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Gaming .hack//G.U.

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there already is a online MMORPG of dot.hack called fragment but its char. creathon is very bad so there was alot of chars. that looked the same.
and if u look closeley at the gu trailer they have titles of the phases from the first dot.hack game so tri could be atticking them for a reason involving them

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.Hack//fragment isn't out yet and anyways
I looked up some things on .Hack//GU and it's coming out this summer "Yay closer then december"

The main Character is Haseo, followed by other characters ,Atoli, Ovan, Pai, Endrance, Sakubo, Yata, Kuhn, Tri-Edge

And that's not kite in the trailer his names Tri-Edge
The game's going to be kewl, but the new classes are going to make it different and more... Final fantasy like I guess, cause theres a gunner class

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