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Writing If You Were Human... [E]


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[SIZE=1]How long's it been? Since I posted here? Long. I haven't written a poem in awhile, so I'm rusty, who cares? Anyways, this is about a friend... maybe a very small friend, but a friend. And I know this poem isn't too good (forgive me, midnight here as well), but I wanted to post it somewhere. I think it's... alright, but feedback, if you would:

[CENTER][U][B]If You Were Human - In Honour of Squash [E][/B][/U]

If you were human then I'd give you a second name.
I'd make you my family, because you should be.
You would be my best friend, my personal priest.
We would swap trading cards and get into trouble,
bring about mischief, get grounded too often.
All this if you were human, my friend,
though to me you'll always be the same.

If you were human then I'd play you music.
I'd ask what you like best, I'd ask if you like my bands, too.
You and I would hum melodies, not with my back-stabbing friends.
I'd laugh behind their backs like they do to me,
and with you at my side we'd pay them back.
We'd pay my debts together if you were human, my friend,
though you're you, special; don't lose it.

If you were human then I wouldn't feel like the world needs to die.
You could share the burden with me, you could make me laugh.
I'd tell you how the world's going to end,
I'll tell you how you'll help me make it end, how we'll make it end.
I would write down my plans, sign it with both our names,
and smirk at the human signature, if you were human, my friend,
but no matter what race, we're still friends, you and I.

If you were human then I wouldn't feel so sad.
You could tell me how good I was to you,
you could tell me if I was good or bad.
I feel like it's my fault, that you had a long, but boring life.
I feel so horrible...
If you were human, you'd stab me with a knife.
I'm sorry if I did anything wrong...
I'm sorry your dieing days were so long...
I know, it's my fault, really,
but I'll miss you, my friend.
I'll miss you dearly.[/CENTER]

Yes. Squash is a hamster, who's dieing. Pathetic, isn't it? Well, I don't care too much if people think I'm being a mard-ass over nothing. He was my friend, a good little friend. I've been watching him for the past few months slowly getting worse. His fur falling off, him waking up one morning and not being able to open his eye, his bones becoming more visable, his nails growing far too long... 4 years I had him, four god damn years. It was my brother's hamster too but I had to take care of him, so he was my friend. He's not dead yet... but he will be soon. Days, weeks. My mum said he'd die a few months back, but he's hanging on. I just feel horrible, knowing that he only got to run around the livingroom once a week... poor guy...[/SIZE]
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