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Writing do people like detail???[E]

dark king

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when i write as i just finnished a post where i spent several hours on, i use a lot of detail, i myself find it great and allows you to get more out of something.
well i made a naruto like story, i made the village, the country, the kage, 12 jounins with some more background comming up, and their skills, and i made the moves that you can find in the country.
you can find all this at [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=47314][B]shinobi battles[/B][/URL]

the point is i also posted something big wich you can get to via my signature and i get some views but no replies, not even if it`s bad or anything.
so i wonder am i too detailed?
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[font=arial narrow][size=2]At this point, I'm reluctant to allow this thread to continue, because it seems like a thinly veiled advertisement of your RPG/spar and a complaint that no one has signed up, rather than a real discussion that will lead anywhere.

However, to answer your question:

Detail is good, yes. But there are other factors involved that will make readers lose interest.

My suggestion is to brush up on your punctuation; capital letters for the beginning of sentences, for titles, etc. It really turns a reader and potential RPGer off when there is no real grammar or punctuation.

Besides which, Adventure Inn isn't really about feedback regarding how good your story is, etc. It isn't about quantity, it's about quality. An improvement on punctuation and grammar [and to some extent, spelling] may also help.

I am going to stand by my first conclusion. I don't believe that this thread is anything more than about your RPG, and so I can't see the point of it continuing, I'm afraid.

Thread Closed.[/size][/font]
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