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Request Bleach banner/avatar request


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Hi I was wondering if someone could make me an avatar with a pic of Rukia from Bleach and a banner with both Rukia and Ichigo, please.

I've supplied two pics that could be used for the banner. I also want the two facing each other and the words at the bottom of the second pic used in the banner.

As for the Avatar I would like something where we can see all of Rukia's face.
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[CENTER][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Well, I didn't use the pics you supplied, since... I dunno why. I guess I just liked these ones better. If you want me to make one using yours, I'd be glad to.



Well, I saved them as a .jpg filetype... Maybe I should've saved 'em as .png, since it might've turned out a little nicer looking. (The text and aroung Ichigo's outline especially) Also, this set is a bit more... Happy than the pics you provided. I kinda like this set. If you don't use it, lemme know and I might on another site.

Hope you like![/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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