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A thousands years ago,a war waged across the stricken lands of Riaon.Blood was shed and many were killed when 10 bursts of light shot from the sky and took form of 5 men and 5 women;each with wings and hair that glinted with briliant colors.They stood in front of the raging demons and humans,raising their hands to the war.The humans stopped in their tracks and demons glared at the mighty Dragon spirts.The war had stopped yet the hatred of each other still raged with a blaze.Now...a thousands years later,the fight begins again and this time...the spirts are the ones being attacked by the combined forces of evil and good.~~~

Okay,I'll post the characters and if you don't want them,make your own up.If you are,heres the stuff ya need:

What they look like:

Okay...here are the characters:

Name:Marilinda (Mari-Lee)
Raceragon-spirt of fire
Bio:Marlinda was born from the raging flames of a dying village.Her life is shadowed by mystery and darkness,and is the only one who is actully never tooken serious by the great Elders of Syrian.She strives to be the better of all the other Dragon-spirts.She is the youngest of all the Dragon-Spirts.
Powers:She can control a blazing fire and set people on fire with her mind.One look into her flaring eyes will pull you into a never-ending spell of torture.(only if you make her mad enough)
Personality:The baby of the clan,she is more mature than everyone else.She is soft spoken and can be a little reckless at times.She be hard-headed and a bit on the crybaby side.
Weapons:A creasent blade with stars and flowers embeded into the blade.She is a master at weilding it and anyone else who touches it will be placed under a curse.
What they look like:Bright flaring red eyes.Her midnight black hair is highlighted with bright red and white.She has two red and black slashes on each side of her face.She always wears a red flowing dress and a black tank top.

Raceragon spirt of water
Bio:Brockthilo's power came to him when he was a tyke,not even able to walk.His mom tossed him into a river and when he was about to drown,a light with warmth and life came to him and gave him a choice.He didn't understand because he was so small but he choose to have whatever it wanted inorder to survive.So,he became the Dragon-spirt of water.His past is dark and evil and it was said that he turned from the good and went evil.Now,he is only half good and evil because he finally figured that all dark cannot survive with out evil.
Powers:His powers are to make his oppenet think he is suffocating in a tsunamie of water and actually passout.
Personality:He is the competive one in the clan and likes to crack jokes on Marlinda.He is the only one that has avtually become evil yet turn back to the light. He is hotheaded and loves to rush into the midst of battle.His competive side has earned him the scar under his eye and down his arm(right).
Weapons:A double bladed sword that can cut anything.He transfers his water power into his sword for a more frontal attack from his powers.
What they look like:He has spiky light blue hair that almost looks silver and crystal clear blue eyes that look like pools of water.He wares a light blue vest and black baggy pants.He has a tatto on his left arm the symbolizes the evil and good forces.

Age:22(really looks 17)
race:dragon spirt of electricity
Bio:Kannala was one of the first dragon-spits confronted by the Elders.With her young appearance,she is actually the second oldest of the clan.It is once said that Kannala used to be half human and demon untill the thunder god took pity on her, giving her his ever power and strength.Upon this,she had gained his Dragon-aura,starting the Dragon spirts clan.
Powers:Summon the most intence surge of electricity and unleash it all in a tyrant of waves.
Weapons:She has wrist blades in the shape of lighting bolts.
Personality:Wisest of all ten,she is strong-willed and never gives up on a challenge. She is independent and likes to go traveling a lone.Sometimes,she gets annoyed at Brockthilo for teasing Marilinda.
What they look like:She has peircing gold eyes and bright blonde hair.She wears the emblem of the Thunder god and wears a yellow cloak to hide her giant wings.

Post more laters.
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Name: Hirokita Shroki (Hiro)
Race: Demon
Bio: A demon with the power of metal he saw how the spirits were being treated betrayed his clan and hid them hey gifted him with there powers of sorts he's not as poweful but he is trusted
Powers: can take control of natural metals and meld them into weapons and shoot them in energy blast
Personality:is good-hearted and kind he is trusted by the spririts he helped them because he knew that destroying them was wrong now his clan of fox demons hate him and want to killed
Weapons: twp swords meled from steel and the magical metal Esfisho has power to shapeshift to differnt weapons
What they look like: has gold-yellow ears and amber eyes dark purple hair has grey wings smaller than other sprits wears grey robe and blue hakama pants wears blue sandels
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Okay...ur In.Here are some more info on characters.

Race:Dragon-spirt of earth
Bio:Lexious was a lone wolf demon with an ability to talk to nature.Kannala saw his ability and decided he would make a good Dragon-spirt.So,she offered him a choice.Become a Dragon-spirt or stay the way he is and become a Dragon-Aura,which is like half Dragon-spirt with half of the abilites.Lexious choose to be Dragon-Spirt so he became on and is the second one to be part of the Dragon clan.
Powers:Can shuroud his oppenent in a whirlwind of flower peteals that will make his oppenent paralyzed momentarily.He also has the ability to keep his wings out or in.
Personality:He is calm in any situation and is the only one who isn't trusted by the Elders.He likes to stop the bickering of Brockthilo and Marilinda.The only time he looses his cool is when Brocktihlo picks a fight with him and his sister.
Weapons:He carries a rod with a blade on the end and when he swings it around,cherry blossom petals fal from it and make every one calm and kind.
What they look like:He and some one else are the only ones that actually look like who they were before the were chossen to be a Dragon-spirt.He has light green hair and bright green eyes that glinter when he's really angry.He wears a black cloak and underneath it he wears a green shitr and black pants.

Race:Dragon-aura of ice
Bio:She is the only one out of all ten of the Dragon-spirts that actually choose to be a Dragon Aura.She is the younger sister of Lexious and she likes Brockthilo very much.She will do anything for him and it seems he is the only one that will actually nice to her.Her mother is an Elder and her father is a wolf demon.She loves to be in the cold and because of that,Kannala decided that Lexious shouldn't be without his sister and she gave her the same choice as Lexious.Larxeana choose to be a Dragon-Aura instead and is trusted by her choice.
Powers:Sheer cold and Blizzard.She can summon giant points of ice to hit her oppenent.
Personality:She is very quite and doesn't like to speak her mind and when she does,the Dragon spirts are surprised at how smart she truly is.
Weapons:She has a sword that the blade is pure white.
Whattheylooklike:She has long white hair and peircing white eyes.She wears a long white dress and she has a tatto on her right arm.

Post more later...
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Name: Meteo Dragoon / Shuma
Race: Demon
Bio: Meteo has been an aloof demon who did what he wanted to. He helps those in need and dissapears with the swords of storms and luminescense. Meteo slashes through both humans and Demons that have done wrong to others as he sees them. Meteo has followed the Dragon Spirit warriors in the while he is in the shadows. When Meteo becomes angered he becomes a powerful. evil, coniving demon known as shuma.Shuma reincarnates in one child once every hundred years. Meteo was the unlucky child since he looks like him just lighter toned, different colored eyes and with darker hair. They (Meteo and Shuma) both want the war to end so they decided to join forces with the dragon spirits. Whenever Shuma and Meteo take over the body the skin, hair, and eye color change.
Powers:although he isn't blessed by the Dragon spirits with there powers meteo has the expierience with dual Sword wielding like a master of every martial arts known to man. Also if he chooses to use Lumina's spells he can do light fireballs, control water to put out weak fires, Removes poisonous clouds around him, knock down boulders near him (about 4 yards away max), and hover for a limited amount of time if not hit. Shuma on the other hand has the strength of an S class Demon (Which is one of the strongest known demon groups). Shuma favorite technique is called "End all be all" which sens out a wave of flames that decimates all that he wants.
Personality: Although Meteo is aloof he is kind hearted and Shuma is just the opposite they respect each other. Meteo prefers fighting with his swords and sword techniques while shuma uses his brains and his abilities and strength.
Weapons: Mainly he uses two swords the meteor Sword known to some as the sword of storms and Lumina a.k.a the sword of Luminescence
What they look like: Meteo has shoulder length brown hair that cover his pointed ears. Meteo keeps lumina strapped to his back unless he decides to fight. Meteo keeps the Meteor sword on his side. Meteo wears a Black jacket and a black Tank top. Meteo's eyes are normally a green color but change into a dark red when angered. Meteo has black pants and black shoes Meteo skin is a light tan. Shuma is a darker tan than meteo. Shuma's hair is white and eyes are red. Shuma's clothes are the same as Meteo's at all times.
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