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[SIZE=1]This post is to merely pitch an idea I've had in my mind for a while... it's from another forum where the story we created got pretty funny. So tell me what you think, and how this comedic RPG can become funnier and better. Thanks.

[center]Long, long ago... in a galaxy far, far away...

Intergalactic Pimp Service, and the sh** that really goes on.[/B][/center]

Duke Jivewalker is a young pimp, growing up on the edge of the galaxy. He hasn't tasted real city-life; the closest he's ever gotten to that was the rural planet of Tatooies. Anyway, our young hero pimp is on his way to becoming the greatest mack-daddy of them all. He embarks on his quest when an old hermit, Okie Kanokie, a mack-daddy of years gone by decides to take the aspiring pimp under his wing, and teach him the arts of the Pimpi (pronounced PimpEye... not pimpy).

Duke Jivewalker, feeling rather restless, and Okie Kanokie, craving a strong drink and/or nickel whore for the night, arrived at the planet Ganjaba, and decide to hit up the nearest nightclubs...

On the way there, in Oki Kanokie's leopard-print Killadack (equivalent of a Cadillac), they pick up Mokachino, the androgynous crack addict. Mokachino is dressed in different shades of purple plaid, shiny white platforms, and a lime green bowl cut wig; oh - and he/she only speaks in binary engrish.


Duke doesn't ask any questions. They head off.

Duke Jivewalker and Okie Kanokie decide to go to 'The Phazer.' Inside they meet a buch of intergalatic travelers all taking a break with 'Hard-hard' liqour and "b00z3l355" beer. Using his ghetto Pimpi power, Okie senses that this bar is more than just a local tavern. "What the ****! we'z in a homie homies bar Duke... Hell naw.. we ain't staying here... we need to bust outta dis joint." explained Okie. Mokachino just sits and stares at the fabuously designed bar, especially the exotic photos hanging in the corner in the room. Just then a well groomed male gungan walks right beside Duke and says "EHWOAH EUMAN, MIS A LIKA YOUS BOYFWEEND."...Duke, anticipating something wrong about to go down clutches his cracksaber for dearlife....

Duke, hand on cracksaber, gives the gungan an odd look... "You... Like my BOYFRIEND? What?" The gungan shakes his head, saliva whipping across the room. "You... Would like me as a boyfriend?" It nods. "Oh HELL NAW!" He begins to take a swing for the gungan's head, when all of a sudden, a swarm of people with white pillow cases on their head crowd in.

The gungan in immediately addicted to crack once struck with the cracksaber, rolling around in a fit of desire for a hit.

"Nigga, git yo' happy *** over hur so we cana get ta runnin, nigga!" Okie Kanokie exclaimed pointing at the group with pillow cases walking in. But the exit is already blocked. They must fight the gang, of "The Pillows." Okie puts one hand in the air towards the oncoming group, closes his eyes, and soon, angel dust is spraying from his palm, at the oncoming crowd. The laugh, until Okie makes the dust spontaneously combust on their bodies.

"Damn, Okie, I ain't you got powrz like dat! Shiiiit..." Duke followed Okie out of The Phazer at top speed... reinforcements for The Pillows were coming fast -- to many for an bygone mack-daddy and an aspiring pimp to take out.

"Let's lose deez sorry azz niggaz and get you a hoe. Then you can begin your training." Okie Kanokie said very mysteriously. Duke Jivewalker couldn't wait. The turned a corner, trying to lose the gang who was close on their heels. The hop into the Killidac, throw Mokachino into the ride, and speed off to the Red Light district.
Honestly, I have no idea what the plot is going to be for this. I can easily see Duke Jivewalker and Okie Kanokie traveling the stars training (perhaps with a few more pimps/hoes/criminals). But that's about as far as I can get... no conflict enters my mind. Perhaps we're all trying to take revenge on the Republic (with a funnier name) by destroying/infiltrating something. Hmm...

Suggestions are welcome. If I see interest, this may hit the Inn within the week.[/SIZE]
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Dude, this stuff is hilarious! With a little direction, this could come into greatness! You gotta have a little more thought out stuff though... Like the Force... Rename the Force and call it "The Mack".

"Young Duke... The Mack is strong within you..."

Have like the Jedi Mind Trick, but have it be called "The Pimp Talk" or "Spit Game". Have the guy wave his jewlel incrusted hand, and have him say "You will gimme dem ends...". Have like the Twi'lek ho give you like a wad of credits! AHAHAHA! Thats golden...

Lets not let this get sexist though... Ladies is pimps too (Go On Brush Your Shoulders Off). We need some pimpettes. Oh, and have them call Blaster Pistols "Peices".

Theres alot that can be done here. Make Duke slowly turn to "The White Side"... he'll begin selling crack, but then takes it himself, and become sub-serviant temporarily to "The Man"... Or something like that. Have him meet a thug named "Run Solo" and his large wookie companion... "Chewchaka"...

Hmmm... (Maybe a Mace Windu cameo having him utter "SAY WHAT AGAIN! I DARE, I DOUBLE DOG DARE, DAMMIT! SAY WHAT ONE MORE GOD D*MN TIME!!!")[/color][/size]
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