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Akieen Cloud

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SORRY ALL FORGOT THE RATING!!!!! :animestun :animeblus

In life your told you only get one chance, what if you messed up? Could you get another chance at life? If so what would you do with it? Throw it away or use it to the best you could? A choice has been made at the Talahin Corectional Institute. A group of six teens taken from their familie's and homes for problems they have caused or for being a threat to their on well being have been put in this school for 'hopeless cases'. Teens who drink insesantly, do drugs, or just seem to be down right crazy. Six unlikely friends are chosen and are given a second chance in the real world. They have to go back to a public school, get a job, live with a probation officer. And over everything else. Do NOT break their probation...Six hopeless teens given a second chance, to relive, redo, reshape their lives. Rules are simple, no fighting, no drugs, no drinking, no failing in school, no job? you go back to the institute. Only exceptions...for fighting is of they are defending themselves and their house mates. They will all be living under one roof, sharing rooms, and if one person screws up, breaking their probation...every one of them go back to the institue and never get another chance. But will the loyalty be there for them to do what rules are given or will they go for themselves and not care about the others. Will friends be made or will they never talk to one another at all?

Sign ups.

Years at institute:

Name: Miaya Nimoko
Age: 17
Discription: Miaya is tall, around 5/6. She wears jeans with the kness cut out and black wife beater tank tops. She has lond blonde hair with black streaks through it, violet eyes and fiar features that make her well known in the school. She wears silver jewlery, a silver cross around her neck, a pair of silver bracelets on her right arm, one ring on her right hand and two on her left. She wears black boots that are silent on the floor as she walks.
Personality: She seems cold to others but to the one's who know her, a well toned fighter and some what 'bad ***' she is what people call a bad egg in a family. She is easy to get along with but unless angered stays relivily quiet.
Probation: She was caught with a heavy amount of alchohol at age 11.
Bio: She was born into a bad family and an abusive one at that. She learned her ways from her many fathers that had raised her. smoking, drinking, drugs, fighting, and most of all how she treats people she doesn't trust. she grew up in the institute since age 11. Now at the age of 17 she gets the chance to go back and make things right.
Gender: Female
Years at institute:7 years

OCC: okay if I don't reply or if this doesn't open in a while it means that me and my mom are getting setteled in the new house. Love everybody!
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[COLOR=teal][SIZE=1]That is Okay about the forgotten rating. I'm just glad that you have it up now. At least I have time to fill out my sign-up this time. ^_~

Name: Gavin Lynch


Description: Gavin is somewhat short for his age standing around only 5'5 he has short-cropped generic brown hair (think Mormon missionary haircut). His yellowish eyes are framed with freckles, which oddly enough he only has on his nose and under his eyes. His mesomorph physique leaves him naturally muscular and with a kind of lean/wiry strength. He could have easily been the school's best looking jock.
Clothes: He likes baggy khaki pants and any generic shirt you throw at him. He doesn't really care, though he prefers flip-flops in the footware department....

Personality: Gavin is an all around good guy, you know, the one everyone likes. He is pretty straightforward in all that he does, but doesn't brag about it. He is gentle and thoughtful, and has a natural humor and charisma that draws people towards him. The one problem is that he extremely shy (almost never talks), he also is a real people pleaser and a big pushover. Just be careful that you don't push too much.

Probation: Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and attempted suicide

Bio: Gavin was born into a relatively good family, that is, until on his eigth birthday when his mother died in a bank robbery. After she died nothing was the same. His father in a very real sense died the moment she did. In his stead, a scary and abusive man emerged who pulled Gavin from school and abused him anytime he felt like it. Often starved and beaten for days on end. Gavin's new room: the basement. His new bed: the floor next to the hot water heater where he was chained. Eventually (six years) Gavin became strong and brave enough to attack his father, and that was what happened. In a blind rage, he beat his father into a bloody pulp with a pipe and then attempted to take his own life by slashing his wrists. He just didn?t cut deep enough?
After two years of isolated psychiatric therapy at the institute and a couple more suicide attempts. The doctor, Dr. Greenway, said that she thought Gavin was ready for more human contact. Despite his paranoid nature and slightly TS mannerisms (nothing big just head jerks and left arm twitches now and then) and a few other minor problems not mentioned...Gavin managed it quite well. Actually better than many expected, so much so, that they want to see how he does in the real world.

Gender: Male (hopefully you knew that by now...J/K)

Years at institute: 3

This looks frabjously good, I hope we get enough people to start![/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[U]Name[/U]: Tanner Helms

[U]Age[/U]: 18

[U]Description[/U]: Tanner is somewhat tall, at 6'1", and of medium build. He has curly black hair that falls down past his brow sometimes, which annoys him, but he wont cut it any shorter. He is somewhat long in the face, with a thin nose and crows feet around his eyes when he smiles. The previously mentioned eyes that Tanner obviously has, are a dark navy color, and seem to shift hues in different light. For clothing, he opts for anything mellow in color and a loose, comfortable fit.

[U]Personality[/U]: Tanner mostly keeps to himself, staying away from large crowds and only being his true self around good friends. He shys away from confrontations and tried to be on everyones good side. The friends he does have, are very close and have know each other for years. That security is the main reason Tanner is afraid of making new friends.

[U]Probation[/U]: Vehicular manslaughter and destruction of Government property.

[U]Bio[/U]: Tanner was born into a rich, happy family living in an established neighborhood of similarly rich people. Soon after Tanner was born, his father took to drinking excessively and staying out all night. After a year of this, Tanner's mother divorced and won custody of him in court. After leaving the estate, she had little money in comparison. She took Tanner and moved to Idaho, where they lived in an apartment for 10 years.

By this time, Tanner was almost 11. The apartment is where Tanner developed his strong bonds to his close group of friends. When a vicious shooting by several students at the school killed 3 of his friends, Tanner and the remainder of their group became totally different people. Gone were the quiet, happy, and book-loving group of honor students. And in their place were a group of smoking, drinking anti-socialists.

After one night of raucous drinking and partying, the group was driving home. In his drunken stupor, Tanner didn't notice the intersection at all. A loaded truck smashed into the side of Tanner's van, killing his girlfriend of 4 years and maiming a friend riding in the passenger seat. Tanner went into a rage, and began recklessly driving around town at breakneck speeds. He hit four people, and one of them was killed instantly. Another of the remaining 3 was paralyzed for life, and the last two recovered completely in the hospital. Tanner then careened into a nearby Air Force base, smashing the guardhouse, and wrecking into the central office. The van was totaled, and Tanner was arrested.
Gender[/U]: Quite obviously, Male.

[U]Years at institute[/U]: 2
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