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Writing How Are Things? [E]


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[SIZE=1]This is a song I wrote quite some time ago. Although its finished, I'd still like to hear what everyone thinks of the writing

[CENTER]Don't let go
Cause it's all that you know
(And) What's it like
To go down with the ship
You'd better hold on
To the weight that's pulling you
So at least (that way)
You won't go down alone

If you can't beat 'em then join 'em
That's exactly what you did
Way to give in, Way to give up
You gave up on hope cause you couldn't believe in yourself

How are things
Now that you're not yourself?
When it ends
Will you be happy with your life?
I remember
All the things you used to say
(But) Don't sign the note
Sincerely if you never meant a word[/CENTER][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Its an acoustic song actually. [url]www.purevolume.com/foreverDOWN/[/url] if you wanna give it a listen. I do that sometimes, adding to many words, its hard to convey a complex feeling with a short statement that flows well in the song.[/SIZE]
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