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RPG Final Fantasy:Evil Returns Rpg (start)


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Here is where it starts.
Kain sits in his dorm room sleeping when someone bangs on his door.

Kain-What do you want?

Person-Get up!Headmaster Cid wants you.

Kain-5 more minutes!

Faculty-Get up now!!!

Kain-Alright just let me get dressed and washed.

Kain gets cleaned up and dressed and goes to see the Headmaster.
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Kain rushes to Headmaster Cid's office, when he gets there he notices another man standing next to Cid.

Kain:"Yes sir?"
H-Cid:"Ahhh kain nice of you to make it, i would like you to meet an old friend of mine...Cid Highwind"
Cid:"Hello kain"
Kain:"Hello Cid"
H-Cid:"Now i want you to give Cid a tour of the garden"
Kain:"Umm yeah, i can do that"
H-Cid:"Cid is an experianced pilot and battle expert, and is considering teaching here"
Kain:"Ohh i see, well follow me Cid, we will begin with the 2nd floor classrooms. They are equiped with the latest facilitys including th........"

*Kain and Cid walk out of Headmaster Cid's Office*

Faculty:"I am glad you have called on some experianced help"
H-Cid:"Yes we will need all the force we can get, and im sure Cid will be able to teach even more fighters.."
Faculty:"Yes this indeed will be the hardest enemy we have ever come up against.."
H-Cid:" Yes, yes, i know. But lets not focus on that now, remember this information is to be kept confidential, if the information fell into the wrong hands that we were planning an attack on...."
Faculty:"Yes, i know. My lips are sealed"

....to be continued.........
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Kain-Ok here is the homeroom class....

Kain's sentence is interrupted by a girl who runs into him.



Kain-It's alright.Are you ok?

Girl-Yeah i'm fine.My name is Selphie Tilmitt.

Kain-Name's Kain Leonheart.

Selphie-I'm lost.I was transfered from Trabia Garden but this Garden is a whole lot bigger.Could you show me around?

Kain-Yeah whatever.

Cid-Can we be on are way?
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