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[size=1][color=Darkred][center][b]Blind Eyed War Underground[/center][/b]

Here you can post question on comment on Blind Eyed war. I have put up a timeline of major event to help not confuse people. There are also descriptions of the planet Umerince and Earth as well as the Umerint race.

[b]Timeline of events[/b]
 [b]2014[/b]- Earthlings sent off forty-two probes.
 [b]2060[/b]- First probe makes it to a plant. Found beginning of evolutionary stages.
 [b]2108[/b]- War World Three begins.
 [b]2297[/b]- War world three ends and Earth countries unite into one huge nation. Forms United Earth Military
 [b]2563[/b]- Probe Chagall reaches the plant Umerince. First contact of intelligent life.
 [b]2750[/b]- Earthlings and Umerints form the Council of Peace. This is used to help settle minor disagreement between races.
 [b]2905[/b]- First sign of the Earthling female babies becoming blind.
 [b]3205[/b]- The Earthlings went and confronted the Umerinces in the Council.
 [b]3225[/b]- A formal declaration have war was declared.
 [b]3355[/b]- The last female, Heather Flint, with her eye sight died at the age of ninety two.
 [b]3499[/b]- Present Day.

[Center] Earth [/center]

After War World Three Earth Countries Unite Under One leader. Earth has not changed very much, some of the glacier ice caps have melting helping to supply the Earth?s clean water. New energy efficient ways have been developed. Mostly we now se Solar power to supply our world energy.


The planet Umerince is similar to Earth, but not quit the same. Umerince has much less rain fall and has a lower gravity. The planet is mostly a desert with patches of small forest of tress which are above aquifers. Most of the plants on Umerince are poisons to human, but he Umerints are not effected by them. The only large body of water is a sea about the size of Texas. There was evidence thought that it uses to be much larger. Three suns and one moon surround Umerince.

The people of Umerince are very unique. They seem to be able to change their shape to help adopt to there environment. Though they do have restraints on them, they have to remain in the form they took for two weeks (one year in Earth time) before they can change shape again. For this reason many people do not know what they truly look like. The Umerints also live to be a lot older than Earthling is. The oldest Umerint record was to be four hundred years old.


Out in Space there as also been other Planets with intelligent races on them. Though they do not wish to get involved with t he war. Earth has a few space station out in Universe where mostly Scientist and humans in training live.
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[FONT=Garamond][COLOR=Gray]This sounds really neat! I don't really know what you're talking about, though. Is it an old thread? If it is, if someone could fill me in, I would like to join.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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