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RPG I'm bored..Lets start a new RPG!

9mm Avenger

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Name-Kain Kisaragi
Gundam Name-Ultima Trigger
Gundam Weapons-Twin Buster Rifle(opens into separate rifles),2xVulcan gun(on back),Beam Saber,Gundanium alloy Shield on left arm.
Bio-He is a lone wolf.He fights by his self and is very quite and seems cold hearted.He is ruthless and is the perfect warrior.
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Gundam name:Ultron Fire

Weapons:Laser assault rifle, beam sword, rockets, Vulcan auto cannon.

Bio-Scythe recovered this gundam deep in a forest, and has been working on it ever scence, getting it into perfect condition. He is always looking for a fight to test his Gundam.
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[color=crimson][b][size=1]character= K' Dash, K', or Krizalid.
Gundam: GP-02K1 "Supernova Gundam"
Arms: Live ammo Bazooka on right shoulder, Beam Shot Rifle on left arm, Beam Saber on Right arm, Missile Pods on left shoulder, and 4 head vulcans.
Description= Picture GP-02A But with more Shielding on its arms and legs, instead of a shield to hold everything, his legs are big enough to store all his weapons in them exept his bazooka witch locks on his back. it is very big, about the size of the mobile suit MSN-04-2 "Nightingale". Its firepower is much stronger than GP-02A "Physails" along with its shielding and speed thanks to over 100 thrusters in its legs and back of core i wish i could share the pic of him that i drew but i dont have a scanner or anything else but a (sad) computer and a (sad) printer.
Character description, see below.
Bio= treasure thief----i mean treasure hunter! (whoops)[/b][/color][/size]
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