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RPG DJ4: Double Dragon Hourglass [M-SLV]


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[i]In the digital world there sits hidden from all a double dragon hourglass. Two dragon statues hold the hourglass in place. This hourglass is the timer for an evil darkness. Each time the sands run out the darkness dies for a while. But this last time the darkness found it and flipped it before his time was up. Now he causes problems all over the digital world.

A small group of young digimon are now faced with a challenge. One is to gether all the shards to the crests. Unlike the crests the humans got in the show these crests come in four parts. One shard for each form. Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. Once a shard is aqquired it lets that digimon go back and forth between those forms. For example if viximon got the rookie shard and the champion shard she will have the ability to go to rookie. From rookie she can easily go to champion and back when she likes. Because without digivices and kids digimon's digivolution takes a very long time. And right now... they dont have that kind of time.

They must find special weapons. Only mega forms can use their weapons powers so first the shards must be found. Then they search for these special weapons. Each weapon has its own way of working and all these weapons need to be put together. All attack at once. It is their power alone that will break the hourglass and destroy the evil forever. But theres one problem... Where is the hourglass?

In this rpg you play the digimon. No humans involved. Just like all the other digimon journey rpgs you play a digimon off to defend its world. First there is a search for the shards, then a search for weapons (Like in digimon world 4) and then to finally find the hourglass. But it wont be all fun and games... after all the evil has plans and his plans inclue minions.[/i]
[/i]It was quiet... In the morning it always was. That is untill today. A small group of young digimon friends were up early. Their play was disturbed though.

The ground began to shake violently and the sky got dark. There were mountains around the village. Primary Village. A village where baby digimon are hatched and they grow into young digimon. The level they were at was known as IN-Training. A stage before the normal rookie. This village had trees and mountains to protect it. But not anymore.

As the small little digimon looked around andwonder why it was so dark and why the ground was shaking... Suddenly a mountain near them began to dissapere into tiny bits of data. As though it was destroyed by someone or.... something.

An old man appeared before them and glanced down at the four digimon. "My name is gennai" He looked like a human but didnt seem to be one.

"Whats going on?"

"To tell you the truth Im not quite sure. But Im sure if i investigate ill know soon enough."

Asmall red digimon nodded... well shook really. One can nod his head only if they really have a body. This digimon was only a head. He rolled back and forth a bit, "Whatever there is needed to be done ill do it!"

"You are a bit young."

The red digimon frowned, "dont care!"

An airdramon swooped down and hovered above them, "Master Gennai... Its really bad news. Digimon are going nuts all over the place. Most are mummbling about shadows and evilness calling them. One even muttered something about a dragon hourglass."

Gennai frowned, "Hmm. This will take some reserch Im afraid. Any ideas?"

The red head digimon bounced, "I could help!"

Airdramon stared at him, "You know Ploymon. You are a bit small but prthpas with the crest shards you could help. What do you think master gennai?"

The guy thought for a moment, "Hmm...perhaps you are right. I have the rookie shards stashed in my pocket. But you alone cant help. Who else will join?"

ooc: Lousy start byt i have writers block.

JoyKaiba as DemiMeramon gets the staff later in the rpg
Sheath as zanamon gets the sword later on in the rpg
digiX as Raomon gets the AXE later
I am playing 2 digimon. I get the mace and the bow and arrow (because no one signed up and claimned that one so im playing another digimon but you will learn of him later.

Just poast hearing whats going on, wanting to join and perhaps memories of things when your digimon was alive once before (Remember digimon live, die, get reborn. Im allowing us to have memories from the former lives. Anyways ill see how long this rpg lasts...

the sign ups are here: [url="http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=47190"]http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=47190[/url] go there if you forgot which digimon you signed up as or need a quick link to its attack list.
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A small digimon nearby twitched it's ears at the words " a dragon hourglass." Fear rose within her, as she knew it was part of her responsibility to help. She couldn't just let one digimon go in alone. Especially since she needed to redeem herself after all the terrible things she had done.

"I will go," Zanamon said, hopping closer to Gennai and Ploymon. "I must go."
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]DemiMeramon was quietly sleeping in a cornor when the sound of destruction woke him up. The little ball of flames quickly looked around in fear. He then shook.

"Not again," DemiMeramon said as he closed his eyes. DemiMeramon seemed to be remembering something. Not something good either.

"Yes," Gennai said from nearby, "the Dragon Hourglass." DemiMeramon opened one of his eyes at those words. He then quickly floated over to Gennai. He had a look of hope in his eyes.

"Oh," DemiMeramon said with a honorble voice, "I've got to come. Please let me come. I really want to help." Gennai, Airdramon, Polymon, and Zanamon all turned around looked at DemiMeramon. DemiMeramon looked more hyped then scared now. Something had struck a nerve.


OOC: Sorry, it's so short! :animeswea [/COLOR][/I][/B]
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here is my other digimon's intro.

As Gennai gave demimeramon permission to go an In-Training digimon stepped into the area from the nearby hut where elecmon lived. He had a silver horn sticking out of his forhead with tiny spikes surrounding it. He had feathered ears and a small body that rsembled a salamon. Hits neck was very long though. Forced to be very long by many silver metal rings. His eyes were tiny and his nose holes were as well. He had messy fur on the side of his face. He looked a bit wierd but nothing to strange. Digimon came in all shapes and colores and sizes so this guy wasnt anything different.

Gennai looked at him, "You want to come too dont you DarkSpikemon?"

The dark spikemon nodded and grinned. When it did this it dislocated its jaw like a snake. Its mouth opened wide and he had four in long teeth on the top and four in long teeth on the bottom row. The were skinny and sharp. They seemed able to move different directions too. That was the only way it could work without his teeth shooting through the top of his mouth. They bent backwards towards his throat when his mouth is open.

"Sure" He hissed. Not in a mean manner but they all noticed thats how he talked.
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OOC: Sorry the thread evaded my eye

IC: Raomon heard the group of digimon talking "whats that" DarkSpikemon said a cloud of dust was apporaching Rao mon bonched furiously swinging its tail He stopped suddenly and past the group "oh not again" he shouted "he bonced slowly this time up to the group "I'll go!,I'll go!" Raomon said boncing "well ok but watch your speed little one you dont want to get to far from the others" gennai said "ok I'll only go a quater of my speed instead of half like i just was"
Raomon said smiling "that was half then whats full" demimeramon said "Do you really want to see" Raomon said rairing to show off "NO!" the others shouted "last time you did it took 2 weeks to rebuild this place" Darkspikemon said
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ooc: Ok ill try to get this going again. Im afrad i was in yet another surgery as of late.

DarkSpikemon and Ploymon and everyone else waited. Gennai nodded and pulled out some fragments of something. He gave each one to the digimon.

"Use these to get to your rookie form." He then handed them small crests to hold the fragments, "These crests adjust to fit anyone. Be it a small ploymon to a large wargreymon."

Ploymon bounced and thecrest was put on his horn spike. He used his energy and began to digivolve with the crest fragment. Each digimon did this. Darkspikemon rolled its eyes and did the same.

Dark spikemon's rookie form was again different. He now had 5 inch long teeth on both the upper and lower parts of his mouth. Spikes jetted out from his jawbones and his tail was purely bone. He looked like a cropse dog.

"DarkSpikemon digivolve to... Undeadpuppymon." He growled through a voice that sounded as though it were buzzing bugs.

Ploymon also digivolved. He went from red to white with blue stripes. Yellow eyes and a collar with a yellow gem (and the crest was on the collar as well with the rookie fragment) The dog snarled and turned into an almost completely invisible mist. She flew around everyone and landed again turning solid.

"Ploymon digivolve too... Rraikmon"

Gennai nodded, "When all of you are through digivolving ill tell you where i think the next forms fragments are."

But before he could wait for them to finish Airdramon turned around and got hit by a ray of light. He disintegrated into tiny data bits and dissapered. The digimon to cause the attack was a Devimon.

He flapped his tattered black wings and came closer. He had absorbed Airdramon's data and became more powerful. He grinned evily and then everyone noticed his eyes had no tetail... just dark spots that seemed empty. He also had a dark blade in his back.

DemiMeramon growled, "I know what a Devimon looks like and thats not it!"

Gennai Nodded, "Indeed. Everyone digivolve quick. Together im sure you can handle him."

ooc: digivolve to rookie and lets all kick devimon butt. The darkblade... its like the rings and spirals. If destroyed though the digimon itself is also destroyed. Kill or be killed in this case. No going back to normal im afraid.
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Raomon Quikly bonded the crest onto his forhead he became biggre white scales and bright yellow eyes a red stripe was running down his back his teeth showed very sharp his claws were just as sharp "Raomon digivolved into Veilomon" Genni said "Now this is what I'm talkin bout
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]DemiMeramon looked around in haste. He then quickly attached the crest to his chest. As he did this, he began to glow in a multitude of diffrent purple colors.

"DemiMeramon digivolve to.....," DemiMermon said as his voice seemed to get deeper, but more annoying sounding, "DemiDevimon!" Everyone seemed to look at DemiDevimon as he glared at Devimon. Something about Devimon made DemiDevimon hate him. This was strange for Digimon of the same group. [/COLOR][/I][/B]
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Zanamon slipped the crest around her tail and prepared herself.

"Zanamon digivolve to . . . " Her body became a a wireframe andd her fur peeled off. Her wireframe quickly changed shape and a collar of purple fur surrounded her newly formed neck followed by ebony fur covering the rest of her body. "Nyxmon! Come on! Let's go defeat this . . . thing!"
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"Now thats what I'm Talking about SPEED TRAP!" Veilomon cried "Wait" he heard one of them shout but it was too late he started runinng around the creature with amazing speed a blur of red and yellow surronded it but it batted Veilomon he laid on the ground he got up slowly "grr" he shouted "VEILO TORNADO!" he said ran around in circles a huge tornado appeared "survive that" he shouted the digimon batted away the gant gust like a ball of yarn "what the!" He shouted
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"I believe it would be wiser if attacked as a team . . . if we can think of a good strategy, we may be able to defeat our opponent, as we have very different abilities, each of us could use these abilities to our advantage . . . for example, Demidevimon can fly, we could use that to our advantage . . . or we could attack him blindly, as Veilomon has just demonstrated." Nyxmon said, her voice sounding cold and harsh.
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[B][I][COLOR=teal]"That's a great idea," DemiDevimon said as he fluttered upward, "We can't just attack blindly. We'll never win that way." Veilomon rolled his eyes as the other Digimon agreed.

"How do you prepose we do that," Veilomon asked as he looked over at DemiDevimon. DemiDevimon took a brief momment to think. He then looked like he got an idea.

"We all attack together, " DemiDevimon said with a slight grin, "All of our attacks combined should be able to take him out. Do you all agree?" All the Digimon looked around and then nodded thier heads. Even Veilomon agreed with it.

"Of course we do," Nyxmon said with a less harsh voice then last time. DemiDevimon nodded and looked at Devimon. He looked highly disgusted as he started moving his right foot.

"Alrighty then," DemiDevimon said as pride started to flash across his eyes, "I'll start us off......DEMI DART!" As DemiDevimon shouted his attack, a huge needle appeared in his foot. He quickly and suddenly threw it.

"Ok," Nyxmon said as she looked around, "it's our turn guys." [/COLOR][/I][/B]
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"Ok then VELIO TORNADO" Veliomon cried as a huge tornado appeared again the demidevimons attacked was sucked right in to the vortex "ey that gives me an idea guys aim your attacks at my tornado I'll run in there and make sure the arent flung away with my spped trap that way when the attack come close your atttacks will all hit at the exact same time giving him no time to recover" Veilomon said "why should you be the one in the tornado I can fly" DemiDevimon said "because I'm the only one who can keep up with it you'd be flung so far it almost be in the human world" Veilomon said he dashed into the vortex he saw the demi dart about to fly away "Speed Trap" he shouted he darted up the funeel and forced the demi dart back towards the center
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Undeadpuppymon didnt like the arguing. One digimon though they needed to bark out orders and take charge asnd the others didnt like it to much either. UndeadPuppy decided not to say anything and add his attack.

"Rotting Toxins!" He opend his moth and spit a huge ball of gas toxins.

Rraikmon growled, "You automattically think I have an attack where i send a blast or my attack goes away from me like darts.. " Rraikmon complained.

Ignoring her the large group of attacks was sent at the Devimon. But the devimon opened his big black demonic wings and created a shield and easily blocked out the wind and attacks.

"Heh... Lets try a different approche guys. Attack all at once and attack from different angles." Rraimon said dissapereing into transparent mist. "Freezing Fog!" Rraikmon's body or what parts you could see started to look crystally... Icey. She stretched and wrapped around Devimon's neck and one arm. Her freezing temprature distracted him.

"Everyone else have at him." UndeadPuppymon shouted as he came up from behind Rraikmon anding his toxins into devimon's face.

Gennai shook his head and sighed, "They need to learn what they can and cant do... If one cant add an attack to the swirly pot of doom its quite pointless. If one cant attack directly and everyone else can its also pointless. They have got to learn how to combine direct and ranged attacks or this will never w-work."
ooc: Please people. Put a little more details into your posts, also make sure your digi characters are trying to take over and also destroy the blade. Im still recovering from surgery so i cant be on to much right now. After you defeat the devimon (by breaking the bladE in his back) gennai is sending the group to Orena Caves (in the nearby mountains. Champion crests should be there.
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"Grr I thoght that would work" Veilomon growled the others still looked at him angrlily for giving orders "well maybe you should of asked us if we all had attacs that would work in a funnel" Undeadpuppy said "sorry but how are we gonna defeat that thing" Veliomon said there was slience Rraikmon was stuggling to keep devimon distracted "well maybe if we go for that thing stickin out of his back" Nyxmon suggested every looked at the giant blade sticking out of Devimons back "well it's worth a shot" Veilomon said his yellow gold eyes flickered he licked his lips "BACK RAM!" He shouted Veilomon suddely dissapeared only thing you could see was little clouds of dust at his feet "Ha take this" the red stripe on his back began to glow his entire body glowed the same color he hit Devimon with incredible force Devimon screeched in pain "well it seemed to work better than any thing else" he said -
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Rraikmon let out a yelp of pain as devimon struggled so hard he almost snapped her in two. She re materialized completely next to Undeadpuppy (UDPMon) and was trying to shake off t he cold chills she had givin herself.

"Ok lets heat things up. Ill do it again and you guys try to hit the blade. Its effecting him most after all. Destroy that and Perhaps we can hurt him enough to get this over with." Rraikmon turned into mist again butthis time she was very hot. "Burning Steam!" She howled as she wrapped her burning hot body around him again.

All the others barked the names of their attacks and sent them flying. They had all aimed for the blade. The attacks all hit at once and the dark blade shattered.

"Arrraaaahhhhhhhh." Devimon yelled as he flung his arms out as far as he could. This hurt Rraikmon who was trying her best to constrict him. "The dark shadows of evil will get you!" Devimon yelled as he dissapered into little bits of data.

Rraikmon returned to solid form and hit the ground. Her muscles ached badly.

"Should we absorb him?" DemiDevimon asked.

UndeadPuppy shook his head, "No... He was evil and the blade made it worse. Im not sure its a good idea to absorb anything or anyone who has a blade like that in his body."

Rraikmon twitched as she layed there on the ground, "I-...I agree, It could corrupt us."

Gennai approched, "Decent work... Now I have things i need to go look into but id like to tell you the location of the champion crest fragments. To the north east are some small mountains. Deep inside the mountain is a chamber where they should be. But be warned... they are guarded."

UnDeadPuppy walked over to Rraikmon. They hadnt noticed him all that much with the excitment but his name fit. Parts of his dog body was decayed or just bones. He looked almost zombie like. He nudged Rraikmon and tried to help her to her feet.

Rraikmon grummbled a bit "Not now mommy... Mr. Cupcake is about to dance..."
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Nyxmon had suggested that they not waste time on their quest and Gennai agreed whole-heartedly.

"What about Rraikmon?" Veilomon asked, looking concerned.

"You can carry her," Nyxmon replied sharply. The discovery of the Dark Blade had shaken her, and the plain and simple fact was she didn't like Veilomon. So far he had proven himself to be an idiot, unskilled in the art of battle.


The small group trudged on in silence, preoccupied with their own thoughts(expect Rraikmon, and even she could be dreaming. I thought this would give us a bit of insight into each other's characters).

Nyxmon was concerned, now that the Dark Blade project was complete, Beelzemon (not the one from the show, obviously) was no longer safe. She knew he was a Mega and that he could take care of himself, but the Dark Blades ...

Nyxmon would never admit it but she felt more than friendly concern for Beelzemon, she was truly in love with the Demon Lord Digimon. It would be terrible to meet Beelzemon as an enemy, particularily now, when they were just beginning their journey, and she would rather meet Beelzemon as a friend.

(OOC: I know this is all but dead, but I finally thought of something to write so, it's out here now. Perhaps it will lead to a revival, I have my hopes.)
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