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in response to the us sec of defense


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i think instead of trying to kill bin laden, as the us secretary of defense wishes, let us all understand that he now bears the mark of cain. let's capture him and put him on trial in front of the entire world. he should be sent to jail for the rest of his life, killing him will only help his cause by making him a martyr. by jailing him and letting him die in his sleep, a powerless old man in a solitary cage, we can show that we are not like him in [U]any[/U] way. he will be tortured by his nightmares of what would be done to him if we were the same as him.

and to the leaders of the taliban who wish that we would just forget the fall of the twin towers, here are a few phrases that most, if not all americans will [U]always[/U] remember:
remember the alamo
where were you when jfk was shot?
pearl harbor
[B]where were you when you first heard about the twin towers?[/B]

osama may have given us a :blackeye: , but we have risen to the sky once more, and we will not relent in our hunt for justice.

okay, i got that out of my system now.
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hey babygirl, yeah i haven't been posting in gd as much. and i always mean my posts to be taken as only my opinion, which isn't always coherent ;)

i just had to get all of that off of my chest after watching him on the news last night (gggggrrrrr.....i better not get started on that again :demon: )

but anyway, feel free to disagree with any (or all) of anything i ever post, as long as that's how you feel, and you have areason for it.
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