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Request U.S. Army Banner and Avatar


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Would someone be nice enough to create me a banner and avatar that represents the U.S. Army? I'll be shipping out to Fort Benning, Georgia next year and I want something to keep my mind notified of my trip. And I think it would be cool to have an army based banner and avi. Be creative with it, and when you are finished, post it up. Thanks!
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I don't know whether you'll like either of these, but just in case you do tell me which one and I'll make an avatar for you ^_~.


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[COLOR=#7C0201][SIZE=1][RIGHT]Mmm hmm.
Finally, a chance to play around with WW2 photos!



First Division's motto?
Umm, if by some miracle you should decide to use this banner and
would want a matching avatar, please don't hesitate to PM me.


EDIT: Oh my, looks like Photobucket's down. I guess I'll have to attach it then.[/RIGHT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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