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deep in the mountains of Vorcic there is a hidden cave known has the chasam of the Lost it is a place of very great magic both good and evil. One day Keith Valc traveled up the Ebon Mountain to reach the next town when a violent storm struck he had found refuse but it was in the Chasam its powerful magic had earased his memory and flung him a great distance away his memory still evades him but the some of the Chasams good magic gave him a gift he became half demon with excellecnt sword talent and powers over light all he knows is in order to restore his memories he must travel all the way back to the chasam with his lost memory he goes by a new name Zeek. Others also wish to journey to the chasam for there own reasons. There is an evil Sorceress name Ivy a master at illusions and Conjouration who wishes to harness the chasams power and take over the world she knows the prophey that if Zeek regains his memories he will know how to destroy the magic of the cavern so Ivy tries to detour Zeek while searching for the cavern she uses any means conjouring up monsters to kill him to maidens to seduce him.

your part is to journey with him to the chasam for your own reasons

Race(human,Demon,Angel,Ghost,Dragon,also can be halfs of everything execpt ghost)
side:Good or Evil
History (Must include reason for journeying to the chasam)

Name: Zeek
Race:Half Fox Demon half human
Apperance:Has long black hair and dark blue eyes white skin with a pointed face about 6 feet he wears a grey t-shirt and and blackpants sometimes wears a black overcoat and black hat he has dark black and grey shoes
history:is explianed above
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]I am afraid I will have to close this thread, as it doesn't have a rating in the title. All RPs must have ratings. You are free to repost this RP, just make sure you place the correct rating in the title.

Information on thread ratings and the suchlike are in the Inn and Square's sticky, and also [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44318]here[/url]. Just read through them, and apply the correct rating to your RP. Feel free to PM me with any questions.

Also, good grammer, puncuation and spelling are advised. Please try to make the back-story a little longer, and use the correct grammar.

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