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Sign Up Nature and Necro PG(mild violence and some adult language)

Prince Van

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[size=3][font=Sherwood] Nature and Necro

In the ancient world of wonder and witchcraft existed a great evil, the Necromancers. Necromancers could control the dead using them as shells for great evil, these undead would be completely controlled by the Necromancers, with this ability they controlled the known world but that, that was the tip of the iceberg. They had much worse powers.
Only a few brave warriors would stand up to terrible witches and all failed, the Necromancers had armies that grew every time someone stood up to them, everyone they killed they could turn into to undead, they were unstoppable, nearly. But, think about it, a bunch of powerful evil witches wouldn?t be allies.
Soon the Necromancers simply destroyed each and then turned the dead into undead, If you weren?t a Necromancer were as good as undead but still people escaped. Eventually the Necromancers nearly destroyed everyone until a great Druid by the Coatal stepped in and forced all the Necromancers on to wild lands where they would eventually destroy each other, or so he fought.
As the result of the great battle Coatal was eternally cursed never to face another Necromancer or face certain death. But when the most feared of all Necromancers, Haryl the count of evarel, entered the lands once again Coatal couldn?t let him bring terror again to the lands, he ran into combat relentlessly and suffered a most painful death, as his bones were separated from his skin and replaced by blood, Coatal was dead and Haryl was free to do as he pleased, it seemed all was lost, but there was hope, a group of warriors from every walk of life would join and eventually destroy the Necromancers, Permanently?

Here are the positions in the game:
The Druidic warrior(Me)
The Church knight
The Thief
The Adventurous Swordsman
The Priest
The EX-Necromancer

PM me if you want to be another class.

No oriental stuff
No god moding
Posts have to be two paragraphs

Here?s the character sheet:
Age: (16-35)
Appearance: (Height, weight, Hair colour, Eye colour ETC.)
Personality/Alignment: (Good, Evil, Lawful, Chaotic, Neutral)
Bio: (Not too long if it can be helped)
Special ability: Make it something that would suit your class and character.

This is my character.
Name: Mayan Shar
Class: Druidic warrior
Gender: Male
Appearance: height 5?9ft, Weight 173lbs, Eyes a bright green, hair is long and brown with streaks ofblack and he is quite muscular.
Personality/Alignment: Chaotic good. He gets angered often and is quite solemn
Weapon: Scimitar, a curved bladed sword.
Armour: he wears a hardened leather cuirass
Bio: he was still a boy when he was orphaned by a necromancer, he was took into the woods by a druidic woman and was raised to treat nature with respect, he was taught to destroy everything unnatural. When he was sixteen he decided to leave in search of a way to destroy the Necromancers, upon leaving he was given a Scimitar which he is still adept with.
Special ability: Entangle, He calls upon the earth and wilderness to immobilize the enemy with tree roots and other plant features, such as vines.[/font][/size]
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[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Garamond]Name: Aella Warren
Class: Ex-Necromancer
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: She's 5'8", weighs about 131 pounds, her hair is blond, and her eyes are blue. Pale skin.
Personality/Alignment: Chaotic. She's aloof and condescending to everyone to hide her fear of confrontation. When angered or extremely frustrated, she screams at the antagonist and often throws things. Hates to hurt undeserving people.
Weapon: A long, serrated dagger.
Armor: Soft leather outfit, enchanted.
Bio: One of the youngest Necromancers in recent memory, she was always uncomfortable with her gift. After being forced to slaughter innocents, she attempted to strip herself of her own power and ended up changing it into something worse; a spirit that follows her every move that no one else she has met can see.
Special ability: She can heal herself by vampiricly sucking someone's blood, giving her an empathic look into their memories and thoughts.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Jyn Lightbringer

Class: Church Knight

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is tall, about 6' 6". He has a heavily muscled and toned body, from hours of training. Dark black hair falls down around his shoulders. He has dark brown eyes.

Personality/Alignment: Good. While he believes in good in all its forms, he does not consider laws to always be necessary. He upholds all that is righteous.

Weapon: Broadsword

Armor: He wears no armor, believing instead that God will protect him.

Bio: He was still a child when the necromancers were warring, and grew up in fear. He found reprieve from his fears in the church, and began training to destroy creatures of evil. By the time he was twenty, he had already seen battle with undead creatures.

Special ability: Jyn can call upon the powers of God to protect him and his allies. The effect is like having a barrier in front of them, making them harder to hit.
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Name: Specter
Class: Theif
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Height-5'9", weight-145, Hair colour-black, Eye colour-yellow(werepanther)
Personality/Alignment: Good
Weapon: 13" dagger
Armour: Mythril shoulder and chest plates
Bio: Before he was transformed Specter had been like any ordinary thief, human. He was trying to steal a gem, called The Eye of Darkness, from a sorcerer. In the process he was attack by the sorcerers familiar, a panther. When he touched the gem he was fused with the panther, hence his current form.
Special ability: Voice of the Jungle, Night-eye.
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Wow I was going to abandon the idea and when I came home today I found that yous three had joined, thanks by the way.

Here are the positions in the game now:
The Druidic warrior(Me)
The Church knight (Lord Rannos)
The Thief(Ghost)
The Adventurous Swordsman
The Priest
The EX-Necromancer (Zhara)

We could start or wait for two more people.
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[SIZE=2][COLOR=darkorange]My character:
(Joining as the holy priest)

Name: Sabre Salamen

Class: Priest

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: Sabre is 5'11" and 188 lbs, he is well-built but not extremely muscular or anything of the sort. He has shaggy brown hair that slightly covers his bright green eyes. He wears the regular priest uniform, a long flowing white robe, but instead of a stripe of purple as the christians would do or a line of black as would the lutherans, he has a line of Red down his robe. He wears brown sandals as his shoes.

Personality/Alignment: Chaotic Lawful, he will enforce what is right, no matter the consequence.

Weapon: disguised as a large cross on his back, when he grabs the shorter part of the cross it slides out of the sheath, revealing that it is actually a sword crafted from pure White Ivory and Steel. He wears a smaller cross around his neck, and wedged into his red sash that wraps around his waist is a bottle of holy water, next to a small bible. He walks with a cane carved from and Olive Tree that he can use if he needs.

Armour: Under his robe is a full plate of mail made from titanium plated metal, light weight, but still effective.

Bio: Sabre was first attacked by the necromancers while he was preaching to his church. Many people were defenseless and hid behind the priest. Some tried to be heroes and were slaughtered, since not many physical means seemed to be working Sabre held out his cross and began reading the bible. Immediately the Demons all reacted wildly going into a mad fit of rage. One dove at him and missed, landing in a pool of water, it was immediately boiled to a crisp.
"Hmmm..." He pondered on this for a while. "That wasn't just regular water, that was holy water."
Sabre crouched down and began to furiously bless the ground around them, the holy ground was already blessed for the most part, and increasing this just a bit stopped the demons from being able to enter at all. However though they were safe for now, they were still trapped in their own forcefield. That was untill a group of people arose and slaughtered all of the undead. It was then that Sabre was enlightened, he heard gods voice telling him that if the necromancers were not destroyed then he would have no choice but to flood the world. From then on, Sabre knew that he had to do anything he could to stop the world from coming to an end. Thus, he joined the few brave warriors that dared to battle these abonimations of the earth.

Special ability: Sabre can bless things like the ground to stop demons and other things from passing, however, each type of substance needs a specific item to be blessed, for example cloth can be blessed with water, dirt can be blessed with leaves, stone can be blessed with sand, etc.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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If you could, go ahead and call me a Necro-hunter, if you could. PLEASE, that would really kick some bootwa.

Name: Raynor Azuled

Class: Adventurous Swordsman

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: height, 6'2". Weight, 145 lbs. Albino, white hair, red eyes. Large scar across right eye. Thinks of self as Deliverer of Judgment towards all forms of evil. Many tattoo?s over body. Resemble Celtic Knots.

Personality/ Allignment: Chaotic Revenge. While every adventurer needs to have skills, I base mine off of a somewhat "unique" basis. When most see me for the first time, they can?t help but think Assassin. Although, I am no such thing. Yes, I have killed my fair share of men, but all were to be struck down by tribal laws, I just delivered the verdict.

Weapons: I carry a variety of knives. Ranging from the throwing daggers that line the inside of my trench coat, to my trademark "Deliverers". By this, I mean the three large knives I carry hanging in order on my spine. The are all a uniform size of 15" long. They resemble a backwards 9 when held by the handles within the circle of the nine.

Armor: My armor pertains to a full black set of leather armor, each piece created from the belts of my people. The buckles align themselves down my spine, and on either side of my legs and arms. My face is covered with the black clothe my mother made for me on my birthday, two days before the attack. All that shows of mine is my white hair, and my red eyes. This is the form of Judgment.

Bio: As the necromancers destroyed most others, my tribe was more than common with the moving process. I belong to a nomadic tribe that lives on the plains just east of the Ocean. We were all okay, until that one day. Cliché-like as it may seem, my whole tribe came under attack during our meeting with the elder. He warned us of a great evil coming to cleanse the unrighteous of us. Little did we know that the evil would come the moment our elder's sentence was completed. The undead ran in every which way. Through the battle, my mother father managed to hide me. Later though, the barrel broke open, exposing me to a field of undead, mostly my comrades just recently slain. My mother came towards me, bleeding from her right hand. She looked at me with cold eyes, those not of a mother. She then raised her hand. At that instant, I could do nothing. She mouthed the words," Kill...me..." I could do such a thing. She then hit me, causing a great gash over my right eye, starting at mid-forehead to the bottom of my jaw bone on the right. She scratched my pupil, iris, and the white of my eye too. It filled with blood, burning, stinging. But nothing could ever amount to the pain I felt when I finally drove that spear through the moving corpse of my mother. Since that day, I have promised my mother to make the world cleansed of sin. I continue my promise daily, and I will never rest until I destroy every last one of those Necro-bastards. Judgment shall be dealt from these hands.

Skills: Extremely fast. I am a self taught man who wishes to harm none except those of the Necromancer cult. I hunt each down. I have heightened sight, remarkable hearing, and as stated earlier, extremely fast reflexes. Strength is not a priority of mine, because I can dodge. I strike my enemies down with swift, precise, and accurate attacks, most aiming for the neck, whether the spine, throat, or jugular veins. Each night I pray. To cleanse the ground I use the signet of a pentagram on the ground, followed by a Celtic cross within the center. I pray for those that were killed the day I was liberated.
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O.O.C. If its ok i would like to be a nun if not than its cool.

Name:Gail Tetsuko


Age: 22


Appearance: [IMG] [url]http://psico.bitacoras.com/imagenes/dibu1.jpg[/url] [/IMG]

Personality/Alignment: Good,Gail is very careing an loveing.She will go out of her way to help others an puts her life last.She is cheerful most of the time youll ralely see her with a frown.

Weapon:Gail is very good in medicean,she normally uses throwing needles they have holy water in them.Also she uses small blades that look like crosses they curvs a little at the end.

Armour: Under her clothes she wares a silver chest plate.

Bio: Gail was born in a small town.She grew up with her dad,after her mother died her father became a preist.She grew up around nuns an preist,when she got older she studied to become a nun.Then the necros came an killed her father an village she escaped an trained more an became good at close combat.

Special ability: ability to detect evil,she gets a headach an also she can see throug demons disguises.
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That's fine, You can start posting in the Adventure square, It's the first thread on the 2nd page, someone please post?

All the places are filled but There's is some others if anyone else wants to play.
Wizard(not a necromancer)
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