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Art Opinion's & Comment's on my Sig's !!PLEASE!!


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i dont think that there is a thread for posting "sigs". now if you are talking about avatar submissions, then there should be a thread for it if you look in the search engine. just type in avatar submission.

i think that your sigs are good i would make them bigger and maybe add some other sort of visual element, like your name or a symbol of some sort. that would really give you a voice as a designer.

yours truly
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[SIZE=1]As far as submitting your own work, you don't need to search for another person's thread to do so. Actually, it's against the rules to hijack another person's thread for your own work.

It's been a while since I've given in-depth crit, so forgive me if I'm rusty.

[b][1][/b] I think it has potential, but it looks as if you just lowered the opacity on the stock, overlayed an image with some filter effects, and called it a day. It looks as if the man is in a car, passing through a city's neon lights (reflecting off the window), but there's picture frames in the background. Hm...

[b][2][/b] In my opinion, this was your best graphic. Not because it was flashy and had awesome effects on it, but because of its clarity and simplicity. I recommend finding a more '.hackish,' if you will, font. Perhaps something a bit more techy, enlarge it, and make sure it's noticable on the dark background. The burgundy color you picked was definetly a good choice. You may also want to consider cropping on the left and right sides, as there's a bunch of stagnant space.

[b][3][/b] Not all that font of this one. While simple, I think the blending mode you applied was a bit too harsh. In short, it ended up a little too psychadelic. For most banners, you want to keep it to a certain color range to maintain harmony, whereas in this one, there's all sorts of color flying every which-way. I think what you did was have a simple render layer, and blended it in to give it that colored effect. Not a bad thing though -- sometimes the best banners are done with the simplest tricks. Don't stress over how many effects you've applied, or if it doesn't look modified enough -- sometimes I just crop out a picture, add in typography, and call it a day. Oh, and a border would be nice. ^_^

[b][4][/b] You?re on the right track. But I see that you didn?t keep the ?harmony? I mentioned earlier, so the plasma effect looks misplaced and perhaps random? I like how you didn?t try too much with this, just cropping, a slightly tweak, and adding a border. One final thing that didn?t sit well with me was the angle the stock is at. Sometimes a sideways stock is good, but this isn?t. I?m guessing because she?s standing, and not doing something dynamic.

[b][5][/b] Hey! There we go! Nearly nailed it, I?d say. You have a good image, a crop, a slight tweak, and a border. However, the border is on a gradient, which doesn?t really work for this one. As a general rule of thumb, borders should be solid. *shrug* The last thing is the font choice for ?FLCL.? It looks a bit too? hm? sharp, I think is the word. I would pick something a bit more graceful, yet in-your-face. Impact is a good example, but I don?t think you should use that for this one. Just a point in the direction I?m talking about, as my comments can seem confusing at times.

PS: I. love. the. thumbnails! Great idea![/SIZE]
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[COLOR=FireBrick][SIZE=1]Goodness! You actually used the Search feature! [b]+ 40 points[/b]

Hmm... As far as I remember, no such thread existed before your art thread. Members created their own threads and showcased their works there, banners including. Ah, yes. The divine Syk3 has recently opened new thread, a banner gallery of some sort, the brainchild of Retribution.

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=48674]Banner/Avatar Orphanage[/URL]



This is reaally nice! It's subtle and, at the same time, interesting. I like how you didn't use any "strong" colors (solid black, pure red, etc) on the banner and instead made use of muted shades that blend together effortlessly.
I feel that the banner is a tad too wide. Maybe you could take some pixels from the left and nudge the Cowboy Bebop logo to the right (resizing it won't hurt, too).

+ 5 points for typing in Ed's full name. Post more of your works, yeah?
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[SIZE=1]Oooh, new pictures from you.

[b]Aren?t they Cute[/b] This gives me a reminder of my childhood days when I?d hang out with my dog. But she wasn?t [I]this[/I] cute (of course I was though?). The background is alright ? you?ve done a good job of extracting the stock from everything else, but the left side has too much space, and as a whole there?s no real flow going on. The dog tracks a good touch, but the main thing you might want to revise is the colors there. Make them harmonious and more vibrant. The stock itself is pretty much perfect ? good placement too. Finally, the typography is pretty good, but you may want to enlarge it to take up space. The font face you used is fine.

[b]Spike Spiegel[/b] I love the simplicity of this! The colors feel very mellow, and the blending you?ve done (overlay of another picture?) worked out well. If I were you, I would crop this in half ? it?s pretty large as it is, and feels unbalanced. I would recommend cropping so that you have only the left side of the picture up until you get to Spike, and move to the typography over there. That?s definitely a keeper.[/SIZE]
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