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[color=#737373]Egutsu, please watch the post quality. I recommend taking a bit more time with your posts, to make them a little clearer and neater.

Usually movie-licensed games suck, but there are a few obvious exceptions (Goldeneye 007 for instance). From what I've read, Batman Begins is actually coming along pretty darn nicely. It's being developed by Eurocom (responsible for the apparently-underrated Sphinx game).

Everything I've read about it has so far been positive. Visually it's looking pretty good, especially for a multi-platform title. And in terms of gameplay, it seems to pretty authentically recreate the action in the movie, while actually being easy enough to pick up and play.

Of course, good early impressions might dissolve once the game comes out. But given the developer and given the comments so far, I think it will probably be a little better than most licensed games.[/color]
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