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RPG Bushido [PG-13]


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(This RPG will contain extreme violence, possibly language and/or sexual themes, and long fight scenes. Veiwer Discretion is Advised.)[/color]

Based on Historical Events. Inspired By Samurai Warriors. Highly Fictionalized.





[B][U]The Five Principals of Bushido:[/U][/B]

[B]Jin[/B] - to develop a sympathetic understanding of people.

[B]Gi[/B] - to preserve the correct ethics.

[B]Chu[/B] - to show loyalty to one's master.

[B]Ko[/B] - to respect and to care for one's parents.

[B]Rei[/B] - to show respect for others.

[B]Chi[/B] - to enhance wisdom by broadening one's knowledge.

[B]Shin[/B] - to be truthful at all times.

[B]Tei[/B] - to care for the aged and those of a humble station.

As written, this is the Way of the Warrior...


The year is 1553, in the Sengoku Era of Japan (starting in 1478). The provinces of Japan are in Civil War over control of the island country, as of this point, much blood has been spilt over dominance. Rising tensions between the rulers of the four main provinces is growing to new heights, as Oda Nobunaga continues his campaigns of dominance with great success, his usage of firearms in battle has severly changed the way the wars will be waged. Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen are eyeing each others province's over control, and a grand battle has been set to take place in the near future. All the while, Tokugawa Ieyasu takes many small victories all across the land, and is a constant thorn in the side of Nobunaga's army.

With no end in sight to the bloody wars, life in the land of Japan has become a gamble of fate. Battles occur back to back, paranoia is widespread amongst all those who have power, and trust runs thin, even amongst members of the same clan. In this day and age, the strong are the only one's who survive. It seems, in this, the principles of Bushido have been forgotten. The blood of innocence is shed without regret. The weak have been exploited. The ethics of men have regressed into instinct. Deception is a weapon to often used. It seems that honor, is no longer a factor in life.

Now all that dictates a man's life is there willingness to kill or be killed. This is what will build the legacy of many warriors, unless some brave fighters rise up, and end this war, before a nation engulf's itself with it's own quarrels. Many great warriors have risen, and many more have fallen. The hero's of the past have fallen, as have the ideals they defended, to a generation hungry for power. Little is sacred in this war, and all is at stake. A Man must ask themselves whether they have an ally or enemy in the one's they once trusted. The only one a man can trust, is themselves.

In this war, blades must clash, in order to meet peace in the end. With each victory, the rivaling province's feel as peace is drawing closer and closer. But under whom will this peace rest? Who shall control the lands and dictate the live's of men after the blood has been washed from the country? In the middle of this grand war, questions asked will not be answered for many years to come...


[size=2][B][U]Chapter One:[/B][/U] Calm Before The Storm

[B][U]The Warriors:[/U][/B] Kabuki Sakura (Sakura), Yagyu Hajime (SOE), Ueno Ayaka (Delta), and Zanzaro Korogata (Crusader).

[B][U]Settings:[/B][/U] The Castles of Uesugi, The Castle of Takeda.

[B][U]Events:[/B][/U] The four warriors from Uesugi and Takeda prepare themselves for the first of many epic campaigns against one another's armies at Kawanakajima. Sakura, Hajime, Ueno, and Koro prepare themselves for battle, and give insight into their own lives.[/size]



Posters, make sure that you make some form of interaction between your characters if there on the same side. Make it aware that they do know each other prior to the posts. Have a history between one another. So, Sakura and Crusader' characters should interact as should Delta and Straight Outta' Ensley.

Thank you, and happy posting.

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[COLOR=#95005E][SIZE=1][i][b]?In the peaceful light
Of the everlasting sun??[/b]

I know that voice.

[b]??In the days of spring??[/b]

Yep. No doubt about it?

[b]??Why do the cherry?s new-blown blooms
Scatter like restless thoughts??[/b]

It?s him.[/i]

[b]?Care for a game of Hyakunin Isshu, Ueno-dono??[/b]
Ayaka opened an eye. A man stood under her cherry tree, shuffling a deck of cards between his hands. His eyes were fixed to the other side of the river, [i]probably looking for river roaches[/i], she thought. After watching him for a while, she leaned back and stared at the river.

[b]?Yagyu, you know we?re short of one person,?[/b] she mumbled. [b]?Sake?[/b]? The red cords of her hip flask slipped through her idle fingers, sending the ceramic container through the cherry eaves, shaking the lower branches and relieving them of their pink blossoms. An outstretched hand grasped the cords just before the flask hit the ground.

Yagyu tucked the cards in his sleeves and took a sip, all while he continued staring at the opposite bank. [b]?Where is Kosaka-san??[/b]

[b]?Takeda-sama called him. Refining the plans? probably.?[/b] Ayaka jumped to the ground and turned towards the castle. [b]?You know how those two are.?[/b]

[i]Yes, everyone knows about it: how Takeda pined away when Kosaka was seriously injured. Kosaka Masanobu. He told me how willing he was to die for his daimyo. Feh, all the generals are willing to die for Takeda. But... the way he said it...[/i]

A grim look alighted on her face. It left when she sighed, and then she busied herself by brushing the stray petals that had landed on her shoulders.
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[color=Navy]A figure clad in dark clothing could barely be seen hopping across the rooftops swiftly and silently against the night. It stopped, a sound had been heard. Sakura crouched down and listened, she had just assassinated an important member of a gang and was on her way back, she couldn't be caught now. The sound stopped and Sakura left even faster than before, she had a feeling someone was following her, which was verified when she heard the clatter of a loose tile and a very quiet curse. Sakura smirked under the cover of her mask and pretended that she hadn't heard anything. The follower had made two mistakes, not paying attention to anything that would give them away, and speaking or making a sound.

Sakura secretly reached to her pouch and pulled out a bunch of shuriken, hiding them in her hand so the moon's light didn't reflect off the shiny, black metal. She dropped one on purpose, letting it make a sound against the tiled roof she stood on. She crouched down and started to feel around, even though she knew exactly where it was. The foolish follower could be heard coming towards her, when he was close enough, Sakura swiped up the shuriken and threw them at his direction. He was shocked and fell back against the tiles, her aim was still perfect, hitting him in the chest, with one piercing his heart, two piercing each lung.

Sakura stood and looked over him. [b]"Pathetic."[/b]

She turned away and made the rest of the way back to her current employer.

Sakura reached the safety of the gate, she flicked one of her shuriken up to the guard house, perched above the gate. They were shocked but it stuck in the wall, the guards studied it, it had the kanji on it which meant Sakura, only a small bunch that she kept in one of the compartments were marked with her name. They opened the gate and allowed her entrance.

She waited until the gate closed before she unwrapped the mask which covered her head, shaking her head so the hair fell into place after being stuck, flattened against her head. Sakura tucked the cloth into her ninja suit and went toward the largest building in the small village-like place.

Sakura met with Uesugi Kenshin, her employer who had sent her out on the assassination. She reported that it had been successful and that she had also killed someone that had followed her. He praised her, and let her leave.

Sakura sighed into the night, it was nice out, but she wasn't paying attention. She was tired but she couldn't sleep. She was seated high in the boughs of her namesake, a beautiful sakura tree which was blooming. But she saw one that was still a bud, refusing to open itself to the outside world. Sakura stroked it gently with her fingertips, her usual cold eyes were warmer, the sakura bud was like herself, closed tightly.

[b]"Sakura-san. Up late again?" [/b]she heard a voice ask.

Sakura was looked down and saw Korogata or "Koro", she narrowed her eyes at him.

[b]"Hai...Uesugi-sama sent me on an assassination." [/b]Sakura responded, she kind of opened herself up when she was with Koro, he was one year older than her, and while often lazy, he tried to befriend her, so she tried to let him in, just a little.

[b]"Sou...I guess I always know where to find you. You're usually in this tree." [/b]he commented.

[b]"Hai, its a sakura tree after all." [/b]Sakura sighed, slipping off the branch and landing safely on the ground.

[b]"So, what are you doing, Koro-san?" [/b]she asked, he was carrying a book, as he usually did.

[b]"I'm not sure, coming to find what you were doing. I was aware you were leaving on an assassination because you were wearing your ninja outfit. So now, what would you like to do?" [/b]he questioned.

Sakura just shrugged and started walking, Koro followed and they started to talk, Sakura hoped deeply that he would be her first friend since the incident when she was 7.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Are we supposed to post in order?
[b]Crusader: [/b]If you want anything changed then let me know.
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[B]OOC:[/B] *Although the I posted the characters in order as to which they needed to be posted, I'll let it slide this time. Please, next time, take heed to the posting order. Thank you.*

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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Koro looked back down at his book as he walked with Sakura. He looked up at her, surveying her. She seemed a little uneasy, but that's just how she was. He snapped his book shut and shoved it into a pouch. He pushed lightly upwards in his tinted glasses* and turned to her.

[B]"Beautiful night, don't you think?"[/B]
She looked up at the sky, dreamily.

[B]"Yes...I guess it is, Koro-san."[/B]
Koro walked in front of Sakura and frowned. She eyed him curiously.

[B]"Is everything alright, Koro-san?"[/B]
His frown grew deeper.

[B]"We've known each other for a great period of time. For the others in the army I'm either Korogata-sama or Korogata-san. But I'd rather if you called me Koro. Just plain Koro. You don't need honorifics when adressing me...And if you don't feel comfortable with that, at least refer to me as Koro-kun. Alright?"[/B] She hesitated and then nodded.

[B]"Yes...Koro-kun."[/B] He smiled at her gently and allowed her to pass him. She started walking then turned back to him.

[B]"Koro-kun."[/B] He looked to her and smiled.

[B]"Yosh?"[/B] She took a moment to think about her question then spoke.

[B]"You use magic, right? Could you show me?"[/B]
His smile fell slightly and then rose again. He walked over to a sakura tree and drew his blade. He pointed at his blade without turning around, and struck the tree. He put a deep gash in it. He removed his blade and walked to the tree beside it. He put his hand over it, and a red aura surronded him and the blade. Sakura watched in amazement.

A plume of flame erupted around the blade and encircled it. He held the blade with both hand and stared at the tree before him. He assumed posistion and swung his blade. The flame dispersed, and he sheathed his blade. He walked back towards Sakura ad stood at her side. He leaned close to her, and whispered into her ear.

[B]"It's called sorcery."[/B]
The tree split in half, burst into flames, and both bottom and top halves were engulfed in flames, leaving no remnants of the tree. Sakura walked over and felt the ground. Burnt to a crisp. Se giggled slightly.

[B]"Pretty powerfu--" "Heads up!"[/B]
Sakura spun quickly, catching the scrolls that Koro threw to her. She looked them over and inquired.

[B]"What is this for?"[/B]
Sakura said, confused. Koro chuckled and smiled.

[B]"Just in case. We're allies right? Whatever can get you an advantage in battle is definitely an essetial asset, correct? Here's a gift from me to you."[/B] She smiled in gratitude and Koro smiled at the night sky.

[B]"I have not yet eaten supper."[/B] Koro lowered his gaze to her.

[B]"Would you care to join me in my chambers for a meal, Sakura?"[/B]
She was taken aback by the abscence of honoifics when he refered to her. He noticed that quickly.

[B]"You don't mind the way I adress you? Do you, hmm?"[/B]

She shook her head, and they walked back together to Koro's chambers. Koro gripped the hilt of his blade sadly. War would soon be upon them, and him and Sakura would no longer have the leisure of talking. Or the luxury of food.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1][B]Sakura: Is this all okay with you? If you'd rather honorifics, please inform me.[/B][/SIZE]
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Hajime stood and began walking away from the tree.

"Where are you going?" asked Ayaka, who watched him.

"I'm going to sharpen my blade, it's been drawing quite slow recently." he continued walking.

Ayaka waited for a moment and sprinted as silent as a cat and followed him. His long hair blew slightly in the wind. It was unusual for men not to tie their hair up, it might get in his way during battle. He said nothing as they walked, but instead hummed a tune that's been around since their childhood.

"You don't see to be bothered by anything." she said.

"What's there to be bothered about? When not in war, I don't think like a soldier. Surprisingly."

"Why surprisingly?"

"I've killed so many, and yet, I can still laugh and cry. My first instinct to solving a problem isn't killing, but rather to work it out. Then on the battlefield, unless my first instinct is to kill, I will die. It's a cute paradox really."

"Yeah, cute."

"You just don't know how much that means to me..."

They entered a hut that was some ways from the tree. Inside there were many weapons upon the wall and many supplies used to take care of them. There was also a small bookcase containing scrolls, many of which were guides to effective use of the weapons. Ayaka didn't see why he'd need these considering he was using that odd Iai style, but she wasn't one to judge. She watched as he drew his nodachi from its sheath. The long sword glimmered some with the help of the the light shining through the cracks.

"Why are you here?" Hajime asked Ayaka, who just sat watching him.

"Well, I thought we'd talk some more."

"No, thankyou. I and my sword need some us time. Perhaps if you'd taken my offer on the card game, then things might've been different."

"You drank my sake though." said Ayaka annoyed.

"That's besides the point." Hajime answered with a slight smile on his face.

"You're so difficult. I'll leave." Ayaka stood.

"Sit back down, Ayaka," said Hajime calmly, "You're welcome to stay."

They sat there for another hour while Hajime sharpened and shined his sword, he then stopped and stood up to leave again. By now, Ayaka had dozed off in the hut and he left her, closing the door behind him. Hajime walked to a bridge over the stream. The water made the most calming of noises as it splashed through the rocks deposited below. He looked out over the setting sun in the west and watched it as the sky turned red, he then took stance on the bridge. Hajime waited and waited, not moving, not making a sound, and then he saw them. Bats began flying towards him, now that the sun was gone, they would take flight.

Drawing with lightning speed, Hajime struck with his sword three times and resheathed it. 9 bats fell to their death, missing limbs or heads. Hajime walked off satisfied, Iai still had yet to fail him.
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[B][U]Chapter 2:[/B][/U] First Blood At Kawanakajima

[B][U]The Warriors:[/B] [/U]Kabuki Sakura (Sakura), Yagyu Hajime (SOE), Ueno Ayaka (Delta), and Zanzaro Korogata (Crusader), then Yagyu Hajime again, Zanzaro Korogata, Kabuki Sakura, and Ueno Ayaka. (Long chapter.)

[B][U]Settings:[/B][/U] The dark battlefield of Kawanakajima is a large, hilly plain, populated by spots of forestry and high grass through out. At the north, The Takeda army sets Camp. In South, stands the Uesugi camp. It is dusk, and the weather is clear and windy.

[B][U]The Events:[/B][/U] The warriors from Uesugi and Takeda expirience a the first of many battles between their two clans. The battle is long and bloody, ending with a mutual stand off and retreat, the warrios must fight off hordes of their enemy's soldiers and possibly take out enemy officers. (Sakura, please include the march to the battlefield.)[/color]
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[b]OOC: [/b]Sorry it took me a while, I've been quite busy as of late.
I'm not sure if I did this right, if it should be changed then let me know.
BTW, I'm not exactly sure of what I'm supposed to be doing, never really watched army shows. The speech was a little bad.

[color=Navy]Sakura looked around the camp of the Uesugi army, it was quite, most of the warriors were in their tents. Sakura sat on the grass outside her own tent, she missed her sakura tree, there were patches of forests here and there, but none were sakura trees.

She watched as a man exited from the main tent which held the general. He had a horn on his belt, which he removed and put to his lips. The man blew loudly, the sound echoed around the area and everyone hurriedly exited their tents. Sakura got up quickly and stood, she heard someone come up to her and looked to the side, it was Koro.

[b]"Sakura, do you know what's happening?" [/b]he asked.

[b]"Ano...I think we're marching to the battlefield, Koro-kun." [/b]she answered quietly, keeping her eyes in front.

Koro was about to say something when the general marched out of the tent, followed by his advisor, and another man who carried their flag with the mighty symbol of Uesugi on it.

A strong wind blew past, ruffling Sakura's short hair. She was tensed and ready for the battle, she had been waiting in anticipation for this for some time.

[b]"Today we march to the battlefield, to face our foe, the members of the Takeda army. Fight strong and bravely. Fight for the honour of the Uesugi name, and fight to your death, if you run, you will forever be branded a coward, better to die bravely than to die a coward. Line up!" [/b]the General gave his speech and they all lined up as how they had trained.

Sakura looked to Koro who stood beside her and nodded, a silent way of saying good luck. He smiled and nodded back to her. The general was mounted on a horse, as was his advisor and flag bearer, he drew his katana and thrust it into the air.

[b]"Forward!!" [/b]he cried.

There was a roar from the warriors and they surged forward, following the general. Sakura's eyes became cold as ice and she was determined, she clenched her fists and followed, Koro watched her, he had never actually seen her fight properly, it would be an interesting thing to observe.

Sakura was fully armed, she wore her ninja garb, but underneath was protective armour like the warriors wore on the outside. She didn't like it, because it weighed her down and slowed her movement, but she knew it was necessary. Anything could happen in this battle, she could never be entirely sure she was safe.
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"You look so...simple." Ayaka said, looking Hajime up and down.

He was wearing a simple straw hat, and robes. No body armor, he looked as if he were ready to travel, not fight. Ayaka on the other hand had on light armor and was ready for the battle that was coming.

"Follow my instructions very closely." Hajime began, ignoring Ayaka's previous statement, "The enemy is rushing like swine to the slaughter. I want you and your Ninja to leave the battlefield. We'll draw them in and slowly attempt to surround them. I won't be signaling you, so you'll have to use your gut. I want you to flank them from the sides and arch around them from behind. Make sure you leave them a path to escape."

"That doesn't make sense, why not crush them?"

"Because, I don't care about winning the battle, I care about winning the war."

"Why do you have to be so different?"

"Because that's what you love about me." Hajime lifted his head so she could see into the hat and he winked.

Ayaka walked off. Hajime then turned towards the rushing enemy. His hand fell silently on the hilt of his sword. [i]Sun Tzu has yet to fail me...[/i]. His first enemy came swiftly, but Hajime's sword was swifter, cutting the enemy's arm off instantly. Hajime quickly resheathed his sword and took a step back. Another agressor came forth and this time, Hajime attacked. His hat served a double purpose. Not only did it keep the sun from his eyes, it also kept his enemy from seeing his eyes. A skilled warrior can tell what his opponent's doing by the look in his eye, with the hat, Hajime cancelled out this weakness. But it worked double, because Hajime dared not look up and into someone's eyes, the last thing he needed was to feel sympathetic towards his enemy.

Hajime's strategy was working, but he was losing alot of men in the process. [i]Alright Ayaka, its time you got your ass out here.[/i] He thought to himself as he kept on with his plan. His sword technique was keeping him safe for the time being, but he needed something to interfere. He looked out towards the horizon and had yet to see ayaka...
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[COLOR=#95005E][SIZE=1][b][i]What a bastard.[/i][/b]
Ayaka chuckled and lept to a branch where one of her ninjas was waiting.

[b]?Izumi, status??
?Team Semi is in position,?[/b] said Izumi as he pointed at a grove across the battlefield. No movement can be seen under the veil of leaves and shadows. Only brief flashes of light came from that part, a sign that the team leader is ready to receive orders. A spot of light appeared on Izumi?s right shoulder. From the direction it came from, a small green banner was waved.

[b]?So is Kumo.?
?How about Inago and Hisui??
?Nearly there.?
?Right then. Tell them to get ready.?

Izumi took off, jumping from branch to branch towards Team Kumo. Ayaka lingered for a while and searched the battlefield for Yagyu.

[b][i]Well shit. Looks like he?s been possessed by Hachiman himself.[/i][/b]
The brazen samurai and his troops charged at the frontlines. Everyone who came near Hajime fell. He hewed a path through the vanguards and, in his crossing, stained the ground scarlet with Uesugi blood. Yet it was clear that around him, the Takeda?s own frontlines are faltering. Ayaka adjusted her sandals and sprinted through the boughs to join her group.

?Alright, you BUMS! Listen up! The Meijin don?t wanna drag around liabilities in the group so if any one of you PANSIES want to call it quits, you may do so right now!? [/b]The adjutant turned red in the face in his effort to imitate Ayaka?s usual pep talks. Aside from stifled laughter masquerading as coughs, no one from the group took the offer to leave. A ninja who was monitoring the movements of Team Inago came down from a nearby tree and reported to Ayaka.

[b]?Okashira, Teams Inago and Hisui are in position.?[/b]


Shadows moved through the forests of Kawanakajima. Those at the outer rim of the Uesugi formation were the first to witness the charge of the Ueno clan. So swiftly did they strike that a whole battalion of numbers thrice as the ninjas fell after the first wave. Against Uesugi vanguards, Takeda samurai rallied around Yagyu Hajime and rebuilt their frontline.

The Takeda general gave a terrible battle cry that resounded against the surrounding mountains and across the battle plane. Only then did it dawn upon the Uesugi generals the horrible realization that they were trapped.

[b]OOC:[/b] Hope that wasn't too God mode-ish. Please PM me if you've got problems with it.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Koro drove his blade through the neck of the man in front of him. He removed the katana and struck the man behind him. Koro spun around, taking out three more warriors, then held his blade in fighting stance. A warrior snuck up behind him and pounced, but Sakura lodged a shuriken in his throut. Koro nodded appreciatively and adressed her.

[B]"This is a damned trap. What do we do? If we keep fighting like this, we wil lose many in our ranks...But to retreat, if possible, is dishonorable..."[/B] Sakura drew a blade.

[B]"Then we fight!"[/B]

She lunged into the battle ahead, impaling her blade into the back of the enemy soldier in front of her. Koro grinned and gripped his blade, looking for any soldiers who may need help. He spotted one not to far off. Rizaj. He was a powerful samurai, but outnumbered 1:7. Koro motioned to Sakura and then motioned to Rizaj. She nodded and they ran in to help.

Rizaj slashed a soldier in the face, and he fell. Another warrior cut at Rizaj's leg, causing him to collapse on one knee. Rizaj cried in pain, swinging his blade at the man who had attacked. The soldier jumped backwards and gasped. He had jumped straight into Koro's blade. Koro drove the blade in deeper and whispered into the soldiers ear.

[B]"Mess with my men, will you baka? Then you face me!"[/B] He pulled the blade out and assumed battle stance. Sakura had just killed one of them, so it was now 2:5. Not good odds. For them. Koro touched his blade, and it took on a crimson glow. Crimson flames emitted from it, and he smiled sadistically.

[B]"Die!" [/B]

He swung his blade with all his might, sending a wave of flame over them all. One died, and the others were severely burned. They stood up none-the-less and struck. Sakura took two of them, Koro the other two. Sakura jumped backwards, throwing shurikens at the one closest to her. He recieved one in the eye, the throat, and one in the heart. He fell into the soldier behind, but he merely threw the corpse off his himself. He lunged at Sakura with his katana, but she masterfully dodged him, then drove her blade through his heart.

Koro shoved his blazing katana into the first enemy, lighting him ablaze and turning his body into ashes. The flames dissapitated after that. Don't need to expend any more energy...That would be wasteful. The soldier remaining lunged at him, but Koro blocked and parried. The soldier blocked as well, and knocked Koro back. He swung his blade at Koro's throat. Koro ducked and impaled the man in his stomach. Blood spurted from the man's mouth, all over Koro. Koro merely shook him and the blodd off. He walked casually ove to Sakura and sighed.

[B]"I suppose now would be a good time to call in your ninja comrades and the other samurai battalion, huh?"[/B] She nodded and ran off, going to fetch them.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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  • 2 weeks later...
OOC: I didn't realize we had powers, someone please clear this up, I'd like to rain down destruction on my enemies also...not really

Yagyu watched as the pincer was working, but they weren't retreating. Stepping back, he sheathed his sword and took defense. Those around him saw the scarlet in his clothes, the red stains upon the earth which were left in his wake. They didn't want the sword to come out again.

"Give me a volley!!" Yagyu yelled as he made some distance between he and his enemies.

Suddenly streaks began to fly through the sky and strike Uesegi warriors. Yagyu watched as their frontline began to fall and stumble to regroup as the arrows fell. Hajime felt proud, but something caught his eye. Out there, in the distance, a man was slaughtering Takeda forces. Yagyu felt an almost hunger for this man, he had to test him. His palms grew sweaty as he clenched his blade with a grip that hurt him. He took stance and waited, waited for the man to catch his eye. Licking his lips, Yagyu slid his blade only slightly out of its sheath, suddenly he felt cold steel on his throat.

"For a general...you're somewhat careless." came the voice of a female ninja behind him.

Yagyu watched as his target suddenly noticed him. [i]Dammit...[/i], he thought as the steel cooled his neck.

"And for a ninja, you talk somewhat too much." Said Yagyu in stubborn retort.

He slid the sheath back and struck the female ninja in the stomach, he then rounded on her and with his sword fully unsheathed, struck. She was fast however, and got away with her guts in tact. Yagyu sheathed his blade. She came back fast, and began attacking Yagyu. Using the sheath from his blade, Yagyu blocked and parried all of her attacks. Suddenly she had company, Two samurai. They surrounded him and swung their blades, Yagyu bent back to the point where it almost looked clumsy, and in this motion pulled his blade and waved it in a full circle. Regaining his balance quickly, the logistics of his style demanded him the sheath his blade again, but they still stood. Catching himself before the blade was fully sheathed, Yagyu embraced the end. However, he looked around and noticed his three aggressors were all standing still. Yagyu slowly continued sheathing his blade, forcing it down with a loud click towards the end. They all fell...

Yagyu looked around amazed at his own work, but his attention was suddenly caught by the man he most wanted to duel, finally they were seeing eye to eye. Yagyu noticed his neck was hurting, that bitch had scratched him. He wondered if his opponent had watched, and if he did, was he impressed? Yagyu took stance and smiled, regaining his fighting spirit. His enemy did the same thing. [i]Iai don't fail me now[/i]. The sun had nearly set on the battlefield, and also on the battle. The fight was nearly over, but to Yagyu, there was one more battle that must be settled. He and his opponent went at each other...

OOC: Crusader, make the fight good.
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC: No worries. This fight will be. Oh, and about the powers, I'm a sorcerer and can enhance my weapons using magic. Mugen said it was alright.[/B]

[COLOR=DarkRed]Koro gazed at the man in front of him. Koro had been watching him, and was quite impressed. He had taken one of Saukra's ninjas and two of his samurai. This would be a battle he would enjoy. Koro smiled at his opponent.

[B]"Before we continue, I must make myself known to such a worthy advesary. My name is Zanzaro Korogata. Yours?"[/B] The man nodded and repiled.

[B]"My name is Yagyu Hajime. It will be a pleasure to do battle with you, Korogata-san."[/B] Koro gripped his blade tightly and grew serious.

[B]"The pleasure is mine, Hajime-san."[/B] Koro unsheathed his blade and lunged at Hajime. Hajime swiftly dodged his attack, swung his blade, and struck at Koro's back. Koro barely managed to jump away from the strike, the side of his armor cut. Koro's eyes thinned as he looked over Hajime.

Koro raised his blade over his head and took stance again. Hajime made the first move this time. He took two steps to the side, ducked down, then lunged at Koro. Koro brought his blade down quickly, deflecting the blow. Koro brought his blade back up and swung it down again feircely. Hajime dodged, but wasn't fast enough. His shoulder was cut and blood splattered on the ground.

Hajime growled angrily and with a speed that rivaled a cheetahs, sprang up to his feet and assaulted Koro's legs with his blade. Koro couldn't parry all of the blows, and recieved two deep gashes to his left leg. He collaped, using his katana as a crutch. Hajime rose his blade over his head and looked at Koro.

[B]"You're quite the warrior. To bad it is to end here..."[/B] He swung his blade down with all of his might. Koro grabbed his wakizashi with left and and blocked the strike, knocking himself off balance. He continued to fight with Hajime, and managed to severely wound his left arm. Hajime struck again and knocked the wakizashi from Koro's hand. He pulled his blade iin with his right hand, and lunged at Koro's heart.

[B]"Got...uh--!?"[/B] Blood spurted from Hajime's mouth. He looked down and saw Koro in front of him, a bloodied mess, holding the katana he had been using as a crutch. Moreso, he was holding it in Hajime's stomach. As Hajime struck, Koro, with the last of his might, stuck back. And they were both impaled in the stomach. The two men kealed over. Koro laughed, coughing up blood.

[B]"Not bad...*cough*...Best fight I've had in a l..long time..."[/B] Hajime chuckled and nodded. Two of Takeda's medics ran over and put Hajime on a stretcher. They started carrying him away when Koro called to him.

[B]"You'd better live. I want to fight you again, while we're both in top performance." [/B] Hajime rose his hand up in approval and then was carried away. Koro lay there for a while, untill Sakura found him. She stifled a gasp and knealt over his body.

[B]"Koro! Are you okay?"[/B] Koro nodded weakly. Sakura looked around and spotted their medics. She called them over and had them put Koro on a stretcher. Koro grabbed Sakura's hand and smiled.

[B]"That was one hell of a battle. Tell me how it finished when I wake up..."[/B] Then he passed out.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC: Hope that's alright, Freier Geist. Tell me if you'd like anything changed. ^__^[/B][/SIZE]
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[color=Navy]Sakura watched the battlefield carefully, her eyes flitted around, taking in every detail and battle that was happening. She had called some of her ninja comrades and she could see them amongst the soldiers. Sakura's ears heard something behind her and quickly dropped, curling into a tight ball and rolling. She got up and saw a kunai embedded in the ground where she had been. Sakura searched the area for the person who had thrown the projectile at her and spotted a figure not too far away in ninja garb.

Sakura assumed that the man who stood there was responsible and she walked forward carefully, her senses alert and muscles tense. She breathed lightly behind her face mask, her eyes narrowed into cold, brown slivers. Sakura watched the man who was in a position like her. Her left hand strayed to brush against the pouch on her hip carefully, keeping her eyes on her opponent. The thing about a ninja battle was waiting for the opponent to make a small mistake, and from there tear them apart.

[b]"No doubt you are a ninja from Takeda?" [/b]Sakura said, her voice being carried on the wind that blew around the field.

[b]"Hai. Ha, Uesugi trash." [/b]he replied coldly, his eyes showed that he smirked beneath the cloth covering his mouth.

[b]"Insult him all you want, I'm only in it for the yen, I'm a proud mercenary, and he payed more than Takeda." [/b]Sakura replied, telling the truth.

[b]"Prepare yourself, you will not emerge from our battle alive." [/b]he said, resting a hand on the wakizashi at his waist.

[b]"You'll be needing that advice more than me." [/b]Sakura retorted, reaching her right arm over her back and gripping the hilt of her katana.

As if they had rehearsed it, the two of them drew their weapon and charged forward, brandishing the blade with a fierce war cry.

A sharp 'clang' was heard as the two blades connected, since the man was taller, he was pushing down on her. Sakura grunted as she tensed the muscles in her right arm, pressing up against his weight. The man pulled out his katana and tried to strike with that but found he was met with her wakizashi in her left hand. They were pressed up against each other closely, both straining from the pressure in their arms. Sakura took deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly as she heard his breathing short and quick. If he kept that up, not enough oxygen would reach his muscles and he would fail in his arms, and if only for a few seconds, she could win their small bout.

Sakura felt sweat trickle down her face, she didn't know how long they had been in the position but it felt like a long time. As Sakura had predicted, his arms failed for a few seconds and Sakura sliced horizontally quickly, slicing through the front of his garb. She took advantage of the situation and backflipped away, putting distance between herself and her opponent. She looked over and saw red lines and crimson liquid flowing from the cuts. Sakura tutted quietly, unlike her, he didn't wear armour beneath the garb, she bet that he was over confident and preferred not to have the extra weight over his own protection.

The man growled and suddenly there was a barrage of shuriken thrown at her. Sakura flipped but it had been anticipated, and she was hit by another load. Sakura fell on her back and got up quickly so she didn't leave herself exposed. She felt wind against her face and immediately knew that her mask had been cut. Sakura growled in anger and pulled the tattered cloth away from her face, exposing her identity. Her face had a cut mark on her chin from the shuriken and she wiped the blood away.

[b]"Sakura..." [/b]the man said, a hint of surprise in his voice.

[b]"You talk like you know me, do not do so." [/b]Sakura said fiercely.

[b]"I know you from your reputation." [/b]he replied, but Sakura could tell through his eyes he was lying.

Sakura and her opponent fought hard for what seemed like an eternity and they were both tired, there were slashes in her garb, showing the armour worn beneath, her opponent also had slashes, revealing skin and angry red lines and trails of blood. They were panting, Sakura had her katana in her right hand, and a bundle of shuriken in her left. The man held his katana in his right, and wakizashi in his left hand, the knuckles were white from his grip.

Sakura flung a few shuriken in his direction as a diversion, he toook the bait and she threw the rest in his path of jump. The sharp projectiles caught in his chest and Sakura rushed over, she practically lay on him, pinning his limbs down. With a few presses on pressure points, the man was forced to drop his weapons. His breathing was laboured and blood poured from the wounds.

[b]"I'm dying, it was a battle well fought. Before I die, take off my mask." [/b]he wheezed.

Sakura narrowed her eyes in caution and pulled away the cloth. She gasped, it was one of her old friends from her ninja academy, he had been one of her best friends. Tears welled in her eyes.

[b]"Shibuka...Why didn't you stop the battle when you recognised me?" [/b]she cried.

[b]"It's our job to fight each other....Your job, as a mercenary. Goodbye old friend." [/b]with that he died.

Sakura stopped her tears and put on an emotionless mask. She sheathed her weapons and saw Koro hurt. She called the medics over and went off, there were more battles to be fought.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Hope that was alright, couldn't think of much.[/color]
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