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Akieen Cloud

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the world was just as normal as people thought it was, simple everyday lives in the big cities. Simple lives in the country, but everywhere things were happening that people never knew about. There were millions of people that knew taht a was was wupon the world and they were only those who were either completely religious, or unforgiven sinners...
Lucifer and God had made a deal, whoever could take over the most souls could take over the world...one problem, God's son, his messanger, was killed before he had the chance to spread the word. Lucifer triumphed over thsi because he had not wasted his son's life yet...he still had his trump card. So Gad began to send his angels to do his bidding. People who were pure, untainted.
Lucifer's strongest angel, the Grim Reaper as humans called him was sent upon the world to currupt humans, as Gods was Gabrielle and Michael...Michael was punished for betrayl soon after his departure, wings torn off and he was forced to live the life of a human...a curse for any angel, of heaven or hell.
Now the angels of heaven and hell are on the earth battleing, people never see it, angels die everyday, their deaths are regaurded as a natural distaster...Earth quakes, twister, hurricanes...the last ice age...all were because of the loss of an angel on one or both sides...the battle has been raging for centuries. But now humans are getting involved, humans who have never lied, or been tainted in anyway...and humans who have sinned to the upmost of unforgiveness...suicide, and lived...some are born with the power to see what can not be seen...
But which side they take is up to them. Always there are angels on earth, but both sides are running out of angels who are trusted enough to send...so they are now calling on the humans...
Lucifer and god never get into the niddle of the battles, once all their fighters are dead, they will go back to ther respectable realms till the next world battle...

Fighter: angle or human
Bio: Human or angel

I'll add mine alter...just to share, the place as Grim Reaper...is MINE!
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