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Sign Up Shinobi battles [V-L-PG]

dark king

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This is yet another of my posts relating to Naruto standards.
I wanted to create a spar/story with a little edge.
It can go into much detail wich i like in a story and even more in a battle.
So i ask of either one or more shinobi to enter in this venture of spectacular battles and catching storyline.
And to give it even more freedom i allow you to make new villages besides the normal ones.
As i will state below.

But be aware as you will read in my sign up form (wich is quite roomy) every battle will be a hard one.
The info i post on my charackter is long and the statistics of my charackter are high, but telling you almost all of my skills will help countering them, so i expect great things.

Well here is the form, just simple a name a background, appearance and village.
I am ujino kaikou the kiseikage.
My appearance:
I am 1,90m tall, I have shoulder length red hair, a small beard wich is also red.
My shirt is thin and comfy it has markings on it wich are pure ornamental, it`s color is light with black symbols.
My pants are wide and black.
I wear a lot of chains wich i can also use with kugutsu (pupeteering), my boots have skulls on them attached to the laces, they are really heavy but that is part of my training, when i de-summon the extra weights during battle i move faster.
I wear a pair of gauntlets wich i desinged and made myself.
It holds a blade in each gauntlet, with these gauntlets i am capable of guarding from a sword attack or even grabbing the blade of my opponent, and the special finger system allows me to smash through stone with my fingers without crushing my own fingers.
It also has an energy system built in the ornamented outside wich is actually a seal that was made from a demonic prison jutsu, the system on the gauntlet is called the 13 verses of doom when this is released there is danger.
In all my clothes are little devices of energy wich guard me from physical and deflect energy attacks on my body, i have a high rate of survival with these clothes, but there is more to it.

I have a high amount of energy wich i recycle.
Minniscule devices of energy wich i designed refreshen my energy and makes it flow stronger.
The recycling of energy is efficient because the energy moves fast and on it`s own generates kinetic energy (movement energy) wich i store and recycle again so i won`t run out of energy to support my heavy jutsu`s and my medical practice.

Besides my high rate of surviving i have a variety of healing jutsu`s, the simplest are the creation of healing energy on my hands and start healing by holding it on the injured area.
The most difficult i use when someone is at critical danger to seconds from death.
I also have a simple range of defence jutsu`s.
I have some shielding techniques wich use kugutsu to hold any object in front of me only rendering one hand occupied.

I also have a lot stealth justu`s.
Here i use elemental jutsu`s or a specified jutsu that blends me with any object or i simply dissapear in it by fusing with the material.
There are many way`s with this and the walls can have eyes and ears indeed.
I also develloped a jutsu wich i called gost mode, it allows my body to vannish completely and my energy dissapears with it, so i`m like an advanced ghost.
It shows like i do not even exist while i am there in full glory, i cannot attack during gost mode but i can get close enough to de-gost and kill in silence.

My boost jutsu`s and potions are quite good too.
I have a wide variety of potions and jutsu`s wich can be used in seperate states of being, so boosting the body is one thing but i boost the mind aswell.

My offensive jutsu`s are wide and even too much for a short review.
I use attack in combination with more attack jutsu`s or other combinations of offensive and defensive moves and even combine or counter with my opponent.
To keep it short i keep thinking up jutsu`s and theories that mostly will work.
I have a few "a" ranks on my account wich are also very powerfull.
Although i have a strong asrenal of sword and jutsu skills these are nothing without tact and knowledge, i study a lot in my little library and info node device.
One note to my offensive side is that i can use a wide variety of death involved jutsu`s.

I have an advanced lvl of seal making, i make difficult seals in short time and they have various effects, on my palms are summon/recall seals, i can draw a seal and store it in my recall part of the seal and then i can summon with the summon part at any time.
I can make a seal for the smallest of things and for the biggest of things.
My body holds a series of tattoos wich i use for my powerfull jutsu`s.
They are designed by myself and hold complex seals and symbols wich alow me to cause great damage.

All together i have a high rate of succes and specialisation in offensive, deffensive, boost, heal and sealing abilities.
------------------------------------------------------my settings
This is the country of mirrage, village of illusion. (Kuni no shinkirou, mura madoigakure)
It`s a centre of mixed arts and abillities.
I the Kiseikage reside here.
I am also very old, however i never seem to age because i look like i am 25, worthy of a illusion Kage.
Although gifted with death and being very powerfull i am a kind man to my villagers, i live in a normal house, i only use the main building in the center of the village as an office and a central meeting point for the people.
I founded this village between the mountains and the 2 forests where it is hardly seen, and that is kept up with the mirrage that is the village
This village was at war because other countries and missing nin organizations wanted the sectrets of the forbidden scroll of death.
The millitary force of the madoigakure is at a good lvl and full of talent.
There is also quite some ANBU personel, and they guard the vicinity and train along their missions.
The Jounin of this time are 12 skilled people, who have been past fun and tragedy, and their devellopment has proved them to be worthy Shinobi.
These are their names and teams:

[B]Matajiro Shiba[/B] (m) genjutsu, Mitsugan bloodline limmit, darkblue shoulder length hair, 1,89m, sportive person, quite cheerfull.
[B]Kuniharu Saito[/B] (m) taijutsu genius, all styles, dark short hair, 1,89m, strict, tempered. [B]Hiromichi Shinjiro[/B] (m) ninjutsu genius, spiked hair light blue,1,90m, layed back.

[B]Ujino Hisayo[/B] (f) genjutsu bloodline limmit desugan lvl1 mirage`s finest, white long hair, jumpy happy person, scary when mad, 1,78m.
[B]Ujino Usami[/B] (f) genjutsu bloodline limmit desugan lvl1 mirage`s finest, white long hair, easy going happy person, scary when mad, 1,78m
[B]Mogami Sano[/B] (f) medical ninjutsu genius, a bit shy, 1,75m, pitch black hair upper leg length.

[B]Sadae Kira[/B] (f) kuchiyose genius, nin, blueish hair lower back length, 1,87m, smartass, practical joker, honest.
[B]Shigo Kuroda[/B] (f) ninjutsu jouka (sacred fire) bloodline limmit, fire jutsu`s, red hair wild shoulder length, wild type, passionate, energetic.
[B]Katsura Yoshime[/B] (f) taijutsu, nin, tiger hawk mix style, black hair short, 1,80m, direct type big mouth, a bit of the bat.

[B]Utsu Yasumichi[/B] (m)taijutsu,nin,gen,earth types, hair blond, neck length, 1,96, perverted type, womanizer, comedian.
[B]Tsuneyuki Asai[/B] (m) seals genius, gen, nin, white hair shoulder length,a scar from neck to temple, 1,92m, a bit of a distant person.
[B]Hirokata Imai[/B] (m) medical ninjutsu genius, dark hair mid back length, 1,86m, energetic, explosive, always ready to go.

Ujino Hisayo(f), Ujino usami(f), Hiromichi Shinjiro(m)
Mogami Sano(f), Utsu Yasumichi(m), Katsura Yoshime(f)
Shigo Kuroda(f), Tsuneyuki Asai(m), Matajiro Shiba(m)
Hirokata Imai(m), Sadae Kira(f), Kuniharo Saito(m)

I am especially involved with the devellopment of the Ujino twins, these are my grand daughters, wich also carry my bloodline limmit the Desugan.
I know the dangers and i aid them in their growth.
But they are fine, only their youth carries them away sometimes.
And they have become fine Shinobi.

I have appointed the 12 Jounins to raise fine Shinobi.
Each will take 3 Genin under their wings.
Wich will increase our forces dramatically if they would all make it to Jounin.


well that`s my charackter and my background.
i have done it very detailed and i could go on for a while.
but i have now created the hidden village of illusion with 36 spots open for people to enter, if they are not filled then the remaining shinobi teams can do other things.
but i govern the 12 shinobi for now.
you wont have to do it as detailed as this and you are free to choose another village as you please.
well good luck.
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