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The Future....ROBOTS!!

Shadow Blade

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I know that nearly everyone who's into the future has been stressing this question, but now that ROBOTS are really starting to make the headlines why not ask yourself what's the future going to bring? From what I was told, in Japan they have designed household robots that can help w/ the cleaning, and other models designed especially for little kids, elders, and entertainment. The thought of them starting to talk, walk, and probably starting to think like humans is kind of scary
* Especially if you watched " iROBOTS"*!
The sort of models that were created was:
1.) Sony Dream Robot: A robot that provides entertainment it can jump, dance, and
kick balls
2.) Kismet: A robot that could interpret and respond to human expression
3.) Nomad (NASA): A robot that went to space and made a path for other robots to
go to space
4.) Kitano's Pino: A robot believed to one day mimic the human brain
5.) Mark Tilden's Buglike robots: Small robots that can dust and clip grass *there
goes my summer job!*
6.) They also made some robodogs

Now, ever since I had watched, " iROBOTS" i don't think i would want a robot. But at any rate in this thread you could talk about whether you think Robots will become
lincensed citizens (in other words do you think it's a good idea for robots to live with humans?). Or what you think about the whole robot issue.
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[COLOR=Indigo]Keep robots doing only simple things.

If they go out of control, think of Ghost in the Shell or Matrix. That's why robots shouldn't have A.I.

Gundam-style robots, OK. Jetsons-style chore/maid robots, OK. Robots who do the maid thing, and has simulated private parts (just for sex), Hell YES.

But I stick to no for ones with A.I.[/COLOR]
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[color=DarkGreen][font=Trebuchet MS]I tend to keep an eye on Slashdot, as it gives me a lot of news of the geeky variety... recently I've noticed quite a lot of robot articles, including a working three-metre mecha of the MechWarrior variety (closed cockpit, operated with joystick or control column-type system) that's been built in Japan; automated mecha-type machines being developed by South Korea to guard the border between themselves and the North; and, bizarrely, robots designed to replace humans as [i]camel jockeys.[/i] There was also that article on theO a while ago about the Alaskan steelworker that built his own mecha, a proper one that moves its limbs as its pilot moves his/hers.

More detailed commentary on each of these articles [url="http://blog.min-data.co.uk/?Raiyuu"]here[/url], or search for them on [url="http://slashdot.org"]Slashdot[/url].
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:animeangr The whole idea of robots walking the Earth gets me very mad :mad: . It gets me mad 'casue the topic interests me...but I don't think we'll be able to get to talking robots and stuff like that in my generation :animecry: !!! Which is waaaaaaaay unfair! :animecry:
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[SIZE=1]Well, I think that people give robots too much credit with these post-apocalyptic movies and stories and such. As long as we limit robot's intelligents and put clearly defined limits on how freely it can think, you can have it doing everything for all I care.

And I'd love to have a robot. I would have intelligent conversations with it, and play with it, and have it help me with my chores. Yeah, I'd be best-buds with a robot![/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Olive][SIZE=1]I think the idea of robots is pretty farfetch'd. Its nice to think of them doing chores and tedious activities for us, but really, I don't see even this happening any time soon. Robots are indeed given to much credit. Everyone speaks of the "potential" of robots and the "potential" of electrical science, but all that is is mere speculation. Until the potential is actually realized those comments can be said over and over again without meaning anything at all.

Robots havn't reached the points mentioned before, so I doubt they're going to reach the point of taking over the world. Movies like iROBOT are science fiction, fiction being the keyword in that sentence. Its cool and sometimes scary to think of things ending up this way, but do you really think scientists smart enough to create these "beings" would be stupid enough to let them get out of control? Of course not.

Robots really mean nothing as of now. To many robots, or robots that have become to advanced, would completely disrupt our society. Man power would no longer be needed and as far as I can see its going to be quite awhile before that time comes. Another point to look at is the cost of robots and/or machines to be used for work. It has become very expensive just to create a simple prototype for an intelligent robot, do you really think they'll be made available to the public any time soon? A lot of the information written about robots is increasingly fabricated and there to catch your eye and reveal the extravagancies of robots rather then factual information. As I said before, potential is great, but until I've been shown something of actual substance, then my point remains the same.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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