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Request New set I need


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[SIZE=2][COLOR=Blue]Ok I very recently just went through a name change. So I need a new banner and avatar, you know what I mean? Um..yea. So after a while of thinking I have decided to use one of my most recent events to put in my banner. SO here is what I want.

[B]Banner[/B]: I want everything to be dark, then in the middle I want a chair with only one light shining on it. The chair has to be EMPTY or else the whole concept will be screwed up. Then the text should say "Some day...I will be there". That would be perfect.

[B]Avatar[/B]: It's completely up to you, just make sure to put my name somewhere
on it.

Thanks in advance to anyone who ries to for fill this request.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[size=1]Gave it a try. I had fun trying to find a good picture, but I hope you like; it sort of has an antique look to it. ^_^



What do you think?[/size]
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[font=times new roman][size=2]Okay, I've got a weird set here, and I'm not too sure if you'll like it or not. Personally, I hate it X__x So yeah. I was gonna use the same chair as WhiteSalem... but apparently- I came too late.. so this is it..

If wanted or needed, I'll resize..[/size][/font]
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Chair picture courtesy of [URL=http://web.mblogger.cn/cyril]Cyril on theRoad[/URL]. Aha. [/SIZE][/COLOR] :animeswea
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