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Sign Up a renewed light (Pg-13,V)


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first the bio sheet






here are some rules: 1. no invincable characters 2.up to 2 characters per person 3.no copywriting (from books or games or tv)

storyline: 100 years have past since yuna and her gaurdians defeated sin but no one has forgotten there triumph but now a new evil has infected spira a large cult known as Neo-SIN also known as the Kertar miltary co or KerCo for short a group of sin worshippers who are rapidly gaining power using evil magic to create monsters known as Neospawn one day as Anton Meoco a 14 year old stumbled into a Neospawn in the calm lands and was saved by a mysterious light.

6 years have past since then then Anton has made a restiance group known as CALM that try to stop Neo-SIN and there many differnt branches of military.

here are my 2 characters

Name: Anton Meoco


weapon: Twin swords able of emitting lighting called "Thunder Seperants"

description: Anton has short red hair and dark blue eyes and tan complextion and and pointed face he has a medium heght and and medium build he has an orange and red training shirt and red sweats he also has a tatto on his arm of blue and pink dragons intertwining he has red slippers

bio: Leader and founder of CALM ever since he was attacked by a Neospawn he has wanted revenge on Neo-SIN so he has traveled across spira gathering aid from people he always is thinking of new ways of defeating them

Name: Karter Garison or "Kart"

age: 14

Weapon: asortment of 4 differnt sized daggers (from big to small) "Horus blade" Large black dagger with a hawk carved into it "Staillion" A long sliver dagger "Pistion" Medium size dagger able to move faster because of its unique shape "V-Break" short dagger able to spilt into 3 differnt pieces

descrpition: Short for his age has short black hair spiked up blue eyes white skin with a round face medium buid wears black sweatshirt with hood and brown cap with blue jean shorts and blackk sneakers

Bio: the newbe of the group he seeks adventure the reason he joined CALM is KerCo killed his brother when his brother refused to join Neo-SIN he wants to avenge his brothers death a litlle anooying at times Kart always jumps right in to things with his ablity to use daggers with experince far beyond his years andexecllt spying skills he is a good asset to the team
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Not much detail in the background, but I like the idea.

Name: Icarus

age 25

weapon whip

descriptions/picture Icarus has dark brown hair that falls to his lower neck. His eyes are a dark green that contrast with his pale skin. He wears a long dark raincoat, and a black dress shirt underneath. His best quality is his height--though he has a light build, he usually towers over others. He has a pair of circular black sunglasses that he only wears at night.

bio: A member of CALM for four years, though few members have ever regarded him as an ally. His detatched apperance and unpredicability are very unsettling, and he is rarely called upon in dangerous meetings, even though his whip is a force to be reckoned with. It's common for him to resist fighting in a situation that calls for his aid, although nobody has ever died while fighting in his team. It's been said that his father had once been apart of Neo-SIN, and attempted to drive his son mad when Icarus realized what his father had done.

Lately, Icarus has been far more active than usual, fighting in missions he was never assigned to. He has also stopped reporting to any superior in CALM, and rarely shows up at the CALM base unless it is for his own personal gain.
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Name: Spencer Jones aka Specter

age: 18

weapon: Two daggers made of a special black steel(Neo-Sin issue), Claw-gloves

descriptions/picture: (see attachment)Good not evil

bio: While out stealing to survive he was captured by Neo-Sin for the super soilder project. They thought they failed and left him for dead abandoning the project. Revenge is best served cold.
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Name: Meteo Dragoon


weapon: A katana that emits an erie black glow and a heavy blade (Which he is able to carry each in one hand but slows him down and he can only do one slash with the heavy blade.)

descriptions:Meteo has Black hair, tan skin, muscular build and red eyes. Meteo wears a red trenchcoat (Much like Auron's) and black pants. The sheeths to Meteo's weapons are on his side for his katana and his back for the blade. Meteo stands about 6'3 and muscular enough.

bio: Meteo is a trained swordsman, He fights with both swords whenever he fights. His skills with the swords are great as his strength with them. Meteo has had many run ins with Neo Sin and has killed several members of the group to not get captured. He met up with Dragus when they joined up with CALM and the two of them become great allies.
Name: Dragus Loader


weapon:a silenced handgun and a silenced machine gun

descriptions/picture: short Brownish Blonde hair, Dark Blue Eyes, He is a little tan and wears a black stealth suit to help him go unnoticed by all unless he chooses otherwise. he also is about 5'9" and wears a dark blue bandana wrapped around his head. Dragus is muscular but not bulky so he can sneak around and run quickly. He keeps his handgun strapped to his leg and the Silenced Machine gun on his back.

bio: Dragus a professional spy and hit man. He will kill to complete his missions with one of his silenced guns. He has shot and killed 12 members of Neo-Sin For payment. Dragus joined up with CALM after the twelth kill and met with Meteo their different weapon styles help each other out so they prefer to go out on missions together.
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Name-Arther Dent

age-Appears 22

weapon - mimicry (has a dagger as well.)

descriptions/picture [url]http://www.ffcompendium.com/chara/6-gogo-a.jpg[/url]

bio - Not much is known about gogo. he doesn't say much unless it's copying what another person says. Anton just found him one day and Arther started to follow him he tried several times to get rid of him peacefully but he couldnt' shake the mimic so eventually he just gave up and let him follow, since then he's been very useful in vital missions mimicking powerful abilities that enemies may be weak against to help takedown the foe faster.. He's never told anyone his name so peoply just call him cat, which is short for copy cat.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Hmm.. no other women.

Name: Sara (AKA- Spectre)

Age: 17

Weapon: Two small black handguns with suprising power

Description: [URL=http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a265/Shadow_Maiden/100x120_image56.jpg]Here[/URL], she wears a black shirt and jeans with tall black boots.

Biography: She has great skill and moves with unmatched speed, which is how she got the nickname, Spectre. Her skills got her noticed by Neo-SIN, they chased her for the longest time. She came upon the CALM hideout in a fearful, exhausted state. She hadn't slept or eaten for days, so they provided her with housing and meals until she decided to fight with them. Shes been there for 2 years.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Kelse
Weapon: A scyth
Description: see below
Bio: Kelse never really knew what happened when she was a young girl, just that noone really liked her. It has made her become really shy around people, but not scared of them.

A reason that alot of people were scared of ehr was that she freaked out when she was attacked by Neo-Sin. She barly managed to get away from it before her home town was destroyed. Because she was the only survivor, everyone thinks she did it.

After about three people said she did it, she decided to go out and proove that she didnt. thats when she joined up with CALM.
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