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Sign Up A spar: The Colloseum [M,V,L]


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[size=1][color=darkred]Ok, I am aiming toward straight foward, good old fashion combat. A spar in a colleseum. I guess, since this is my first recruitment thread for a spar, or even an rpg for that matter. Soo, lets get to the setting, story and characters.The plot is most likely to be very orthodox, but it isn't really about the plot.

Boundries:The boundries are, No instant kill moves or flying abilities, No ki blasts, or modern guns. Any types of swords are allowed, from french rapiers to chinese monk spades. Your charfacter may Not be an alien oranything of that nature. If you do not want to be human you can choose from Dwarves elves or any other Rpg type races.

Setting: A greek colleseum, were some of the best fighters in the world have been called foward to compete in a battle against eachother, for a grand prize of one wish granted by the worlds most famous wizard.There are frequent sand storms in this area, and the colloseum is filled with thousands of audiance members, to behold the fabulous fights that are about to occur. There is hardly any vegitation in the area, but the sub levels of the Arena are lavishly decorated for the king that is about to watch, people murder eachother.

Plot: The king of this area has called apoun the greatest fighters in the world to fight eachother for one wish, granted by the worlds most famous, and incredibly talented wizard.

Characters/Weapons: If your characters weapon/weapons are unorthodox please include a picture or detailed discription of it. Please also include a picture or detailed discription of your character. Include your characters traits, special abilites and what they excell and decell at. They must decell at some particular aspect. Example: My character is flexible, Has incredible speed, and can use various weapons, He is; however, unpowerful and has no experience with long range weaponry.

Character discription:

Name:Gin XiaoYing (Thats Ziao)
Age: In his fifties
From: China

Weapon of choice: Monk spade, Whip chains, pictures below
Monk spade: [img]http://www.wle.com/wholesale/media/W066.jpg[/img]
Whip chains: [img]http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0000C7CDS.01-A3E9JPN8AUZ8Z6._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg[/img]

Proficient at martial arts: Extremely
His style:Wah Lum praying mantis; Drunk Chuan
Proficient with multiple weapons: He has been trained in multiple weaponry

He excells at: Strength, and deception. He uses mostly drunken chuan techniques.
He decells at: Close range combat with his weapons, He is not proficient in the least bit with projectile weaponry.

Picture Or discription: He has a long white beard and is called Bai Mei by other people, because even his eyebrows are white. Bai Mei, as you can imagine, means white eyebrow. He wears a traditional Black and red 3/4 sleeve length chinese uniform. He has a long white beard, and is often times drunk. He carries a bottle of chinese wine by his side, and drinks it frequently. Perhaps this is to help him with his drunken chuan. He is very deceptive, and is a legend all throughout china, for being one of the most proficient martial artists.

Ok that's it. Please follow all of these rules when posting! Thank you very much![/size][/color]
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