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[size=1][color=Darkred][center][b]Blind Eyed War[/center][/b]

It was the year 2014; we had set probes out into the vast space for the search of intelligent life. Each probe was about the size of a nuclear warhead, there was a total of forty-two in all. Each one was sent to a different galaxy, the close being forty-six years away. We lost a bunch of these probes from meteor shows and other unknown objects.

We found mostly desolate planets, twenty-two to be precise, some of which our problem could not even go on for the imbalance of the planet. One four of them we found the first sign of life. Evolution was just being on those plants. Different stages on different planets, though we didn?t find any alien life form that was intelligent enough to communicate with us, that wasn?t until the year 2563.

In the year 2563, the probe Chagall, named after the surrealist artist Marc Chagall, came to the planet, which was called Umerince. On this planet, much like our Earth, was a race of people with more intelligence than us. The planet Umerince, had very little water, which meant had a lower gravity than we did. Our probe Chagall made contact with them and sent them out message of greeting and a little bit about our race.

Five hundred years later we have found ourselves great friends, Umerints and us earthlings. The Umerints are a very peculiar race. They seem to have no true form; they are able to adapt quickly to wherever they settle. They are also shape shifters. The Umerints can choose any form they wish to be in, but it seems they can only change there form once a Earth year, it?s really two weeks on there planet.

So for hundreds of years our two cultures shared and prospered from each other?s. We shared are technologies with each other and we soon grew to be good friends, but unbeknownst to us they where doing experiments with our genes. We only became aware when most of the female babies became born blind. This was the only hint something was wrong, the male [human species] seem to have nothing wrong it them. The Human species went to the council the two races formed and asked to Umerints right out if they did anything. The Umerints fully admitted everything, but didn?t give a reason why they had tampered with the [human] female genes. With this act the Umerints committed we declared war after our years of peace and happiness.

The year 3499 the entire female [human species] have gone blind. Not a single female child is born with sight. The war has been going on now for five hundred years and though the female may not be able to see they still are a great asset to the war. With the loss of their sight, their other senses have picked up the slack. There sense of smell, hearing, touch, taste and something of a new sense, females can tell they present of another and now the exact distance they are from them. If they have met they before the female can tell who they are as well. Earthlings are unaware of how this evolution process came about, but it can be to there advantage.

The United Earth Military is now set up in pairs, a male and female. With the male?s strength and eyesight and with the female?s heightened senses they make a very good team. The pairs are normal chosen when they are young and grow up together. There is never more than three years difference between them. Each one checks and balances the other. The Female can go into dark dangerous places and doesn?t need a light and can direct the male.

So the first war in space history has begun and is being fought.

Welcome to Blind Eyed War. Please be sure to check the [url=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=656699#post656699][b][COLOR=DarkRed]Underground[/COLOR][/b][/url] for before posting if you sign up. For the Earth people you can partner up with someone else or you can make them up, but remember it?s always a female/Male team and they are always within three years of each other. Also remember that no female member of the human species can see.

[b]Sign up:[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] (Earthlings can be anything; Umerints should be aliens sounding)
[b]Age:[/b] (Earthlings-20+; Umerints over 20, but do not go over 400.)
[b]Gender:[/b] Male/ Female (Umerints take on the appearance of a male/female.)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Picture or Good description.. Umerints can take only any appearance, but make sure it is reasonable. )
[b]Race:[/b] Earth or Umerince
[b]Partner:[/b] (Only for Earthlings; Can be made up or another player)
[b]Team Name:[/b] (Earthlings only; what you and your partner call yourselves.)
[b]Weapon:[/b] (Anything really goes here. Since it is the future there has been many advances in weapons. There are no super powers though.
[b] Character Snippit:[/b] (at least a good two paragraphs.)
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