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[SIZE=1]Welcome to the 22nd Century[/U][/SIZE][/CENTER][/B][/COLOR]

The year is 2156 and the place is the Challenger NX-05 of the Earth Starfleet. It is a dangerous time for the residents of the Milky Way; The Romulan Star Empire and United Earth have made a disastrous first contact with each other and this has sparked the first interstellar war humanity has participated in. All available Earth Starfleet vessels have been recalled from their current missions and issued new orders to protect the fledgling power of United Earth against the forces of the Romulans. Aided by their allies the Andorians, Tellarites and Vulcans the forces of Earth are confident they can win the coming battles.

This means that Starfleet must now be used for a purpose it is not wholly ready for. Full scale conflict. All ships are being provided with up-graded weaponry and shield generators as part of the agreement with their allies. Under a new mandate of warfare with an alien power Earth Starfleet has limited the number of Explorer ships in construction in favour of cruisers and long-range patrol and attack vessels so the Earth ships are on par with the Romulans. The Alpha Quadrant is going to be brought to fire and sword for the first time since Humanity came to the stage.

The Challenger NX-05 is one of these ships being built under the new mandate. She is a top of the Line NX-class [Enterprise-class] Starship, she has been significantly upgraded and is the fist of a new line of NX-class Starships. Her mission is to defend Earth and her colonies from attacks by Romulan forces and provide aid to those who have already fallen under attack. The ships Captain has been allowed to hand-pick his crew from Starfleets best and brightest. It is not known what awaits this new crew as they journey into regions hardly explored by man but one thing is certain.

[B]They Are Ready.[/B]


Several days ago the U.E.S. Vigilant picked up a distress call from one of the long-range colonies that have been set up on the far edge of Earth space, close to the Romulan Boarder. The Vigilant, being only a civilian science vessel, was unable to aid the colony. The ships Captain instead relayed the message to Earth Starfleet Command and resumed their mission. Command looked through the list of available ships and found only the newly commissioned Challenger NX-05 was able to handle the situation even though she was still awaiting a crew. Vice-Admiral Orchard set orders to the Captain of Challenger.

The Challenger is fully constructed with all ship systems operating at 100% efficiency but she still lacks a crew. Her Captain only has a short space of time with which to assemble a crew for this mission before Starfleet is forced to hand over the mission to a ship which is ready.


[I]N/B: This is a re-hash of my first Star Trek RP attempt but with some changes[/I]A
Before we get started I?d just like to say the piece above this is not the overall plot of this RPG only a brief premise for the first ?episode? of Challenger, I?ll explain about that a little later. Now the basic idea behind this is following the journey of the senior staff [The players] aboard the Challenger NX-05 as it fights its way through the Earth-Romulan War, think of it like a series of Star Trek but on OB instead of the TV :P. There are a few things I?d like to get out of the way before we start.

1. Applicants need a basic knowledge of Star Trek before signing up [I recommend Enterprise as it is the only series based around the same time 2151-2154, also visit [B][url]http://www.memory-alpha.org[/url][/B]].

2. The usual board rules for grammar, spelling and punctuation apply.

3. Only sign up if you will be committed, this will be a very lengthy RPG from the go.

4. The position of Commanding Officer is mine so do not apply for it.

5. There are only eight or nine spots available so I am going to be selective about whom I let in so please give the sign-up your best shot.

I think that about covers it but if I think of anything else I?ll either edit this post or post it with a new reply so please keep an eye open for any up dates.


[B][U]Character Sign-up sheet[/B][/U]

This will be a little different to most applications so instead of breezing past the descriptions of each category give attention to the ones that matter:

[B]Name:[/B] [If you are human names from today are fine but if you?re an alien think about your characters race]
[B]Age [Terran Years]: [/B] [Regardless of race this should be between 20-40 because we are all senior officers]
[B]Date of Birth:[/B] [The year of the RPG is 2156 so subtract your age from that I.E. If you are 36 your year of birth would be 2120]
[B]Marital Status:[/B] [You can have an NPC family/boyfriend/girlfriend aboard the ship if you like or have a prior arrangement with another player for your characters to be married/dating]
[B]Appearance:[/B] [This is a little different than usual; instead of a description or random picture I?d like you to choose your favourite celebrity because this is showing that this celeb is ?playing? your character like in the TV series. N/B If your character is an alien describe the changes to the picture I.E. If you?re Andorian your skin is blue, hair is white and you have antenna.]
[B]Hair Colour:[/B]
[B]Eye Colour:[/B]
[B]Species:[/B] [Seeing as it?s an Earth ship their can be a few more humans than most Star Trek RPs but their can still be aliens on board. The only aliens can be Andorian, Vulcan or Tellarite]

[B]Place of Birth:[/B] [This can just be the planet if you wish but you can make up a city or use one that exists in canon if you wish but if you make it up stay serious]
[B]Languages:[/B] [All characters have Universal Translators so we all "speak" English but you can have alien languages if you wish and this can reflect your characters history]
[B]Interests:[/B] [I don?t want a crew obsessed with the early 21st Century, I.E. now, so once again I ask you to think outside the box!]

[B]Position Applied For:[/B] [The crew placing you are applying for, here?s the list:
[*]Second Officer w/ another senior staff position [This is a duel role with another position]
[*]Chief Flight Control Officer [Navigating the ship and flight control operations]
[*]Chief Communications Officer [Handles all transmissions aboard the ship]
[*]Chief of Operations [Ensures all ship-board systems function correctly]
[*]Chief Security/Tactical Officer [Ensures ship and crew safety and operates/maintains weapon systems]
[*]Chief Engineer [Responsible for ship system maintenance and repair]
[*]Chief Medical Officer [Ensures the physical health of all aboard the ship]
[*]Chief Science Officer [Responsible for all scientific data the ship collects as well as monitoring the experiments][/LIST]
[B]Education:[/B] [This is basically primary, secondary and Starfleet academy but your character can also attended University if you wish, here?s an example of what it should look like]
[*]2125-2130 Primary Education, Alpha Centauri [This is 5 years]
[*]2130-2135 Secondary Education, Alpha Centauri [Again, 5 years]
[*]2135-2139 Earth Starfleet Academy, San Francisco [This is 4 years][/LIST]
[I]N/B: If your character is alien you can change this I.E. Their home world as place of birth and their respective Academies; Andorians would be the Imperial Guard Academy etc[/I]

[If you choose to add in higher education that would be 3 years]

[B]Service Record:[/B] [This is your career in Starfleet, from your cadet years to the Challenger. Here is an example]
[*]2135-2136 1st Year Cadet
[*]2136-2137 2nd Year Cadet
[*]2137-2138 3rd Year Cadet
[*]2138-2139 4th Year Cadet
[*]2139-2143 U.E.S. Intrepid, Warp Systems Specialist
[*]2143-2149 U.E.S. Intrepid, Engineering Officer
[*]2149-2156 U.E.S. Mars, Asst. Chief Engineer
[*]2156-PRES Challenger NX-05, Chief Engineer[/LIST]
[I]N/B: Again, feel free to change this if you?re an alien.[/I]

[That?s just an example for an engineering officer but it?s basically the same for all positions expect the names I.E. A Security Officer may start out as one of the Brig Guards etc]

[B]Background:[/B] [This is the most important part because it should give information on your character before Starfleet, the Academy and then each ship they have served on until the Challenger. So it should be at least five good paragraphs, I want this to be serious so no skimping on the details please]
[I]N/B: Again if your character is an alien and not a member of Starfleet feel free to change this[/I]

[B]Personality Profile:[/B] [This essentially your personality but you can also include some of your foibles and quirks as well]

[B]Special Notes:[/B] [Anything about your character that isn?t covered in the other sections that you would like to add]


There are a few things I?d like to say before finishing. Please do not apply unless you are committed to sticking this through to the end because this will most likely, if it succeeds, be one of OBs longest running RPGs. I also ask that you have knowledge of ?Star Trek? because it will be of paramount importance as the plot line develops and the ?episodes? become more complex. Before you choose the position for your character make sure it?s one that appeals to you, not just because it looks cool or something like that, make an informed decision. If you wish to sign-up for the Executive Officer or Chief Medical Officer please PM me first because these positions are very important and have powers that the other positions do not.

I shall be making an Underground thread later today so if you have any questions check out that thread before hand to see if it answers your questions.

I will be posting my character after everyone else so it will also included the list of excepted crew members. I want this to be a successful RPG in many respects so give the sign-up your all and once the RPG starts make a point to write the replies into Word first so it can catch spelling errors and all of that. Above all I want this to be a highly enjoyable RPG so that everyone can take something memorable away with them.

[COLOR=CRIMSON]?Not to be absolutely certain is, I think, one of the essential things in rationality.? [B]Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970)[/B]
[SIZE=1][I]Challenger NX-05 Dedication Plaque[/I][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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