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Hey people. Just wondering if anybody here has ever heard of the game and what were your thoughts on the game. For those of you who don't know, Okami is an action adventure Japan-only release for the PS2. It's based on Japanese mythology and you play as the wolf form of the deity, Amaterasu. As Amaterasu, you have to restore color to the land. The player can accomplish this by performing various deeds and requests for townfolk in order to increase their faith in you.

So far, from the trailer as well as a few screenshots, the game seems awe inspiring. I just hope that some day, the game will be able to grace the United States. I know chances are slim but hey, a guy can dream! :laugh:
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[color=#737373]I have been dying for Okami ever since I first heard about it. The original trailer was awesome and the latest videos are simply jaw-droppingly pretty. The magic paintbrush idea is really cool, too. Reminds me of something you'd see on Nintendo DS. I love the way the actual paintbrush comes down onto the screen...it's pretty remarkable.

I'm also very glad that they didn't go with a photorealistic style for this game. The art design is simply amazing. It completely trounces The Wind Waker, in terms of cel-shaded graphics; I'm not so sure about animation yet, but in terms of raw art design, it's miles ahead of anything else I've seen at the moment. Simply breathtaking.

Also, Clover says that the game will be released in 2006. So it's going through a very long development period. It seems very Zelda-esque to me as well, which makes me wonder how the game will actually work. At the moment it seems to have that action-adventure style, with a combination of light puzzle solving and intense battles. Even the speech bubbles that come from the villagers look fantastic. I'm very much looking forward to Okami; I'm anticipating it as much as I'm anticipating Twilight Princess, which should give you an idea of how interested I am.

I would almost be willing to bet that it will be released globally. So I wouldn't worry about whether or not it gets a US release.[/color]
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