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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Okay this will be the first .Hack RPG that I have or thought of creating. .Hack is currently one of my anime obsession just to let you all know for just the simple fact...'I felt like it'. This rpg is rated [PG-LV]...with some sexual content when in the reality.

I don't have any snippets as of now, but I do have the somewhat of a clear plot. Basically this takes place after all the .Hack series, supposly they have solved the mystery of Aroa and twilight. After four years have passed since the mystery of the twilight was supposely solved a genious hacker of the age 23, male and blood relative to Harold (I really hope I got that right....Hack block). He is the one who truly knows it's not over and that Harold's obsession and sacrfice was not intended to stay broken and relinquish to fragments of memory. So he created a copy of arua (again .Hacker's block), called Arua I. But this copy had its imperfections and so a new virus was released called, "Jupiter's Symphony" (Work with me here). This has alerted previous characters such as the Hacker Helba and her crew and the legendary Knights. Not only that it has aslo alerted new characters (Oldie in the games); these characters are new to the game of reality but an expert in the game and ingenious in reality. These knew characters join the orignal characters hoping to find clues to what everyone else had previously overlooked. This rpg not only takes place in the Network Game (MMORPG) called 'The World', it also takes place in reality with drama, mystery, obsession and deception...because somehow they are all linked to eachother in some way.

Well that has been my idea and feedbacks....??? and would it be an rpg to join or just read through and say eh?[/COLOR]

[B]Note: [/B] I will be looking over my information again to get my insights correct as well as using correct terms of .Hack.
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