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RPG X-Men RPG [U]sign up[/U] for Gambit,wolverine,magneto...etc.

Silver Mew

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This is sign up's for a X-Men RPG!I know there is already one but I wanted to do one to so sign up for X-Men chacters only...no made up ones.

Characters: (If I skip one you wanted I might make an exception.Just ask me)








8)Jean Grey:



First people who post get it!

Oh and the main characters are:

Rogue and Gambit but the rest will be in there A LOT to.:toothy:
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Matt:Stupid, there already is one...

Silent Nobility:It's better than this one will be

Moon Chaser:Ain't nuttin wrong with made up charactes thank you very much! *removes glove*

Silent Nobility:Save some for me!!!

Ken: Bah, ours is much better, we have the character's original powers

Leona:With adjustments!!

Silent Nobility:riiiiiiiiiiight

Matt:Might as well ask a moderator to close this thread... ours is better
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