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Art New Set SA: Trinity Blood - Crusnik 02 Abel Nightroad.

Hittokiri Zero

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New Set SA: Trinity Blood - Crusnik 02 Abel Nightroad.

Here is a new signature and avatar set I created spanning today and yesterday; the character is "Abel Nightroad" from the new anime series Trinity Blood.

The signature and avatar themselves are pretty much the standard you see from me now a days, a spiffy looking picture, coupled with some typography, and color/brightness adjustments here and there. I also lightly brushed some grunge-ish looking texture over the signature just to add to the overall feel.

Quick text overview:
- Crusnik 02 = Abel Nightroad is a Crusnik, a vampire who sucks the bloods of other vamprires. The 02 stands for his indentification(?) number.
- Abel Nightroad = Character's name
- Vatican = Abel Nightroad works for the Vatican.
- "Avert not thine eyes" = Some random phrase they say at the end of every episode preview >_>...

So yeah I just felt like pointing out that even the little things I do tend to have a hidden meaning :rolleyes:... No really they do >_>...

Anyway constructive criticism is appreciated.

[i](I'm not quite sure if i'm done with the signature yet I was planning on adding a little symbol or something at the end of "Hittokiri Zero")...[/i]

[b]edit: Signature and Avatar = The ones I am currently using.[/b]
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[COLOR=#7C0201][SIZE=1]I've been waiting for a chance to comment on your set. Guess today's my lucky day.

What can I say? It's got a good hi-res pic, excellent typography (that's what you call it, right?) and a harmonious color scheme. It's nigh impossible to mess up a good Trinity Blood pic.

Oh hey, those metallic tentacle thingies at the border, how'd you make those?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]I'd say both are pretty hot-stuff.

[b]Avatar[/b] is pretty good. I think the stock is what makes it so awesome, but the text you added in makes it look even better. But I don't like the font you used for "HZ."

[b]Banner[/b] is even better, probably because of the font placement. Again, I don't see my editing, but sometimes that's a good thing. I [B]love[/B] the font that you used for "HittokiriZero" and "02." What are their names?[/SIZE]
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Simply stunning the banner screams amazing it all flows so well and I really have no objections to this at all. The avatar is the same it flows, the colors go great with the character on the banner.
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