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Request Link Ava/Sig Set

Hylian Blood

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Hello there!

Its Hylian Blood asking for a small request,a Link Avatar/Signature Set. If its not a problem for anybody that Is.



(For the link its the Picture of Ninja Link)

Also if its possible can the avatar say "HB" in it?


Heres Some Pictures:



(Use the Picture of Ganon For the Siggy)


Also make the sig say "Hylian Blood" "Ninja Link"


If there is anything wrong with the pictures, just Tell me and i'll fix it

Thanks In Advance

~Hylian Blood~
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I hope these are alright...

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[quote name='Hylian Blood']I am sorry to be such a bother, but would it be Ok if the Text for the Sig could be just in "Solid Green" Color and in the center of the Signature?[/quote] this alright?


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