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RPG Full Metal Alchemist: Blood of the State [PG-VL]

Sir Gawain

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It's been more than twenty years since the nearly forgotten Ishbalin massacre. The people of Isbal were scattered, but alive. Over time, they came back together in small settlements, but were still hunted by some members of the military who couldn't forget the taste of blood so easily.
Now, due to the reemergence of the Ishbalins in a new home, the State has seen fit to order a second war. Some strong souls will be made famous in the coming war, but before it begins they must remove their greatest obstacles, two young men with nothing more to live for than to protect the Ishablins. That struggle is soon to begin.

Michael Morris sighed and slid down the slope of the mountain to the calm flatness of the plateau. It was a long way back to the main Ishbal provence, and he had barely been moving for two hours.
"My luck sucks. Even forgot to bring any water. WHY!" he cried at the setting sun. He had been chased out of town by some alchemist's buddies who got showed up in a shooting match. Michael had shot out the poor guy's left kneecap out from twenty paces.
"Why, why, why?" he said again, running his cold metal fingers through his hair. He noticed a small figure in the distance, like a little person against the glowing sky. "Oh, crap." he said, retrieving his pistols from their hidden holsters. Running forward, he never raised his weapons, but was always silently aiming for when he would.
He jumped from rock to rock to the bottom of the plateau and back onto the seemingly endless desert. The figure was growing larger, slightly, but not so much that he could see the person's face. Running between the dunes, he prepared for what could be a messy battle. Sometimes alchemists weren't known for their system of honor. But if it wasn't an alchemist, then there wasn't much danger.
"Get down!" he yelled as he popped over the dune. The figure just stood and stared, like it was unafraid of having two guns being pointed straight at him. Uh oh, was the first thing that came to mind.

*Alright, everybody! Have fun! There's a small town to the south east and a mountain north of the town, which is where this whole thing began. The railroad goes northwest to south east to the next town. Remember the rating when posting. Language is fine, as is violence. Nothing else.*
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Isis and Itsu walked the desert searching for there next gig "ya know Isis with the war comin both sides will want are help" Itsu said "if you want to help the ishbalians for free sinse there your people I'll help too its nderstandable seeing as there your people" Isis said "Screw the Ishbalians for all I care I'll work for the highest bidder" Itsu said "Well now thats the spirit, once we reach the next town we'll put out an add for each side sayin will work for the higher paying side just think on how much will get" Isis said he smirked "wanna make a bet" Itsu said "what" Isis said he looked over interested "I bet you $10 we'll be workin for the state" Itsu said "and why's that" Isis said "because the sate is loaded with plenty of cash and they want to take out the ishbalins badly" Itsu said "We'll then I accept The state may have money but there greedy as hell so they wont offer much the ishbalians are outnumbered so they'll give alot for our help" Isis said they shook hands "deal" the said in unison as they approached the next town they saw a commsion a figure was standing there as 2 guns pointed at him the gunner looked and saw the them "you two get on your knees" he shouted "now kid dont be messin with us we're mercenary's dont get yourself killed" Isis said he rolled his sleeve up
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Kyoske looked down from his pearch, at Michael, pointing his guns at another person,"Stupid idiot is gonna get himself killed." He shook his head as he began to walk down the high point, twards where the three people were.

A few moments later he was standing behind Michael, him not even noticing.

"I said get down! now do it!" was all he said as he pointed the guns at the other peoples heads. Kyoske watched as the guy started to smile and started to walk over to where Michael was."Hold it!" Kyoske looked around the corner agian, still not noticed then decided to let them know he was there. He walked out behind the rock and stopped next to Michael as the other guy stopped and loooked at Kyoske.

"Kyoske? What are you doing here? I thought you were with the group." Kyoske smirked as he began to walk twards the unknown male,"Scouting. Get down." Kyoske let his cape forld around him like a sheild as he stopped, stairing deep into the guys eyes."Name. What is it?" The guy just looked at him and shook his head.

"Its Isis. And yours?"

"Kyoske" He looked from Isis to the girl behind him and then back to Isis,"Hers?"

"Itsu. Tell me Kyoske, wasnt it? Why are you helping him? You dnt look like an Ishballin." The girl said as she walked next to Isis.

Kyoske rub his hands together under the cape as he made his face go blank,"I have my reasons. As do you for trying to hurt him in the first place, no?" He glanced back at Michael, who was just watching the whole thing,"Why are you still here?"

"I am not gonna let you take them both on at the same time."

"Fine." Kyoske looked back at Itsu and kept his gaze for a few seconds.[I]Just my luck, shes kinds cute. Oh well, time for us to leave.[/I] "Michael, you ready to leave?" He turned to michael, who just looked at him blankly.

"What are you talking about? I seriously doubt that they are just gonna let us leave like that." Kyoske began to walk away as Michael started to fallow."How do you know that they arent gonna get you from behind?" Kyosje stopped ant looked at him.

"Because, neither of us want any bloodshed right now. especially if it can be avoided. They arent gonna do anything harsh." He turned to the mercenarys," When we meet agian, hopefully, we will be on the same side." After he said that he turned back around and began walking in the direction he came from.
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"Hey, I could've handled 'em." Michael protested.
"Riiight. They're not just soldiers. They're like us, strong and smart." Kyoske replied. "And anyways, why the hell were you going to fire at them in the first place?"
"Well, uh, I. You win." he replied sheepishly. It actually hadn't been a good idea to turn fire on someone in the middle of the desert. He slipped one of his guns back into its holster, but twirled the other in his right hand as the two walked. He narrowed his eyes, remembering why he had to fight.
"Arms hurting?" Kyoske asked. Michael shook his head. It was a bad joke, seeing how he didn't have real arms. He had used it once during a firefight to scare the enemy. Automail use had gone down considerably in the past few years, so shooting someone in the arm and them not bleeding meant you were in trouble.
"Let's grab a bite to eat. My treat."
"Like it would be any other way!" Kyoske smiled and headed through the gates of the town.
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"Hey wait up" Itsu said the one named Kyoske turned around the other one glared "we have been walkin threw the desert fr about 3 days we are almost out of food may we join you for lunch we'll pay for ourselves by the way I'm Itsu and he's Isis you were preety smart to put down your weapon Isis is an ex-state alchemist you would've been dead before the bullet reached us" she said Isis followed behind her silent "sure you can join us" Kyoske said "yeah yeah whatever" the other boy,Michael said both Kyoske and Itsu laghed and Isis and Michael were slient glaring at each other
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Celia looked towards the door as she saw a group of people enter and she sighed, [I]There goes my break.[/I] She stood and waved them over to a table and they all sat.
"What do you want?" She asked the man at the end of the table who had two gunbs on his side. Normally she would be supsious but considering the tmes she thought of it as normal. Even she carried around weapons for another reason other than for her job as a waitress. Its only temporary, she reminded herself and thought back to early morning when the group of men she was serving tried to pull some crap. She had slashed one of them with her dagger and the others left. They had been State Alchmists not that it would of made any difference. She saw that they were staring at her and rembered that they needed menus so she grabbed some from the empty table behind her and tossed them at them.
"Hurry up..., please." She sighed and stared at the ceiling and waited for there orders.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Teal]Tai stood at his commanders window and waited patiently for his return. He stared out the window into the desert of the north west. The sun gleemed upon the earth and the grass and he remembered the time he spent and waited to feel the blood of the Ishbalans. ?Ah the smell of blood is as sweet as a rosemary.? He murmured to himself. Just after he had his moment of solitude his commander walked in. ?Welcome commander.? He said with a solitary salute.
?Good day Tai.?
?I heard you requested me in your office sir. Is there a matter that must be notified??
?Calm down Tai. I wish for you to do a simple assignment.? There was a bit of eagerness in Tai?s eye but that left shortly after. He gazed as his commands were about to be told. ?Your assignment is to find these personnel in the desert. Then help them get to the northwestern station. After you do that you will be free to continue the second portion of your assignment. Here are the papers and read them well. I hope you won?t let me down.?
?No sir.? He gave another salute as he tucked the folder in his left arm and left chest. After that he left to the train station. He had some time to think for himself after he boarded the train. *Me on a life saving type of assignment. Why this is most outrageous. I will just have to live through another one of these.* The train wizzed by a few houses and was in the middle of the desert very soon.

-3 hours later

Tai has almost fallen asleep and he is waiting impatiently for his stop. The sound of the speaker wakes him. ?Attention passengers now arriving at the mid desert city. Please deposit all garbage in the nearest trash receptacle and have a nice day.?

?A nice day? I have to save a couple of soldiers from a desert tragedy.? He said getting off the train. He went to the cargo car and pulled out a few canteens of water and a big bag of supplies. He headed straight to the desert where there was not but sand dunes as far as the eye could see. *I better get a raise for this.* He thought hopefully.

?Three steps in the desert plus one thousand equals one thousand three steps in and I can?t find anyone!? he said with his voice maddening at the end of the sentence. A small sound was heard over one of the dunes. ?What? Finally.? He ran over to find a small group of people walking along the bottom of the dune for shade. He stood over them for about ten seconds not one of them noticing him like they were some kind of desert zombies. ?Welcome to your way out of this desert.? He said with a small whisper to himself. ?Hey you down there.? They stared up at him. ?Are you Kyoske and Micheal.? They finally started to answer.
?Yeah what is your business out here?? The one that looked like Kyoske said.
?I?m here to take you to the mid desert area city.?
?Finally some shade and good service.? The one that seemed to be Micheal said. Tai gave them some water and some food for the way back. As they trudged off Tai saw another member. It was a girl.
?Who might you be ma?am.? Tai asked courteously.
?My name is Itsu.? She said while turning her head to him and then back in the direction they were headed. The city was visible and they could almost feel the water.

-Mid desert city.

They stopped at a local bar. The ac in the room was great. They headed over to a table and sat down. A young woman was staring at them with a little disgrace in her eye but she realized something pretty quick. Tai heard something about menus. He was correct he was given a menu from her. ?Well?Celia I would like a full glass of your scotch and have some of that smoked ham. Orders?? Tai said quite annoyed having to join a group.
?Well I?ll have a small bagel with some brandy.? Kyoske said.
?And I will have the rum and bread. Itsu??
?Oh I won?t have anything.? She said looking at the table.
*What is with her and him? I?m sure I should keep my nose out of it.*
?Coming right up.? She said with a I-can?t-believe-how-easy-that-was kind of voice to her.

-thirty minutes later.

They had all eaten except for Itsu. The waitress came back to give them their bill. Micheal put down the money for the bill while Tai gave a twenty dollar tip while expecting a raise. They started to get up but the waitress was back. ?I?ll take these.? She said while picking up the bill and tip. They left and the sun was as hot as ever.

OOC: I hope this works for everyone.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Celia looked at the large tip and sighed. She stood at the bar and follwed the poeple as they walked out the door.
"Hey, Celia!"
She turned towards a burly man with a kind face.
"What, Caleb?"
"Thake the rest of the day off. Things are slowing down and you've been working hard."
Celia grinned and rushed towards the door and stalked out. The warm dry air hit her suddently as she exited. She grabbed a vile of a blue liquid from her side and drank it. The dryness in her mouth dissappeared and the air around came cooler and she walked slower. She grinned at her own remedys and saw the people she had served walking. She walked slowly behind them and looked around the street. Even though it was hot many people were out and about, young children were running around and playing with a broken water main. She smiled at the children's play as she followed the group.
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after eating Isis and Itsu were still in company of Michael and Kyoske a man named Tai had joined them "by the way you look your a solider right" Itsu had asked Tai "yes" he repiled well then when you return to whoever your boss is give him this" Itsu said it read

[B]Mercenaries Isis And Itsu holding bids for service in the war will work for highest bidder fee negotions will be held shortly after [/B]

"so you two are mercenaries eh?" Tai said
"that's right best there is" Itsu said
"Hmph we'll do whatever mission you want as long as we get paid" Isis said
"you look familar" Tai said
"Have you ever heard of the Amber alchemist" Isis said
"Yeah isn't he the guy who mainly did desert missions and helped that ishbalin girl from beig killed" Tai said
"Yeah that was me" Isis said
"I'm just a run away with sword powered by his alchemy" Itsu said "now all we gotta do is find someone on the ishbalin side to give the other letter" she said
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Kyoske stopped and looked from Itsu to Tai,"I thought that you were part of the state. Tell me agian why you are traveling with us."

"Well, to bring you here, to the city."

"Why? Normally we have nothing to do with the state." Michael said, putting a hand on one of his guns.

"That is something that I have no permision to explain to you two. I am just doing what I was told to do." Tai said looing straight at Kyoske and Michael.

"Michael, I dont know about you, but I feel that its about time to leave this dog of the state." Kyoske said as he walked over to Isis and Itsu."You want to give a flyer to an Ishbalin? I'll show it to one." Itsu handed him a letter.

"So, where are you going?" Isis said?

"Home." He walked back over next to michael and smirked."Ready?"

"Yeah, whats your plan?"
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Michael noticed the waitress following them when they had their backs to the sun. Her shadow was falling just slightly lower than theirs, but there wasn't much use in trying toget rid of a straggler. Just had to let them find their own way home.
"No plans really. Just gotta get a vehicle and make our way back." Kyoske interrupted his thoughts.
"Yeah, what kind of vehicle? Needs to be fast, doesn't it?"
"Just fast enough." Kyoske smirked. Michael would know what that meant.
"Can't. Motorpool's heavily guarded now. My fault. If you really want it then you'll have to steal it."
"Hold on!" Tai said. "You two have to come with me. Papers never mentioned whether you had to be dead or alive, so don't make my job harder."
Michael glanced at Kyoske who nodded. Michael tossed one of his guns high in the air and let the other three's gazes follow it while he fired his second at Tai's feet. The soldier stepped backwards the same instant Michael caught his gun and began running after Kyoske.
"No you don't! Hold on, I have my orders!" Tai screamed.
"Hey, Itsu, Isis! If you hold him off I'll leave you payment where we first met!" Michael called over his shoulder. The two mercenaries hesitated, but grabbed Tai and flung him to the ground. Itsu pinned him and Isis disarmed him. "Hold on," she said suddenly. "He never mentioned how much!"
"Does it really matter? I've got a feeling that he's got deeper pockets than some of the people we've worked for. Remember that guy who tried to pay us in milk?" Isis cringed at the though, "And if it's not enough, we'll find him and make 'em pay."
By this time, Kyoske had run three streets and was about to make a left turn towards the motorpool when Michael came up behind him. "What are you tired for? You don't even have real legs."
Panting, he could only manage, "Fuck, you." Kyoske laughed and grabbed Michael by the back of his coat and dragged him on past the turn. "You my friend will get us both killed someday!"
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"sorry about this Tai but work is work" Isis said Tai stuggled free "soory bout this" Isis said he put his hands on the ground gloden amber rose a wall stood in his way "sorry" Itsu said they leaped over the wall Tai grabed Itsu's leg ""let go now or die" she said he let go as they headed to the payoff spot
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Teal]?Now if you haven?t noticed I have my job to do. So if you don?t mind come with me. I don?t want any more crap pulled. Especially after...? Tai silenced all of a sudden and looked towards the ground with Isis in one hand and his brand new amber sword in the other. Isis looked at him and saw a chance to get away. Just as Tai?s grip loosened he bolted off. Tai then snapped back to reality. ?Hey get back here I need?there is no use. Dirty mercenaries and trouble. I?ll say it for the last time I?m not a life saver. Damn things I got to do for a raise.? Tai sighed and turned in the direction where Isis ran off. ?And I?m being followed by a waitress what more do I need?? He herd a small ?eek? behind him as he said that. He walked into his quarters that he was designated and right when he got in the phone was ringing. ?Hello?yes?I will need them?yes them too. Alright sir?alright?bye.?

-Train Station

Tai was waiting on the boarding platform for his new recruits on the way. The train stopped at precisely eleven o three. Troops got off and came straight to him. ?Sir what do you wish for us to do sir.?
?I need you to set up a perimeter around the train station and a few of the hotels here. You need to find these people. They are important to the military. Meanwhile I will be searching around with one military personnel and his companion. These Mercenaries will need to be captured. They are a valuable asset to us. Their abilities are great as far as their tactics go. Now move.?
?Yes sir.? All of them gave a salute and headed to their stations. His partner in the search then emerged from the train.
?Welcome sir. Please this way I will need to give you a brief.?
?No problem.? They walked into a bar but this time there was no Celia.
?Waiter I would like a scotch. Now as far as your mission here is sir you will need to help me find a couple of people. They ran off and I will be decommissioned if the boss finds out about this.
?Alright just hand me the photos and I will find them for you.?
?Great sir. I will be honored to have you accompany me for the time being.?
?Don?t worry, with this alchemist there is no problem I can?t handle.? They walked out together into the sun which was rather bright and Tai could still see out of the corner of his eye the young waitress.
?We will split up. I will take the east side and you can take the west.?
?Alright fine with me.?
?Thank you for helping us Full Metal Alchemist.?

-East side

It was getting dark and almost everywhere had been searched except for the sewers. Tai decided to retire for the night and catch them later. He sat on his bed hoping his commander wouldn?t call. Unfortunately for him he did. ?Hello. Oh yes commander. The search is going fine. Alright. Their flyer is with me now. It says they are mercenaries for hire. I understand. What do you mean? Of course. No I?m not questioning any authority commander. Alright. Good bye.? He hung up the phone in an angered manner. ?Damn it. Who does he think he is ordering me around like that. I can still smell it. The sweet rosemary smell, please guide me to the right path.? He said while sitting on his bed calming down finally. There was a knock at his door.

?Who is it??
?Sir we have a captive sneaking about our business.?
?Bring ?em in.?
?Let go of me or I will?hey you can straighten this out.?
?Celia?the waitress who served me at the bar today. Go leave us alone.?
?What do you want?Tai was it??
?Yes the name is Tai and you are in a rather bad mood.?
?Well I try to mind my own business when your guys jump me.?
?Right you mean you were minding your own business when you were following us around.? She blushed and looked at the ground and nudged her fingers together.
?No need to explain. I see you are interested in the military?s happenings.?
?No I wouldn?t want to know that. I mean who would want to be a dog like you.? She could see Tai got really angry from this small comment.
?I?am?no?dog. I?m not owned by the military. I am not only a personnel but this is my sentence. This is where I stand. This is how I am served. I live in jail. If you want to know why you won?t get an answer. But let?s just say that I?m a betrayal to both.? Tai could feel his emotions starting to hurdle out of control for a second. He got them under control after about five minutes. ?You may leave now. And if you find them mercenaries again, tell them a bit of advice that not all of the military are trained dogs.? She snapped back into reality.
?Wha alright.? She went out the door and Tai was left alone in his quarters waiting for this day to be over.

OOC: In the beginning that is before I let you go. I thought there should be more explanation of my character.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Celia frowned as she walked out after he converation with Tai. She walked down the hall afraid for the men the alchmist were after. She let an empty bottle slip from her arm band and grinned.
"He should have some 'pleasent' dreams tonight, if he can even fall asleep." SHe chuclked and darted out of the building and raced down the street towards a small shop. Once she reached it she opened the locked door with a key from her neck and walked in shuting the door after here. Herbs, pots, pans, and cauldrens were scattered arouns the room and she walked to stir a pot of green liquid. A remedy she was working on, it wasn't done yet but if her caculations were right it should be complete in a few hours. She grabbed a book on alchemy and sat down on the floor and began reading it while she awaited her potion to be finished.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Teal]In any case Tai was ready for some sleep. But he couldn?t get to sleep. It was all so confusing for him. What to do and the Elrics out there tracking down the mercenaries. ?I should get some sleep before tomorrow. But then again Celia does look like a relative of her. Even the rosemary is evident. She must make her own remedies, just as she did. But now all of that is gone. She couldn?t save herself from her own good. It pulled her in and now it is over.? Tai laid on the bed a fell asleep.

OOC: Requesting a Underground please.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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as the mlitary soliders marched Isis and Itsu hid in an alley "damn there presistent all they have to do is ask" Isis said look there's tai was" Itsu said Isis created a staircase of amber up to Tai "you know you didn't have to capture us we woulda came to see your offer once we got paid by Kyoske so have you made an offer yet or shall we come back later" Isis said he steped into the room where Tai was were "call off that search its not like we're criminals we're just doin are job" Itsu said
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Teal]Tai looked at his new guests. There was an amber staircase coming up to his window. Celia burst back in with a small bit of worry from the shattering of the window. Isis started to talk non sense. ?Believe me Isis I wish not to do this but I must bring you back with me.?
?What for??
?That is currently confidential.?
?Then you got no deal.? They were angered at each other having crossed paths once more.
?Now you are going to come with me or I will have to destroy you.?
?Dead or alive clause I guess??
?Correct.? Tai put his hands to the ground and made a sword. ?Now fight.? Tai said as he was ready to kill him.
?Stop it now!? Celia called out. ?You invade my town, you cause a fight amongst you two, and now you are going to murder each other.? Tai and Isis stopped. ?I want you two out of this town.?
?I?m sorry Celia but this is my job. I am not able to leave until I have these mercenaries under custody of the law.? Tai said before he noticed what he said. He started to sweat to see if they caught it.
?Hmm something about that sounded strange wouldn?t you say Kyoske.? Isis said looking down at him with an evil smirk. Isis and Kyoske ran off immediately after that along with the rest.
?Hey wait!? Tai was just going to go after them when something tugged on his shirt and he got clothes lined.
?There is no way I?m allowing you to continue this destruction in my town.? Celia said angered. She turned silent after that.
Tai sighed and looked at her in a gentle way. ?I?m sorry. If you have any problem you will have to wait until I get them in my hands.? She still stood there silent trying to keep it cool. Tai just turned then and walked down the amber staircase in the depth of night. ?You know you have the hint of rosemary attached to you. Do you make your own remedies?? Tai said before is torso was below the visible line of the window sill.
?What? Oh yes. But how does the hint of rosemary tell you that.?
?Hmm just something I know.? Tai walked down the staircase and jolted off into the middle of the night leaving Celia in his room with a broken window and a somewhat trashed room. He heard the small yell of ?What you are going to leave me responsible for this mess?? Behind him.

-20 minutes later

Tai darted a corner and ran into someone. ?Hey watch where you are going.? A familiar voice said.
?Itsu? What are you doing out here without the rest?? Tai wondered as he got his thoughts in order.
?I?m going for a midnight stroll.?
?Where is that friend of yours??
?You mean Isis. But why should I tell you??
?Itsu!? A voice said from behind Itsu.
?Isis!? Itsu said running to him.
?What are you doing here military dog. You won?t let up on our capture.?
?I told you that I?m not a dog.?
?You obey the military so you are a dog. It is absolute truth.?
?You anger me. And your in my way.? Tai said in his normal without anger voice.
?Oh then let?s see what you got.?
?I?m here not only for you Isis but the girl and Micheal.?
?What do you want with them.?
?They are Ishbalians and I am in my rights to do what I wish. I don?t wish to harm her but I won?t mind killing you in the process.?
?Damn military dog.? Isis said taking out two odd looking orbs. ?You won?t get Itsu or Micheal for that matter.? One of the orbs shot out a laser after a flash of light. Tai dodged it with ease.
?I told you I won?t mind killing you!? Tai shouted to Isis one last time. Isis just shot another shot. Tai sighed and branded a sword out of the earth made of a black coal with extremely precise edges. Tai charged at Isis. Another laser shot at him to mess with his path but was consumed in the sword that Tai made. The orbs then quickly dropped and turned into two swords in both of his hands. Tai swung at him. Obviously blocked Tai was struggling to get his sword near Isis?s face.
?This?ends now?dog.? Isis said struggling to keep Tai?s sword away. Once tired they both gave up and bounced backward. ?Your good dog but not good enough.? The orbs flew up in the sky again and shot lasers at him like a machine gun on the fritz. Eventually at Isis?s back side Tai got a glimpse of something on the orbs.
?Funny I thought this was all done by skill. Instead it is nothing but the cheap magic shows you go to.? Tai said charging at Isis again.
?You fool.? Isis said readying for another attack. The orbs dropped and Tai had an abnormal strike pattern. It looked like he was going to slice off an arm of Isis?s. Before Isis new it Tai had struck. His arm wasn?t bleeding at all and there were no cuts or scars. ?You missed.?
?Not exactly.? Tai said as Isis let go of his spheres to shoot lasers at him again. But this time they dropped to the floor. ?Funny that you put the two circles in the same spot. One for the levitation of the orbs. In other words you are using alchemy to make small but apparent particles in the air to make a wind tunnel of which the orbs can travel on. The second is the heating and shaping of the orbs. You make them into swords and they shoot lasers of highly heated air. You put the two circles on top of each other so it would only need one transmutation to make it fire and float instead of two transmutations to make one fire and one float.?
?You deduced that quite finely but I have succeeded. Itsu is now hidden and I will take my leave. Good bye military dog.?

OOC: To clear up any questions just ask or put it in the underground.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Ceia looked around the trashed room and cowered, "Ah, damn it! WHy does this always happen?" Celia turned as she heard a knock at the door.
"What's oing on in there?" A voice asked behind the door.
"Um, nothing."
"I heard a crash. Let me in!" Celia looked around and started towards the window before she left she placed her hands on the floor and a pot of lilies came up.
"Give me a minute!" Celia said as she jumped out of the window and ran down the street towards the fight. The door of the room fell down and the innkepper's jaw gropped as he saw to room and the perfect bunch of flowers sitting on the ground. Celia sighed as she ran.
"You bastard! Stop fighting already before you really ruin this place!" SHe shouted as he came into veiw. An orb went towards her and Tai pushed her out of the way.
"What the? What are you doing?" She snapped as she was pushed to the ground.
"Saving you!"
Even occured to you that maybe I didn't want to be saved by a [I]State [/I] Alchmist?" She said the word state with a bitter distaste as she stood and brushed herself off.
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"damn he's smart he's the only one to figure it out" Isis said he was running his two orbs dragged behind him he ooked as tai had saved Celia from getting hit "well maybe he not so much of a dog after all" he had said he ran to deyour Isis he left amber slicks to trip Tai up "in ths darkness he'll never see them" Isis said with a giant grin "I feel bad for doing this to such a good guy but he wants Itsu" Isis sudden;y stoped he quickly left a message chizzled into an amber sheet

[B]Dear Tai
I shall stop fighting if you stop chasing Itsu she might be Ishbalin but he dosen't give a shit bout them she's a runaway so if you stop thius fruitless chase I shall convice Itsu to cut the price of our service in half because the state officals are cheap as hell but if you do not stop I'll be forced to kill you when you've made your decion meet me at the Oasis just outside of town I dont want to destroy such a nice place until then seeya

PS. as for the other kid do what you will with him I dont care I'm just a mercenary


Isis left the sheet in plain view with a little light so he would notice
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OOC: digix, adult language is allowed so if you want you can finish the letter without asterixs. Its good to know that you're being careful though. Also, Silver Wolf Fang signed up so he's mentioned here to get him in the mix.

Kyoske and Michael met back at the State motorpool located in town. They had each been off on special errands.
"Did you find what you needed?" Kyoske asked first. Michael nodded and brought out all of his magazines of bullets. From time to time small arcs of blue lightining would be visible on them.
"Alchemically charged rounds. Whatever these babies hit isn't going to be there after the smoke clears, even stone. Did you find our little diversion friend?"
Kyoske smiled and let the large round figure walk from behind the building. The person had tiny white eyes, black sleeveless shirt, and very rounded features. "It was pretty hard to find them, but Lust said that we could use him for now."
"Is that it?" Glutton asked hungrily, drool dripping from the edges of his mouth. It had been a miracle that any of the humonculi had survived so long, many even belivied them to be dead. But these were copies of the originals, and this Glutton was just as hungry as the first.
Michael nodded and loaded the first rounds into his weapons. "Go in there, and get as many of the people in military uniforms that you can swallow. After we leave, you can finish up in here and get back." Glutton went into a giggle fit and almost gave away their position.
"Ready?" Kyoske asked, readying his weapon and peering around the corner. "One. Two. Go!" The three rushed around the building and caught the first three soldiers completey by surprise. Kyoske sliced through two and Glutton took down the last.
The next wave was larger and well prepared. Two State Alchemists transmuted a large cannon and a wall of steel in front of the group. Michel fired and watched as the bullets worked their magic. They had been charged by an alchemist to do alchemy themselves, and stop at step two, taking something apart. The cannon and the wall almost exploded and were out of the group's way in seconds.
"Have fun!" Michael said as Kyoske hopped into the nearest jeep that had keys in it. Glutton tore into the oncoming ranks as the two men rode out into the city streets. "Where're we headed now?"
"Rendeavous point. We're going to meet Damon."
"Damon? I don't think that's such a good idea."
"I'm driving, so it doesn't matter what you think." Kyoske finalized the argument. They had to pick up Damon before they left for the new Ishbal. Then they could convince the elders to hire Itsu and Isis, who they still owed money to.
"Ishbala, help us." Michael prayed, holding onto the edge of the vehicle.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Teal]Tai sighed at his newly escaped victim. He looked at Celia then back at the glinting amber streaks left in the moonlight. One of them contained a letter. Reading it Tai became calm and settled. ?At least I will still get a chance to talk to him. Maybe revealing the military?s secrets aren?t so bad.? Tai looked behind him to see Celia getting up after consuming a handful of dirt. Tai put away his brand new sword and walked towards Celia. ?I?m sor-?
?You bastard. You knocked me on the ground and gave me a mouth full of dirt to save me. I could have done that myself.?
?Still it means I saved your life and if this is the way you want to act about it fine. I am going to the oasis tomorrow in the morning and you are coming with. You have insulted an officer and now you are under my rule.?
?What no way!? I will stay put here. I won?t go with you.? Celia turned her back to Tai but he just grabbed her shirt and pulled her his way. It was only a couple of minutes until an explosion was heard at the motorpool.


Tai ran to the front of the motorpool and saw the place had been raided. Suddenly a jeep smash through the wall and take off to the north west. ?Holy crap. My town is being destroyed.? Celia said as the building was crumbling. Tai went over to check the area.
?Is there anyone hurt. Is there any killed.? There was a small laughter after that. It was kind of annoying.
?Oh they are all killed. No one left. And you look like a fine desert yourself!? The thing said as it rushed at Tai.
?I will not be any food to you.? Tai said as he pulled out his coal sword. One jump and a huge gash on the back and the now understood homunculi fell to the floor. ?Come on Celia it will only be a matter of time before he wakes.? Tai said tugging on her.
?If this is what is going to happen to my town then I shall have to reconsider that thought about me coming with you. For one I would like to walk on my own and secondly let?s get a vehicle.? Tai nodded and went inside and found a motorcycle not damaged in the building?s collapse. He revved the engine and went to the oasis.


Isis stood at the Oasis and Itsu was no where in site. ?I see you have taken precautions.?
?I have and now a straight forward fight.?
?Hold it. This time I came to talk. The fact that Itsu doesn?t give a care for the Ishbalens is better for us. Now we need to find their bases and blow them into the open. This is what was oh so confidential.?
?Thanks for the info. But I still won?t give Itsu up.?
?Fine.? Tai prepared to fight again.
?Come on no more fighting. I?m getting sick of this. There has to be peace at some point.? Celia said hopping out of the motorcycle.
?I do agree with you but there is no choice.?
?Choice? You have the choice to leave the military. You have the choice to fail your mission. You have the choice to do many things. But what I?m talking about isn?t choice it is the good of an individual.? Tai let out of his battle stance as did Isis.
?You may be right Celia but?never mind. I don?t give a care anymore. The military treats me like crap and I don?t get my way. That is what happens when you sell yourself to a bunch of over powered monkeys. But this is my punishment for not be able to able what must be revived.?
?What?? Celia said looking confused.
?It just means that I am to work for the military.? Tai stood in stance again and charged at Isis. With this quick assault Isis didn?t have time to block. He got a gash on his right arm. ?And as for mercenaries they are no better than the masters that they are paid by.? Isis was angered at this comment and reunited Tai with two familiar objects.
?This time I came prepared.? Tai struck at the balls again in the same way he did before. He struck the transmutation circles but they didn?t fall this time.
?What is this??
?These orbs are brand new. And they can?t be defeated by the naked eye.? Tai read a bit into what he said.
*By the naked eye he says. Well let?s see how invisible it is when I hack the orbs to pieces with some of my alchemy.*[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Celia crossed her arms as she stared at fight. It seemed like a repeat of the pervious fight that had onlt taken place a few hours eairler. Since this battle toke place away from the village she didn't really care. I f Tai died sghe'd be free to go but, the way he looked at her when they first meet suprised her. He looked at her as if he knew her which was a lie considering that the only state alchmist that she associtated with was her uncle and that was it. For a minute Tai looked woried but his worry vanished and his mind went to work. She fixed her shirt since when he had pulled her it got lumped together. With her boot she drew a transmutation circle in the dirt underneath her just incase she needed a barrier.
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"1st you wanna take my partner now you insult my line of work, geeze and I thoght you were more than just amilitary dog" Isis had said Itsu looked on from the small palm tree near the water she had hidden iside it as Isis had cocealed her pressence with alchemy "Isis" she said softly Isis was winning the fight Itsu had had just about enogh "STOP!" she shouted she stepped out of her hiding place her sword glisened in the sun as it lay on the ground "I've had it enogh fighting I'll go with you Tai do what you please with me just dont fight anymore" Itsu had walked over gently kissed Isis and surreded to Tai as he drove off with Itsu "Itsu" Isis said in a whisper he was crying Celia had earased the barrier circle "I'll give you a ride back to town" Isis said he pulled a mototr cycle out of Itsu's hiding spot his face was soaked with sweat and tears he grabbed Itsu sword placed in on his belt and drove back to town

"so Tai what are you planing to do with me" Itsu said
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Kyoske stopped the jeep next to a levy as he got out,"Were the hell is he? Damon! Get your lazy ass out here!" A secoind later a tall person in a trench coat stepped out from behind a rock.

"What took ya? I've been waiting here for a while." Damon said with a grin.

"I still dont think its a good idea to get him,"Michael said ,still sitting in the jeep.

"So what? We are here."Kyoske said as he turned and saw a bike with Isis and another girl on it."Michael, somethings wrong. Hes with the waitress girl. Something is verry wrong."

"Whos Isis? Any whats wrong with him getting laid?" Damon said looking at the bike.

"So what? Just because the girl isnt with him doesnt mean that there is troiuble."Michael said as he got out of the jeep.

"Damon, come with me, we are goping to check up on them, Michael, go to new Ishbal and try to find Scar. We will meet up with you later." Kyoske said as he began to walk twards the city, Damon fallowing.

"Dammit Kyoske. Just because you saw a girl you like, you have to play superhero." Michael said as they walked off.
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