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Guest Erriku

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Guest Erriku
[B][COLOR=DimGray]A few years ago, strange things started happening in the usually quiet American school of Snowburn. Some students started hearing terrible screams, and there are talks about mysterious disaperances.
Motivated by a the disaperance of one of the the group of friends, the group of students get locked in the gates of the school to find Frank the missing friend. They will find out what happens when the lights go off and the gates get locked. They try to survive while finding out what a horrid place this school actually is.

[COLOR=Gray][U]Sign ups:[/U]

Name: (American please)

Age: (Highschool... DUH?)

Gender: (self explanitory)

Personality: (What do you act like)

Strengths: (Pick two @ most, Strong,Smarts,Speed,Stealth,ect... everyone has to be different)

Appearance: (Discription or Pic... please no anime warrior demon guys)

[U]My Sign up[/U]

Name: Eric Melton

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: He spens his time dragging through life studying craftmanship and playing around with locks and mishchief. He is Franks best friend. He has an eye for good deals. He is very cunning

Strengths: Stealth, Lock picking

Apperarance: about 6.0' very tall for his age. The oldest of the friends.[URL=http://www.game-loader.de/psycko-manga/grafix/gallery/guy7/kamikaze01.jpg]Eric looks like this minus the sword.[/URL] [/COLOR][/B]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Hello,[B] Erriku[/B].

I am locking this thread for the following reasons:

Correct grammar usage and a backstory, are required for all RPs. We advise that the back story be at least two paragraphs long. Requirements and recommendations can all be found in the Inn's sticky at the top of the page and also [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44318]here[/URL] .

[I][b]Please read the sticky[/b].[/I]

[b]Thread locked[/b]

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