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[SIZE=1]Welcome to the 22nd Century[/SIZE][/CENTER][/B][/COLOR]

This?ll serve as the place for OOC discussion for the ?Star Trek: Challenger? RPG. Seeing as this is the first post I?ll fill you in on the information that wasn?t able to be put into the sign-up thread.

[I][U]The Kursk Incident[/U][/I]

In early 2152 the U.E. Intelligence starts getting indications of a previously unknown race that's expanding beyond the "eastern galactic frontier." Stories from small survey ships that are finding manned stations where there shouldn't be, alien Starships appearing out of nowhere. So they send a mission out to see what's out there. They're heading in towards the inner Romulan territories when they're found by a Romulan patrol.

The Romulans are shadowing them at the extreme edge of sensor range, with countermeasures going on full, trying to figure out who these people are. The Romulans believe that the ships cannot detect them but the Kursk picks up on them and shots off a message torpedo back to Earth space. Due to poor sensor readings the torpedo heads towards the Romulan ships that see this as an attack and shot it down, alerting the U.E. ships to their presence. The U.E. ships detect their warp signatures and believe it to be a trap as several Romulan ships close o their position.

The Earth ships take defensive action (manoeuvres) which isn't really offensive in an attempt to scare of the on-coming ships. The Romulans take that as preparation for attack and open fire. One of the explorer ships, the U.E.S. Cortés (ACL-22, Asimov Class) manages to escape but the U.E.S. Kursk (NCL-35, Neptune Class), and the U.E.S. Bradbury (NCL-30, Neptune Class) are destroyed.

The Romulans think it's a prelude to invasion sending out scouts to check the area, building up ships. Plus there's the fact that these new aliens are just as, if not more, advanced then the Romulans themselves. Other incidents give cause to worry. In the tradition of fine government, the U.E. says there's no reason to worry. Earth Starfleet has plenty of Starships and Earth is at peace, if not closely allied, with several of its neighbours and has the up-graded NX-class and Freedom-class due to enter production by 2154-55.

[I][U]Close Encounters of Another Kind[/U][/I]

As reports of more of these alien ships entering Romulan space the number of hostile encounters between Starfleet and Romulan vessels increase as the Romulans chase off these interlopers with force. Though not all of these encounters are violent as most of the Earth ships exercise the better part of valour and return to Earth space.

[I][U]The Forward Policy[/I][/U]

The U.E. Government orders Starfleet to build new outposts as reports of the new aliens attacking civilian vessels increases. Station Salem One [Tarod IX), Pvarto [Gamma Virginis IV] and Cheron are established as forward out-posts.

In 2155 the Romulans take Cheron and the U.E. Government puts pressure on Starfleet to defuse the situation, they attempts to make a base at Tomed but discover that the Romulans have got their first. Although it takes an official shift in strategy for them Tomed is far off the approach vector from Romulus to Vulcan, but it's an ideal location for a buffer outpost between Earth and Romulus.

Finally acknowledging that something's going on (February 2155), the UE sends out a First Contact fleet towards one of the "Romulan" planets starting in May 2155.


The Battle of Zeta Reticuli takes place and neither side is sure how it started but it soon degenerated into a large scale battle that got many of the Earth ships destroyed and the Romulan High Command ?mad as hell? as they finally commit to a war in October 2155.

The situation map as of 2155, [B][URL=http://www.st-minutiae.com/academy/history162/map_3_1.jpg]Click here[/URL][/B]


So that?s the quick run down of what events led up to the War and where we are now. What follows is the tech specs of the Challenger NX-05.

[I][U]Technical Specifications of the NX Variant class[/U][/I]

[I]Ship Dimensions[/I]

[B]Class:[/B] NX ? Variant.
[B]Category:[/B] Exploratory Cruiser.
[B]Length:[/B] 230m.
[B]Width:[/B] 142.6m.
[B]Height:[/B] 30.1m.
[B]Mass:[/B] 550,000 metric tons.
[B]Decks:[/B] 7.
[B]Production Base:[/B] Warp 5 Complex, San Francisco Fleet Yards.
[B]Accommodation:[/B] 82 Officers and Crew.
[B]Duration:[/B] 10 years.


[B]Warp Power Plants:[/B] One reactor core.
[B]Warp Engines:[/B] Two nacelles.
[B]Warp Performance:[/B] Standard Warp 4.5; Maximum rated Warp 5.7.
[B]Impulse Power Plant:[/B] 2 impulse thrust reactors; Standard .25 of Warp speed.
[B]Impulse Engines:[/B] Two impulse thrusters; two backup engines.
[B]Impulse Performance:[/B] .25 sub-light.
[B]Deuterium Tankage:[/B] One compartmentalized tank.
[B]Antimatter Containment:[/B] One pod assembly.
[B]Auxiliary Propulsion:[/B] Four RCS thruster quads.
[B]Emergency Deuterium Supplies:[/B] Two space energy matter sinks.
[B]Navigational Deflection:[/B] One primary deflector.


[B]Pulse Phaser Cannons:[/B] Three cannons, 2 forward, 1 aft.
[B]Torpedo Launchers:[/B] 4 forward launchers, 2 aft launchers.
[B]Spatial Torpedo Supplies:[/B] At least 12 high power warheads.
[B]Photonic Torpedo Supplies:[/B] 12 variable yield power torpedoes consisting of a matter-antimatter war head.
[B]Defence System:[/B] Shield generator (Primary) and EM Hull polarisation system (Secondary).


[B]Sensor systems:[/B] Various Starfleet sensor pallets and arrays.
[B]Laboratories:[/B] Several departments studying various disciplines.
[B]Computer Core:[/B] At least one core or central processing centre.
[B]Operating Systems:[/B] Pre-duotronic network. Minor voice interface only.
[B]Date Network:[/B] Optical data network.


[B]Personnel Transporters:[/B] None
[B]Cargo Transporters:[/B] One pad; approved for Bio transport.
[B]Shuttlebays:[/B] One drop bay; one auxiliary bay.
[B]Shuttlepods:[/B] Two vehicles and two on 48 hour standby.
[B]Remote Manipulator Systems:[/B] Tractor beam emitter (Primary) and one grappling hook (Secondary).

[I]Crew Support[/I]

[B]Environment:[/B] Class M Standard.
[B]Gravity Generation:[/B] Networked gravity plating system.
[B]Waste Management:[/B] Biomatter regeneration complex.
[B]Medical Systems:[/B] One sickbay ward; attached laboratories; decontamination area.
[B]Crew Quarters:[/B] Spartan style; special provisions for senior officers.
[B]Food Supply:[/B] Protein re-sequencers; bulk storage and hydroponics bay.
[B]Inter-ship Transportation:[/B] Turbo lift system.


That?s the basics of what you need to know right now but if you?ve any questions feel free to post them here or ask me via IM.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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