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RPG The Exiles [M-VL]


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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1][CENTER][B]Prologue[/B]: What?[/CENTER]

[CENTER][B]Characters Included[/B]: All[/CENTER]

[B]Chapter Summary[/B]: First I want you to have an opening introduction about how your character reacted when they first woke up in this desert setting. Then you can have your characters mingle and what not, pretty soon I am going to have the Timebroker show up, then we will go to our first mission. Keep in mind people that this is a PROLOGUE, don't go off and start making spoilers. This is free post, which means you can post about whatever you want. But please don't go crazy with it. So good luck Exiles.

I will post later on, mybe once everyone else has posted.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=1] [B]* Dream *[/B]

"Casey...Casey....run away!!!" A voice was heard through the dark alley.

Casey got frightened and ran. Through the thick forest and past the large bushes, Casey jumped and ran for her life. She ran and ran until something blocked her way. A tall and broad man stood in her way and she gasped. The man took her hand and grab a knife. Casey tried to pull away from the man's grasp but he just held tighter. The knife was so close and...

[B]* Reality *[/B]

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Casey shouted.

"What happened?" Amy asked frightened.

"No-nothing at all...just a dream." She noticed she was sweating and looked around. "It's so hot.. where are we?"

You could see sand miles across, spreading throughout the land surrounding them. Casey looked around and saw others with her...[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Serenade slowly opened her eyes, blackness swirled her vision until the spots were gone and she could see clearly. She sat up and looked around. The only others to be moving were Amy and Casey. They were quietly talking to themselves. Serenade had landed next to two of the boys. She gently nuged the one closest to her until his eyes fluttered. He sat up and looked at her. "Uh... what happened?" He asked her intently. "No idea." She replied as she hugged her knees to her chest. "But hopefully we're going to get some answers soon." She finished her train of thought weakly.
[I]Very soon...[/I] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[Size=1]Daniel groaned, and woke up. The last thing he remembered was... wait, he didn't remember anything. He groaned again and sat up. He scanned the enviornment for anything dangerous, and looked over to see the others talking amongst themselves. He stood up, and walked over to where Amy and Casey were talking. He rubbed his head, and said, "What happened?"

"We're still trying to figure that out." Casey said, "Just look at all this desert."

Amy nodded, and looked around too. Daniel just let his jaw drop, as he finally felt the wave of heat hit him full-on. He gaped at the pair in front of him for a second, but pulled his jaw up when he was tapped from behind. He turned to see Serenade and the other guy standing there.

"You guys bring a map?" he asked, trying to be funny.[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]"No map. No water. No food. Lots of sand, though." Adam replied half-heartedly, falling backwards into the sand tiredly.

Adam sighed heavily. He hated the heat, and he hated the sand. He hated this whole thing, but he was also scared because he could come up with no realistic reason as to being in the desert. It made no sense, how does one just appear in the middle of some desert?

"Don't suppose anyone feels like being used as shade?"[/COLOR]

OOC: Sorry it kinda sucks, I didn't know what I could really do yet.
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC[/B]: Just to tell you, please do not include the other guy right now. Since no one is playing him we can?t just have him sitting around. I just wanted to inform you guys on that.

?I really don?t know what?s going on here. What are we supposed to do here?? Amy looked around putting her hands on her hips. ?This is really starting to bug me?? Looking around she saw a figure approaching them. Smiling she started to wave at the figure ?Hey you wher-?In what seemed in a blink of an eye the figure was in front of them. ?Hello, I am the Timebroker.? Rolling her eyes Casey sighed, ?Now we are in a comic book? how fun.? The Timebroker got a curious look on his face, ?What is a comic book?? Daniel looked at Amy slightly confused, Amy could not do nothing but look back at him with the same curious look on her face.

?I have came to inform you five that you have been un-hinged from time, also-? The Timebroker was cut off by Serenade. ?So you are telling me we are basically in the middle of space right now?? The Timebroker laughed ?No you silly girl. We are in the desert room!? Amy started to laugh a little but no one played along. ?Well as I was saying you have been un-hinged from time. You will complete your missions according to the Tallus. So who?s the leader?? The Timebroker looked at each of the kids with his hands crossed.

?I vote Daniel!? Amy spoke up looking at Daniel who was looking down. ?I guess?? said Casey. Serenade simply nodded her head. ?And so it is! Daniel you are the leader!? A watch like object formed on Daniels wrist. ?That will guide you through your missions.?

?Missions?? asked Amy, she was starting to get more confused by the second. The Timebroker rolled his eyes. ? If you want to go home you have to complete all the missions that hurl at you. These missions usually consist of fixing damaged dimensions.? The Exiles looked at each other then to the Timebroker. ?But?we are just teenagers??

?No you are more than just mere teenagers. See for yourself?? With a puff of dust they were granted each powers. Adam was lifting up piles of sand without touching them, Serenade was shoot blasts of fire out her hands her eyes had also turned golden, Casey was running at the speed of light around the desert room, Daniel moving the piles of sand that Adam was holding up.

Amy looked at the Timebroker, ?What can I do?? The Timebroker smiled, ?You will see?? Amy was then in an ocean, screaming the names of her friends. No one answered, to top that off four fins came toward her circling around and around. Amy grew frantic and thrashed around in the water, she closed her eyes and a pink burst of light flashed off her body. The sharks quickly swam away, Amy sighed of relief still not satisfied with her powers.

Then she appeared in a building where business men and women were busily running about. A small ruble shuck the building, then screaming filled the air. ?BOMBS ARE GOING OFF!? Amy quickly ran through the flying papers but was knocked down by a rolling cart. Closing her eyes the same pink flash appeared, everyone stopped screaming. The intercom came off ?April Fools!? Everyone looked at each other and started to laugh. Amy slightly confused grasped her chest still in shock, reappearing in the desert.

The Timebroker smirked, ?Good luck Exiles!? He disappeared and they re appeared in the middle of a park in Tokyo, Japan. The people slowly stopped their stroll in the park to look at the strange newcomers.

?What the hell?? Adam looked around trying to figure out where they were.

[CENTER][B]Chapter 1[/B]: Like a Virgin[/CENTER]

?Um Daniel check that Tallus thingy.? Casey told her teammate as she looked around the park. Daniel lifted his wrist and looked at it, his eyes widened as he read the message. ?It says to keep Amy Sakimoto from loosing her virginity. If not she will have the child that will bring chaos to the world?? Everyone looked at Amy confused, then the Tallus made a beep sound. ?It says not that Amy?the one?over there?? They all looked up, and to their surprise there was Amy, standing with a couple other school girls. Amy gasped and covered her mouth, she almost fainted.

[CENTER][B]Synopsis[/B]: Ok guys this is what you have to do in your next couple of posts. We are going to pose as foreign exchange students from Canada. Try and find out who this versions Amy is interested in, and who is interested in Amy. So time to take out your school uniforms and get to this![/CENTER][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrange]".....ok. Well I'm gonna go and talk to them," Casey suggested.

[COLOR=Black]"Are you crazy?!?!?!?!" Amy asked, whispering in a harsh way. [/COLOR]

"Don't worry...follow my lead." She said with a wink.

She walked towards the girls and started to eavesdrop on them.

[COLOR=Black]"Oh my.." one of the girls said.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Black]"I'm serious..this guy is gorgeous and hot! You wouldn't believe it." The girl with the handbag responded.[/COLOR]

[I]So is this girl with the handbag...Amy???[/I]

[COLOR=Black]"Tell us...what does he look like." [/COLOR]

[COLOR=Black]"Well.." the girl who Casey thought was Amy paused at her sentence and turned around, "Do you mind??" [/COLOR]

[I]Oh crap...now what?? Uhh think of something quick, Casey...[/I]

"Hello mates..uhhh I am an foreign exchange student." Casey said with an anime sweatdrop.

[COLOR=Black]"Where are you from??" The girl looked at her intently.[/COLOR]

"Uhh...Canada," Casey said with an accent.

[I]Damn...I was so close.[/I]

[COLOR=Black]"Hmph..let's go girls." She walked off. "Foreign exchange student??? Ha! I hope she's not in my class.." [/COLOR]

"Arggh...bitch." Casey muttered under her breathe.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Serenade stood off to one side and looked around carefully, catching every little detail. [I]Well, at least I won't get lost in the dark.[/I] Her powers had scared her a little and quite frankly she thought this entire ordeal was a little weird. [I]Oh well, I guess I should make the best of this.[/I] She took a deep breath and walked over to where Amy and Casey were attempting without success to start a conversation with random people. The strangers walked away leaving those two standing there a little pissed off. "Apparently you shouldn't start with alter-universe Amy." Serenade said smirking. "Shut-up." Casey said still a little mad about the girl. "Calm down, I was just joking."

Serenade turned around a scoped out the school grounds. She caught the eye of a couple of boys and decided it was worth a try. "Hey guys." She approached them calmly. "Hi." The taller one said. "So, foriegn exchange student huh?" He said looking her up and down. "Yeah, sure." She said shifting her feet. "Where are you from?" The other asked. "Canada." Serenade replied as Amy, Casey, Adam amd Daniel came up behind her. "Hey, you look familiar." One said, staring at Amy. "Well, I..uh." Amy was still a little shooken up about seeing her other self. "Who is the other one she looks like?" Serenade asked, trying to learn a little about their mission. "Amy Sakimoto, that one over there." He answered, pointing at the girl standing by a tall building. "Who does she hang out with?" Casey asked casually. "You sure have a lot of questions about her." He shook his head and walked away, his friend following him. "We've received such a warm welcome I never want to go home." Serenade said sarcastically as she crossed her arms.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[Size=1][I]This is going to be hard.[/I] Daniel thought to himself as Serenade continued on with the two boys. When she walked back with Casey in tow, the others followed looking very confused.

"We've recieved such a warm welcome I never want to go home." Serenade said sarcasm heavy in her voice.

"Excuse me, but are you five the five from Canada?" A girl had approached them while they weren't paying attention. "I'm Heather, and I'm here to help show you guys around."

[I]They were expecting us, that's strange.[/I] Daniel thought as he and the others follow the girl through the school. [i]We may end up here a while.[/i]

As they passed a bathroom, Daniel made a comment to Adam, and slipped in, hoping that the tour guide didn't notice. He walked into a stall, and checked out the Tallus. He checked the screen to see if anything had changed, but the same message lingered, and it somehow seemed to imprint itself on Daniel's brain.

Daniel reached for his pocket, and instead of finding a pack of cigarettes, he foudn some of the gum you chewed to get off of cigarettes. Daniel started to get upset, but he realized that he didn't need to draw anymore attention then necessary. Besides, it?s not like he had been smoking more than two weeks. It wouldn?t be hard to stop, would it?

Daniel shook the thought away as he popped a piece of gum into his mouth and left the stall. He opened the door, and about ran into a guy walking in. ?I?m sorry.?

?Just watch yourself, you hear?? The guy replied elbowing his way past Daniel.

?I?m starting to agree more and more with Serenade,? Daniel mumbled, leaving the bathroom.

He quickly ran down the hall, trying to catch up with the others. He was stopped as the bell rang, and students flooded into the halls. Daniel left out a half hearted curse, and went with the follow towards wherever they were headed. Daniel finally got a break in the flow near the entrance, so he rode the wave, and stopped near the front door, hoping to catch a glimpse of the others. He noticed them sitting on a bench outside, and Daniel jogged over that way before he tripped.

Before he did, the Heather girl, who had a slip of paper in her hand, stopped him. ?Where did you go??

?The bathroom? Daniel said, trying to get past her.

?It took you an awful?? She started.

?You moved on and I lost you.? Daniel said quickly, making sure the others hadn?t moved.

?Fine, but don?t try anything fishy. The school has it eye on you.? Heather said turning away.

Daniel sighed and ran up to the others. ?So, did I miss anything??[/size]
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[SIZE=1]?No not really.? Amy was the first one to speak up every time Daniel had a question. Daniel looked toward her and smiled he was about to sit next to her when a group of guys came toward Amy.

?Hey Amy, your looking mighty fine this evening!?

?Yes you are Ms. TO-KY-OOO? They swarmed around her until a group of girls broke into the ring.

?Hey Amy-chan you are going to the mall with us today right??

Amy who was over-whelmed at the moment stammered. ?I?ll pass guys??

They all looked at her and sighed then dispersed. Amy put her hands on her head sighing; she felt someone put a hand on her back. When she looked up it was Daniel who was also smiling warmly.

?Don?t worry; this?ll be over before you know it!?

Amy smiled but she was still shocked by the whole thing. Stopping you self in a different reality from loosing your virginity isn?t the best feeling. Amy hugged Daniel

?Thanks Daniel.?

When she pulled away she saw that Daniel was blushing. ?Uh??

Amy shot up ?Ok team let?s go to the mall! That?s where everyone is flocking too right now.? With the team Amy walked toward the mall, since she was the only Japanese one in the group she did some translating for the group. Then there they saw it, an older boy, maybe around 17, was flirting with the other Amy. Casey growled

?She is so freaking mean, not like our Amy at all.? They all approached the two, Amy was certain that he was the guy. Why? Well because this Amy thought he was pretty good looking her self! Amy had her head down and let the group do the talking.

?Step away from Amy Sakimoto, please.? Adam was the first to speak up, but this seemed to annoy the boy even more.

Amy walked away from the group toward a newsstand. ?Why does everything look so old?? As she looked down at the newspaper her eyes widened. Running toward the rest of the group she cut off who ever was talking.

?YOU GUYS! We?re not in Tokyo?we are in Hiroshima.?

?And?? Serenade looked quite confused.

?It?s August 6th?. 1945?

The mall started to rumble, people started to scream and run around. ?EXILES, GO!? cried Daniel as a hole opened at the top of the mall, they could see a huge oval like object coming toward the ball.

?Adam, use your telekinesis to project Amy?s luck toward the bomb. NOW!?

Both holding their hands out a glittery pink aura shot from Amy?s hands, Adam maneuvered it toward the bomb. It slightly moved. But it still dropped, blasting open half of the mall people were lying all over the place. Some alive some not. When they looked over toward the boy he was huffing and puffing.

?YOU KILLED MY FRIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEENNNNNNDDDDDDSSS!? He grew taller, muscles protruding, his pants ripped as well as his shirt. There stood a 9 ft tall mega human.

?Well, now we have to fight a Japanese hulk. This just keeps getting better and better.? Casey laughed and crossed her arms.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Orange][SIZE=1]Casey laughed at her comment and ran towards the monster. The monster stared and tried to grab her.

"Opps you missed! Ha, ha! Can't catch me!" Casey laughed and ran around the monster.

[COLOR=Black]"Move out of the way! My turn!" [/COLOR] Serenade yelled and began to shoot fire balls. One of them was heading directly towards Casey and she moved away safely.

"Hey! Watch it!" She shouted.

[COLOR=Black]"Well excuse me! With you running around like a child, it's hard to hit this big bulky guy."[/COLOR] Serenade responded.

"How hard is it to this guy?" Casey pointed at the guy who was about half of her size. Serenade rolled her eyes and continued to shoot fireballs and Adam was helping out with throwing some stuff around them.

"Can we have some of your luck?" Casey looked towards Amy.

[COLOR=Black]"Uhh...sure." [/COLOR] She reached out her hands and pink light shone. The monster yelled as Senerade shot a direct hit.

"WOOOHOOO!!! You got it!" Casey yelled excitedly and ran around and around the monster.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][I]Those history books really made a big hub-ub about this whole Atom bomb thing[/I] Adam thought, as he tossed a cart full of black-bound Manga at the creature effortlessly. The cart, combined with the blast of flame from Serenade, seemed to disorient the creature.

The creature flailed around madly, lashing out with it's elongated limbs. Casey didn't seem aware of the inherent danger, she kept dancing around the creature without effort. Serenade continued to hit the thing with flame balls, and the creature was becoming increasingly enraged.

With a strong mental whim, Adam lifted a section of unbroken tiles from the floor and sent them flying into the things face, sending him reeling. Casey dodged out of the way of the falling hulk, who hit the ground with a resounding grunt and smashed the tiles under his body.

Smiling, Adam lifted another, larger section of tiles and pressed them down on the now subdued creature.

"Awww, that was just starting to get fun." Casey said, walking over the unconcious creature and planting her foot on it's face.

With a roar of rage, the creature came back to life and through the tiles off, reaching out to grab Casey with supernatural speed.

OOC: Ok, I just had to get that out of my system... Been to long since I've hurt somthing. :animesmil [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Orange][SIZE=1]"Ahhhh!!!" Casey screamed as the huge monster grabbed her by the ankle. "Owww....could you hold any tighter?" She was upside down and the blood was rushing down her face and she started to feel dizzy.

"Uughh...I feel terrible. Can anyone give me a hand here?" Casey wriggled around.

[COLOR=Black]"Let me help."[/COLOR] Adam threw an object and it hit the monster.

"Hey..that was close!" Casey called out.

[COLOR=Black]"Sorry.."[/COLOR] Adam continued and Serenade threw fireballs.

The monster shook and shook and backed away. "Ughh..my head." Casey tried squirmming out of the monster's grasp. As objects and fireballs were thrown at the monster, he finally let go and Casey fell. Casey was so glad to get out of the monster's grasp but she didn't know if she could land.

Casey fell to the floor unconscious and the monster roared. He swung his arms and hit Amy and then Adam. They crashed into the wall and Serenade continued to shoot and dodge the monster along with Daniel.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Serenade was standing under a second-story walk way. She kept the monsters attention by causing streams of fire to keep his vision on her. She got an idea and quickly set to work. "Big, tall and grousome!" She called at the monster mockingly. "Over here!" It started to walk towards her as she backed up slowly. "Come on! Afraid?" She continued her relentless sarcasm. "AHHH!!!" It cried angerily. It charged her, but before she could get hit she sent a strong fire blast towards the walk-way, letting it fall atop the mega-human. Serenade stumbled backwards and stared in the direction of the monster. At first nothing happened but then the ruble started to quake. "Oh shit..."[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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