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The morning sun gleamed through a crystallite window. One of many in the room of which a young woman with blond hair woke up in. The moisture on the window invited much life to spawn. Waking and getting off the bed she went over to the window. The windows were thrust open by gentle hands and the birds were chirping in the morning air. ?Ah befitted royal sun shine on my palace so-?
?Ms. Lea it is time for the royal Arching.?
?Oh I just woke up can?t anything wait around here Dreal.?
?No sorry Ms. Lea. I?m here only to be your servant. I just direct time and-?
?You can stop before you start to repeat yourself Dreal. I?ll come out in a minute.?
?Yes sorry Ms. Lea. I will be leaving Ms. Lea.? The footsteps told the young women that her faithful guard was gone.
?All I ask for is peace in the morning.? She muttered to herself. She looked down and closed the window. She went through a door and you could hear water running off a small stream.


?I?m here so can we please remove the word ?Royal? from things. I think it is just a little too much.?
?Of course Ms. Lea. Your arching session will now commence.? The young girl stood there in the garden with five targets ready about one hundred yards apart and about five hundred feet away. Lea pulled back the bow string and let go. The arrow strewn with much force and hit the first target on the brim of the red circle. ?Great shot Ms. Lea.?
?Dreal all you do is compliment. That was way off my usual talent.? Dreal stood back and bowed his head down. Lea pulled back another arrow and shot it straight at the second target. She hit right in the middle of the target. The rest of them were hit in the middle or somewhere close to it.
?Fine work Ms. Lea.?
?I?m a weapon master Dreal I?m suppose to have fine work.?
?Yes Ms. Lea. I have some news though.?
?Why don?t we go to somewhere more private.?
?Alright Dreal.? Lea and Dreal walked back into the castle.

-Lea?s Room

?Now you look away while I dress Dreal or I will have your head on one of the targets in the garden.? Lea put on her customary clothing. She put on her sky blue shirt and her baggy light brown pants. ?Ok what is it??
?The kingdoms are evenly matched.? Dreal said kind of annoyed by Lea?s attitude towards him this morning.
?What I thought we had the upper hand.?
?Seems that the two other kingdoms got some new recruits and great ones at that.?

This is how it goes. There are three clans. This is the land of Kento.

Taisu-Ruled by the Mairu family. Peace wanting people.

Kaito Ku-Ruled by the Entigi family. Warriors specialize in extreme power.

Reito-Stealth battlers. Ruled by the Jou Su Family.

Now if you want to be a ruler of a certain clan just ask. Not too many though. Finally one last explanation of things. Here are the abilities.

Alchemy: Changing normal things into weapons and stuff.

Elemenatlism: Using elements around them to use as a powerful weapon.

Master: This has to do with weapons. This is usually swords or spears but can be other things. The others are much harder to master.

Sign up outline is as follows:

Ability: (This can be a combination.)
Weapon: (Only one main and two side weapons please.)
Class: (No gods of weapons, alchemy, or Elementalism please)
Appearance: (Picture or description.)

Name: Lea Mairu
Age: 21
Affiliation: Taisu
Ability: Master/Alchemist
Weapon: Oak long range format bow. Two small daggers on either side hooked onto a belt for close combat. One bottle containing enough ingredients for a couple small explosions.
Class: Mid master Mid Alchemist
Appearance: [URL=http://www.absoluteanime.com/metropolis/tima.htm]Lea[/URL] Like this only older.
Personality: She is usually peaceful and kind to all living beings. Her tranquility amazes all in this time of war. When she is slightly mad she starts going berserk with her bow. She shoots down about five people per 10 seconds. When she is really angry she can take out half an army. But usually this never happens.
History: At age 5 Lea Mairu witnessed an attack on the main city of the land of Kento. The city fell in a few short hours and her mother was killed in the assault. She was left as one of the survivors and was transported directly to Taisu where she became inherent of the land her mother owned. Her mother was buried inside the garden that was left.
A couple years later when Lea was ten she began her studying on alchemy. It was then they realized her mastery with a bow when she first crafted one with alchemy. She was the towns hope along with a few others.
At age fifteen, however, the first assault from Kaito Ku attacked one of the villages in the clan of Taisu. The army drove them out but half the men died during their defense. That was when Lea started to train harder and was accompanied with her servant Dreal.

There you go.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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