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It may not look like it but I did this to test out a new blending style. The colors turned out quite nice and I obviously I did this to test out a new style of blending(You may all know it but I do not :P) but the banner itself actually turned out quite nice.

The banner is a little hard on the eyes, but what can you do.

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[COLOR=#7C0201][SIZE=1]Woo~ So bright!

I absolutely adore the background! It looks like it's up in flames or something. Very eye-catching, definitely would want to learn how to do that. Provide a tutorial for it, love, will you? *heart*

The font matches the background purr-fectly: grungy and angular. I'm not a fan of glows and shadows but you made good use of them. Keh, I'm so enamored of the font that I feel I've to praise the font color as well!

Truth be told, I'm not too crazy about the picture at the right margin. Maybe you can remove the clouds render above his layer, just to up the contrast in that part. ([i]"got a hell of sexy stare there, partner"[/i])[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Pretty good I'd say.

The background is pretty grungy, and looks like fire, but during the brushing process, you gave your banner a few errors. Looks like you went pretty heavy on the brushing, and it came out looking square-ish and blocky. If you were trying for grunge, you may want to make it flow a bit more. For instance, on the left side of the typography, you have this rather large bar of brushed in grunge which doesn't look good. On the right side of the typography, there is the similar problem of solid grunge. Make it flow more.

The typography fits here, but the banner's balance is thrown off. You have your character on the right side, blurry and indiscernable, and the left side with text looking bright and solid. Do you see the contrast? When making banners, you want the subject and typography to be able to balance one another out as far as positioning on the banner goes.

Annnnd you need a border. Maybe a one px thick black would work.

Finally is Strider (that is him, right?) looking a blurry mess. It throws things off, and doesn't transition well from grunge to blur. I'd recommend Making him sharper, if anything, and changing his colors so he's more prominent on the banner.

Did you just use pre-made brushes for this? Hehe.[/SIZE]
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I do agree but I do believe this is my best work by far at this point in time. Yes a few spots I do agree are a little off but I could go back and fix all of that, Im also going to fix the "render". I used 1 brush from stalemateisgod on this banner but the rest are ones ive been using that Ive made. I really need to learn how to make better abstract brushes. But other than that I would say ive done a decent job and I like it.
EDIT: FIxed the render, yes I did not even notice that I had double posted all fixed.
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[SIZE=1]I'd say it looks much better. But you shouldn't double post -- there's an edit post button you can use.

I'm glad you consider yourself doing a good job. But if you mean to drown out my criticism by saying "I think it looks good in my eyes," why post it? If it looks awesome to you, and that's it, throw it in your signature and call it a day.

Looks better. I'd say you should still try to use the smudge tool to dilute the sheer grunge and solidity of it all in the middle. The area around the font is probably the thickest area -- next time go light on the brush work. ^_^

I'm happy you're making your own brushes now. It's a step in the right direction. *cheers*[/SIZE]
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No No sorry I did not mean to say anything like that, and if I did im sorry. And I do like your advice quite alot since it helps out alot and I can notice the diffrence Im just saying that it looks decent Im not saying its great or cannot be fixed.

"I do believe this is my best work by far at this point in time" what I was saying here is that compared to the rest of my banners that I started making 2 weeks ago this is by far the best.

"I would say ive done a decent job and I like it." And this was just saying that its decent I was never saying anything about "I think it looks good in my eyes," and when I did I never meant it that way I meant that it looks good not that I do not appreciate your help. And ive noticed a improvement with each comment you make on all of my banners.

My next banner I wanted to make animated. It would be tech like with Vash and Knives, a weird line would come out and then a circle would go up and there faces would appear and then very small text that you cannot see or just little brush spots would go crazy fast like its giving information on them. :P That paragraph was a handful.
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