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Well I made this banner because Tupac is probably the only rapper I have respect for.
He was the man the myth and the legend but this one is dedicated to him.
I really Am still annoyed by this I wanted this to turn out darker but I dident play with the settings enough. But if you could see what I had in my head then it would have turned out better.

EDIT: This is also my first attempt at rendering a picture from a backround also :P

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[SIZE=1]I had a nice reply, but it got baleeted. v_v So here's a brief summary of what I said.

Try not to use typography to balance out your banners. You seem to do that, as you pick a small stock, throw it in a corner, and let the typography take center stage. Get a bigger stock, and make typography secondary to that of the main focus (this time Tupac). Lastly (as far as typo goes), make sure it is united. I can't stress this enough. Right now in this banner, the birth+death dates are independent to the "Tupac." I'd recommend putting less important text where it belongs -- underneatht he more important text.

Make sure your stock is blending well with your background. You seem to just be using the blend modes, which isn't always a bad thing. But sometimes, you need to use the smudge tool to make him flow better with the surroundings. The blending towards the bottom of the stock gets rough, and could've easily been solved by a weak airbrush smudge. Feel free to PM me or look up a tutorial for help with that. ^_^

Hope that helps you. Keep cranking them out.[/SIZE]
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