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RPG Inuyasha: Land of dreams (Pg-13, V,L)


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"well Inuyaaasssha we'll shall lead you threw the land of dreams" Shoui said as she struggled with the strangeness of the names
"I have a question" The tall human with the short black hair said
"yes" Shoui said
"what happens to our bodies if we are here" the black haired one said
"oh dont worry they are safely snoozing in the spot you where you entered" she nudged Miron
"lets show them their bodies" Shoui said Shoui and Miron started running around in a circle at very high speed a half black and half white circled appeared and the imange of Inuyasha Shippo Miroku Sango and and Kagome appeared they were sound asleep in a the wide felid they entered dreamland.
"dont worry if anyone touches your bodies you will wake up and theres a protective barrier around the portal to prevent any hostile thing inthats how we know how that the evil spirit that is here came from here" Shoui said
"Now al we have to do is talk to Orobi the leader of the 1st village the ruler of Dreamland assighned him to greet any newcomers we need to talk to see if we can get you Zirai Talismans so that you can acess dreamland at anytine instead of finding a portal" Shoui said as she led the group down the starry path into a glistening forrest
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"Where is it? I need to get back before anything can happen." A lone tiger is running through the forrest as he comes up to an opening."Is this the place? I hope so."Scroll looks around and seed the bodies of three humans and a single demon,"Yeah, I guess this is the place for the time being." He begins to walk into the opening and slowly becomes sleepy. A few moments later he passes out onto the groung and everything goes black.

A few minutes later he feels like he has woken up, but finds his surounding diffrent."This is good. I have finally made it here, and after so long." He sighs and slowly begins to stand up as he hears a grunt behind him.

"Damn. Why did it have to be a cat. I hate cats, they get on my nerves."

"Inuyasha, dont be so harsh. We dont even know his name."

"Dog mut. So you are the demon I say in the opening back in the real world."Scroll stood up in full, towering over Inuyasha about a foot.

"Scroll, they are here to help. You of all people should know that we need it."

Scroll looked down and saw the young female fox demon."Shoui, where is your brother? I never see you two apart."

"He is over there, behind Inuyasha." She said pointing at the half demon.

"Good. I was affraid that something happened to him." Scroll let out a sigh of releif.

"Something is about to happen to you if you dont start explaining how you got here." The half demon Inuyasha clenched his fist as a vein started to pop out of his head.

"I got here the same way you did, but I have a Zirai Talisman."He pointed to a small object on his chest."Have you four seen the evil yet?" He looked at them all as they shook their heads.
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Kyria began to walk through the opening and began to yawn.She hung her head and snapped back up."I've heard of this place and I must stay awake..."She murrmered as she began to fall to her knees.She stopped herself from falling by when her hands shot out to break her fall.She slowly let herself fall onto the ground and then,she fell asleep.

She opened her eyes and found herself in another location.She sat up and brushed herself off.She could smell more people around and then she began to walk a little.She came upon Scroll,Inuyasha, and everyone else around there.She placed her hands on her hips and raised an eyebrow.

"So,what's going on here?"She said as looked at Inuyasha with amusment.These were interesting to her.
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"oh another person this wasn't expected but you must not be hostile or you would of been repelled welcome to dreamland I am Shoui and that is my brother Miron" she pionted to Miron as she did the tradional welcome and welcomed Kyria to the group
"Scroll, they havent seen a nightshade yet they just got here" Shoui said
"oh and dont you two fight" she said looking at scroll and Inuyasha
"oh everyone this is scroll he is one of the kings knights in charge of this region he is a strong ally" Shoui said
"Umm Shoui have you told them that you and your brother are the prince and princess" Scroll said
"no and they arent going to find out. not yet anyway besides we havent seen our parents in years" Shoui said
"yeah but a he not stronger than me" Inuyasha said
"oh yeah!" scroll said
"heh scroll stop,Inuyasha!" Shoui and Kagome said then a strange mist fell loomed close
"watch out!" Shoui said she made all of them duck as a black jet of smoke jetted over them and fell to the floor
"what was that" Sango asked as they al brushed the dust off them
"we call it nightshades they are attacks that the spirit sends that if hits a person propels them into a nightmare that is real and I have only met one person thats survied a nightshade attack" Shoui said
"and now a nightmonster has arrived" she said
"Miron we'll take care of this one" she said Miron nodded and they both started glowing Shoui glowing white and Miron glowing black they ran around the spirit as it decimated
"you guys destroyed it without even attacking" Kagome said
"yeah we can do that" Shoui said
"then why do you need our help" Inuyasha said
"because it only works on the weak ones besides the prohey says that that 5 heros from the real world and they have to be you because it said one of them was a half demon with a sword that slices the wind that one was a great heroine with an unusal outfit the third would be the last of the noble slayers the fourth would be a monk whos hand could vacume up many demons in single swoop and the fith was a fox demon who resembled the guide" Shoui said
"oh so thats why" Kagome said
"so now that thats out of the way now lets do go on with it Orobi's villagae is only a few feet away" Shoui said
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Kyria placed her hands behind her head and sighed."I guess...i'll be going then?"She said as she frowned slightly.She turned and began to walk away and then stopped.Her brother...She hung her head and pulled the chain out.It had a heart and a small tear drop on it.Her brother...All she knew was that he was here and she had to save him.No matter what they say,she will do anything in her power to save him.

She scowled and began to walk again,placing the chain in her pocket...
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"WAIT!" Shoui said and grabed the girl by the waist
"what I have no business with you" Kyria said
"but if a shade attacks you might not be able to get away its my job to guide people to Orobi's village once your there you can get a Zirai talisman you can return to your world or seperate we're almost there so just stick around till then
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Kiyoshi arrived at the field he went and sat down placeing a barrier around him before he fell asleep. When he woke he saw all the others there.

"Shoui Miron hello you probaly don't remeber me the last time I saw you was when you where born." He walked over to them and rubbed their heads. He walked over to scroll and smiled.

"It has been awhile I saw you before i left dream land the last time."
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Scroll looked down a little and noddd,"That it is. It is good to see that you are still among the living. You even look older, ya know that?" He smiled and patted the fox demon on the back, tilting him a little.

"And I guess that its good to see you use your size to push epople around."

"Right, sorry about that. Its my nature, I am a pretty big tiger ya know." He said as he stretched his arms out in a feline type motion.

"You do realize that there is only one cat here. One wolf, a dog and three foxes. We could all take you with no problem." Inuyasha was sitting up straight grinning.

"If thats so, then why dont you come at me dog." Scroll just stood there and looked down at Inuyahsa.

"Inuyahsa, sit boy." A bright light appeared around his neck as he went flying into the ground.

"Why did you do that?"

"Because your trying to start fights with an ally." The black haired girl said as she looked at the half demon. Scroll then shook his heads then turned and saw Shoui stopping the wolf demon from leaving.

"The young one is right you know. Who knows how many there are byond our sights. To go alone is certian death." The wolf demon just looked at him as he nodded and turned around. He looked up at the bright sun and smiled, then turned back to Kiyoshi.

"Tell me, how long has it been since you have been here in Dream land"
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"Last time I was here was when these two where born" He said and pointed to Shoui and Miron.

"Anyway Inuyasha Scroll is my friend and together we could take you on." He smiled and then turned into inuyasha except he made it look all stupid and weak.
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"well um ok your right I never met you before" Shoui said as they approached a small village in th glittering forest
"wow its so preety" kagome said in splendor the village was mostly houses made off the blue trees that filled the forest it was luminet because of the stars
"yes I guess if see it for the first time it is preety" Shoui said as she led the the group into a large house
"Orobi come on out we need Zirai Tailsmans" Shoui shouted as a man stalked from one of the upper rooms
"fine here"he said the Orobi waved his hand and 6 tailsmans appeared everone took one and placed it around their neck
"you old bookworm!" Shoui shouted
"he used to inspect every visitor to make sure they were safe but know the old coot just stays up in that libray reading but in any case..." she sigheed
"why dont the 6 of you stay the night theres an inn down the street and you must be tired" Shoui said
"are you kidding I feel like I could walk all night" Inuyasha said
"oh yes I forgot you wont feel tired here but the more you walk the more exaghted you'll be when you awake so you must rest or when you awaken you'll be tired and exahted" as she led the group down the road
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Occ: sorry bout that really, thought I fixed it, gues not but its done now

Scroll looked from the new visitors to the town,"If you will excuse me, I have to go take care of some buisness." He began to walk off and then turned around,"Oh and mut, if you do anything to disrupt this villiage, you will answer to me, and i will not be happy." He looked at Inuyasha who only smiled, then Scroll turned around and headded twards the other side of the villiage.

A few moments later he found the hut that he was looking for,"Hello? Are you home?" An elderly lady walked out from a back room and smiled.

"Scroll. it is very good to see you agian. Why are you here? You have no real buisness in Orobi's village."

"That is true, but it has been a long time since I last saw you. Because I was here, i decided to see how you were doing." He grabbed his spear adn set it on the ground next to him.

"i see you hae taken good care of that spear. That is good to see it still in one peice." She smiled and sat down.

"I dont know if it will ever break. You did make it." He picked it back up and put it back on his back."I am sorry to cut this short. I must leave now." He gave her a bow and headed back to the group.
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"what are you looking for I might be able to help" Shoui said tugging on the wolfs pant leg
"I might know what your looking for I've lived here for awhile so if its is here or passed threw here I probally know it" Shoui said as she could hear Inuyasha Inuyasha getting with a fight with the local brute
"inuyasha stop" Shoui said tugging on Inuyasha shirt
"Lemme go the guy insulted me I'm gonna rip him to shreds" Inuyasha said furious
"Inuyasha sit" Kagome said as she ran up to him
"Bwhahaha! takin orders from a women your a pathtic mut" both Shoui and Kagome glared at him
"Tansform!" Shoui shouted as she turned into a giant creature with a womans face
"Bwhahaha neat trick little one" the bully said while Shoui distracted him Kagome snuck up and placed a magic sticker on his back
"Shoo" Kagome shouted as the bully flew back 20 feet
"hahaha nows whos pathetic" Inuyasha said laughing as Shoui and Kagome joined him
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A young half demon sat in a tree nearby the girl who was standing so alone. "she looks upset...." Her sliver-blue hair blows in the wind and her claws grip to the tree her golden eyes glow in the tree leaves. " I'm going to talk to her....she looks like she knows something.............." She jumps from the tree her clothes look like Inuyasha's only a blue shade she yells "OI! What is wrong, I'm Kika, do you need help?" The smell of cherry blossomes blew in the wind........
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"Kyria who are you looking" Shoui said tugging on Kyria's pantleg she saw a girl resembleing Inuyasha
"Oh who are you" Shoui said looking up at the strange girl she formed saw as Shippo approached
"shippo!" Shoui said unning over to Shippo they were becoming very good friends she ran up to Shippo they ran around each other playfully
"Shoui Inuyasha and Scrool are fighting again" Shippo said
"Ugg Idiots" Shoui said as they ran up towards the Inn Inuyasha and Scroll were shoving each other
" :animesigh" Shoui said as she wippied out her yo-yo and wraped it around Scroll's legs
"Inuyasha, SIT!" Kagome said as Inuyasha fell to the ground"
"Idiots"shippo and Shoui said together
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Scroll stood up and let out a low growl,"i swear,pup. you do something that risks anyones life, you will only have to worry about your own." He turned his head and started looking at the newest arrival.

"Umm, did I barge in on something? It seems as the cat and the other half-demon are trying to finish something. Why did you stop them?" She began looking at both inuyasha ans Scroll with a confused look on her face.

"I think its because they dont realize how much in common hey have." Kagome began to giggle as Inuyasha balled up his fist.

"I have nothing in common with that furball."Inuyahsa said as he tried to calm down.

"Inuyasha, when we get in the real world, there will be noone to stop us, is that clear? We will have our fight." Scroll said as he crossed his arms over his chest.
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The tomb swung open as a girl with long greyish blue hair, her crimson eyes were tightly closed, and rose vines covered her body. Kagome approached the girl and stared.
" Kagome! don't get too close to her!" InuYasha yelled, his hand tightly clenched the hilt of the Tetsuiga.
She ignored him as the vines unraveled; releasing the strange girl from their hold. Sango ran over to Kagome to help, Kagome craddled the girl in her arms like a child.
" Kagome, what is she?" Shippo asked, bouncing over.
The preistess shook her head," I don't know."
InuYasha removed his red kimono top and covered the girl's naked body with it. Miroku had returned with Lady Kaede; she glanced at her questionally.
" InuYasha, Kagome; help me bring this girl to the village. Sango, Miroku, Shippo; make sure no one saw us," the elderly priestess ordered as Kagome and InuYasha nodded thier heads.
Sango nodded in response," of course Lady Kaede," she answered, then turned to Miroku," so who do you think she is Miroku?"
" I don't know, but she is very beautiful," Miroku answered, thinking to himself.
Sango gave him a disgusted look," you better not-!"
" No! Not at all Sango, my heart belongs to you," the monk laughed.
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Kika watched the friends run and laugh. She looked at Inuyasha, "Who is that?" She walked around him smelling him and then smelling Kagome. "A human and a half demon cool! She looked at the others,"Hello....." She blushes brightly, "Um i'm starving I haven't eaten in months....can you help me?"
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"sure follow me" Shoui said as she grabbed the the strange demon by the pantleg and took her to the local tavern
"this place has food and here" she handed the demon a 5 coins
"thats 500 Zi's that should be plenty to buy you enogh food to stuff Inuyasha and the others soon caght up with Shoui she handed them each %00 Zi's
"woah is your family rich or something" Kagome said
"no being the guides there dreamland pays well I get 1000 Zi's a month as long as none of the people I guide die then I loose 100 Zi's so far I havent lost any thing so dont worry about it" shoui said the opened the tavern door the strange girl wwas stuffing her face alreaady
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