combat system: every person starts with 100 life and 100 energy.
Life: is what it says when it reaches 0 you lose simple
attacks: there are 3 attacks basic,minor,major basic attacks always do 5 damage points if they conncet they cost 0e Minor attacks are attacks that do little damge and cost little energy minor attacks damge rate can range from 1-10 energy is the same energy for minor attacks can be lower than the damage Major attacks do alot of damage but cost more energy than minor there damge rate ranges from 10-30 and there enegy is 10-35 major attacks energy cost [B]must[/B] be higher than the damge cost
energy: energy is used exicute attacks how much is up to you but it must be in the perimeters set
connecting: this is where it gets interesting you must describe your attack well so your oppnent cannot find a way to evade your attack if you put lots of effort in your describing your attack it'll hit if you dont it will miss
regular sheild: a sheild is an effect that you can activate that will bring the damge of an attack to 0 but you only can use this 3 times
speacil sheild: a speacil shield is an sheild that has an ability that is your choice you may only use this once
leveling: every person squad or combatant is given 2 soul tokens if you win a match you gain 1 token and the loser loses one if a combatant loses all there tokens they are automaticly squad members if a squad member loses a all the tokens they lose there weapon for every 2 tokens you get you advance a level if you are level 2 you cannot get a token from a level one person you get to use the sword of essence when you reach level 10 untill another level 10 person challanges you for it
cheating:when combatants are not in a real fight you are free to cheat blackmail sabotage bribes etc... but you will be have to fight a squad member
p.s if none of you chose to cheat i shall make cheaters for anyone to use
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