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Request Urahara Kisuke Sig/Av


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Hey everyone Im new to the forums and would like to request a new signature and av, The one I have currently are really old.

So if you dont mind this is what I would like.

Type Of Graphics - Signature, Avatar
Size - Sig: 400X100 ( Or the requirements for the forum ), AV: 150X80
Colors - Red and Black, Or Green and Black whichever you prefer
Text - I would like Ænigma somewhere and the quote "Awake Benihime" on ths sig.
Pictures - [url]http://www.bleachdj.com/info/soulslayer/kisuke.jpg[/url]
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[color=#550000][font=tahoma]That's what I came up with on a second attempt. The first one I showed you over MSN was horrible, this one seems to settle a little better with me. The only thing I couldn't do is your name. [/color][/font]
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